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Create the Environment for the Result you want 


Create the Environment for the Result you want

Create the environment for the result you want.  Whatever surrounds you will impact you.  Eventually, the sum of your surroundings becomes you.

From both a literal stance and a figurative stance.  The reason you change from a baby to an adult is because you eat.  Eating is the process of taking things that are in your environment and making it apart of you.  Your physical body is combination of parts of your environment that you picked up over time.

The same can be said for your brain.  Your mental body – all the information and life experience – is simply data that you’ve picked up from your environment.

You are your environment

This is important to realize because when you see that you’re a result of the environment you’re from, you understand the importance of your surroundings.  If you want a different result, you must change your environment.

Your environment is the family you grew up with, the city or country you’re from, and all of your physical surroundings.  But it goes beyond that.  It’s the friends you hang out with, it’s the content you watch, listen to, or read, and it’s the programming that affirms, reaffirms, or changes your behavior.

Your environment is everything that surrounds you.  If the result of your life isn’t what you want it to be, you must make a change to your environment.

Even if you live in a bad neighborhood and don’t have a father, you could still alter your environment in small ways.  For example, you could read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, listen to the RD Podcast, and cut out friends involved in activities that will lead to a life in prison.  Although your initial environment was out of your control, you can make small changes to your environment, that over time, will change the result of your life.

Look at Nature

Most of you probably understand by now.  But if you’re feeling lost, let’s make this simpler.

Fish need water.

Plants need soil.

Animals need air.

Beyond the mere requirements for life, what do you need?

What does a man need?  What does the best version of yourself need?

Well, the environment that you need depends on the result that you want.  Decide on what life you want, and from there you can reverse engineer to create the optimal environment for that scenario.

Creating the environment for your best self

Whatever you want – whatever the final product is that you desire – you must first create the environment.

A man with a great body – he needs an environment that supports that.  This can be a gym with weights, access to quality foods, and a place to sleep.

A man with purpose, fulfillment, and financial freedom – he needs an environment that supports that.  A job he enjoys and believes in, or a business he creates.  He needs access to the tools that will create that – be it a desk + computer, or thee education in a specific field.

A man in tune with peace of mind – he needs an environment that supports that.  A bank account that is stacked + no debt, so he’s never worried about the bills.  A minimalist lifestyle – eating healthy, access to Nature and Sun Light near his dwelling, good relationships with people, or none at all.

Whatever you want, whether it’s a big goal, or a small goal, you need the environment to support that.  Whatever the product is that you want, you must reverse engineer and think “what environment will support this final product?”

When the final product is the best version of yourself, decide on what kind of environment is best suited for this.

What Surroundings will Lead to your Success?

To determine the best environment, simply look at the surroundings that will nurture your growth and success.  Whatever your goals are for life, that’s success for you.

For me, the environment that is most conductive to my best life is:

  • a business I own and enjoy
  • minimalism – living well below my means
  • access to Nature – nearby big parks, the woods, mountains
  • high quality foods
  • gym with weights or martial arts in close proximity
  • friends, family, and good people in my life

Financial freedom

A business that I own and enjoy gives me fulfillment and financial freedom.  I create the environment I desire for my work situation by building a business.

Peace of mind (and financial freedom, see the correlation)

In order to have peace of mind, I live in a minimalist way compared to the money I make.  This doesn’t mean I own nothing, but I own a relatively small amount compared to the money I have.  Because the result I want is peace of mind, I create the environment that supports this by staying out of debt, and limiting my attachment to material items.  I still have material items, but only that have a use or function.

It’s not about hoarding money for money’s sake, instead it’s about the result.  The result for me I enjoy is knowing I’ll never be without money.  Even if I have clients or decided work for someone else, I have the freedom knowing I could quit whenever I wanted.

Nutrition and exercise

Eating high quality foods and exercising is the environment that gives me the result of great health, strength, and being happy with the way I look.

Having fewer but better relationships is the social environment that gives me the result of more satisfaction + positive energy from my dealings with others.

What’s your Ideal Life?

If a fish is in toxic water, it can survive for sometime.  It can resist the water, it can hold its breathe for longer, or it can just deal with the pain.  But it will either live in agony or die well before it’s natural life span.  Unfortunately for the fish, it doesn’t have the intelligence to alter it’s environment.

But you’re not a fish.  You can change your environment.

You must create the environment that will give you the life you want.  Determine what results you want, and then use logic to see what surroundings will support that result.


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