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Chasing Women is Expensive… What to do Instead


Chasing Women is Expensive

chasing women is expensive - man paying for date

Chasing women is expensive.   I’ve wasted plenty of money and time chasing women when I could’ve been making more money.  Some experience with women is valuable.  But I can tell you without a doubt that chasing women for prolong periods of time is expensive as hell.

Your time could be better spent chasing money and leveling up.  If you want to have a successful relationship, then you’ll still need to spend time meeting girls, going on dates, texting, and so on.  But this can be greatly reduced by increasing the quality of man that you are, which in turn allows women to make themselves more available to you.

Do you need to invest some time with pursing women?

Yes, if you want love and affection from women then you still need to put time in the game.  But less is more.  Too many men make it hard for themselves by chasing women when their value is only average.  You’re better off becoming a high quality man and pursuing women who also pursue you.  Chasing women is being desperate for female validation and will cost you tons of time, and ultimately scare away the highest quality women with your weak energy.

If you’re still unsure of how chasing women can be a drain in your wallet, let’s take at how the average man chases girls.

How men waste energy chasing women

Men waste energy chasing women in a multitude of ways.  I could probably write an article that lists 10, 20, or 100 ways that women can be expensive.  But here are the three biggest I can think of based on the emails I get from readers:

Dinner Dates

Loss of time

Dinner Dates

don't buy expensive meals

Dinner dates, and dates in general, can be a big drain on your wallet.  The ironic thing is that you’ll have a higher chance of getting to know each  other on cheaper date, like coffee or happy hour.  You can still pay for it, it’s the low investment that allows you to be chill and not get desperate.

However, the majority of guys will think that an expensive dinner date with a girl they just met will buy them sex, affection, and loyalty.  It’s the farthest thing from the truth.

It doesn’t hurt to treat out girls you’ve been dating or girlfriends out to dates.  In fact, these are the girls you should spend money on.  girlfriends, wives, and girls that have been actually investing in you already.  But random girls you don’t know?  No, an expensive dinner date isn’t necessary.

Definitely a no-no for girls you  aren’t already dating.  Dinner dates are no doubt one of the biggest ways to waste money chasing women.  Save dinner  and nice dates for women who deserve it, like your girlfriend or wife, not a girl you’re just meeting.

Loss of time

man hating job

Chasing women is expensive simply due to the loss of time.  All the time you spend at the clubs, at the bar, on tinder, texting new girls, is time you could’ve spent working on your business.  It’s time you could’ve used to get closer to becoming financially free.

Women want your attention.  And all of it.  Whether it’s the girl who just wants you to look at her so she feels good before blowing you off, or the girl you have a date lined up for.

Attention from men means they have resources.

And attention = your time.

Chasing women is expensive because it requires your time.  That’s time that you could’ve leveraged to get ahead.

The time I’ve put into my business exponentially increases the money I make and the standard of living I have in each moment.  The moments you have dating are fleeting compared to the results a business and a purpose gives you.  You can still give women some of your attention, but it must be in line with how much value she provides to your life.

Chase success instead

How to be productive

Do you have to chase women a little bit?  Sure, maybe a little.  But not that much.  What you should really chase is success.  And that can look  like a million things as well.  Here’s a few key areas to rise up in your own life:

Build a business

Build yourself a business.  Your business is your wealth machine.  It’s how you’re going to make money on your own, possibly become rich, travel + live where you want, and have total control over your life.  Start a business and expand it.  This will keep you busy so girls will naturally chase you.  And once you become successful, more women will want to date you.

Lift weights

If you don’t know, now you know.  Lifting weights is one of the easiest and best ways to chase success.  You’ll be able to see results immediately.  You’ll feel better, be more capable of defending yourself, you’ll look better, and girls will find you more attractive.  Lifting weights makes you more of the catch, rather than you always chasing women.

Invest in your skills

Invest in skills that make your life better.  That can be hobbies like martial arts, working on cars, painting, martial arts, etc.  Or it can be things like web design, videography, personal training classes, engineering, etc.  It could mean going back to college or taking a course on Udemy.  Or even going out to a dance class or martial arts gym.

Invest in skills that will help you increase your money, your fitness, your livelihood, and your happiness.  Do things that will make you more desirable in the work field, in dating, and even to yourself in your own eyes.

Create a social life

going out with friends - social proof

Creating a social life will bring you more fulfillment than you might think if you don’t have one.  Many of us men, especially on the internet, are natural introverts.  We don’t need people to feel energized.  In fact, being alone is energizing to us.

But creating a social life, even as an introverted man, will do wonders for you.  Humans are still social creatures.  And even though it can be draining to have a large group of friends, you’ll feel better about yourself.  It feels good to have friends who want to have a good time with you.

Of course it can be hard to have a social life when you’re starting a brand new business.  But once you’ve spent a few years building it up, or you haven’t started yet, creating a social life will let you have a good time with friends.  It can still be expensive to have a social life, but it can be done much cheaper compared to chasing women.

Get girls to chase you

There still needs to be some pursuit of women if you want to have relationships.

But you don’t need to chase them like a desperate little boy.  Instead, build your value and give them something to desire.  And then pursue the girls that desire you and let their desire for you be known.  These girls will be down to date you and they’ll be more inclined to put way more effort into you.  All of the extra time you chased girls with in the past can be used to better your life.  And in the downtime you do have to talk to women, you’ll be talking to girls who actually want to spend  time with you.


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