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Create Value through Scarcity… and why Perception is everything

Create value through scarcity

Create value through scarcity.  When something is scarce, it’s more valuable.  When you become scarce, you also become more valuable.

Value is perception

Value is really perceived value.  As human beings, we all have intrinsic value.  You could argue every human life is extremely valuable or every human life is close to worthless depending on if you’re an optimist or a pessimist.

But when talking about what somebody’s worth, what their value, it’s always their perceived value.  It’s their value in the eyes of others.  For example, some apply the information I give, agree with much of it or at least gain from some of it, and send me supportive messages.  They value what I do.  Other people will message me nasty things that I wouldn’t dare to think of even for people I despise.  They see no value in what I do.

Value is really Perceived Value

The same thing goes for you.  Let’s take your dating life.  There could be 2 women who are equally beautiful.  One of them might find you attractive or cool and want to always hang out.  She’ll text you back quickly, she’ll make time in her schedule for you, and she’ll try to make you happy.  The other woman might take a long time to text you back, will keep her plans vague, and will seem less interested in you overall.

Even though you’re the same man, two different women, even in your eyes on the same level, have different levels of perception about you.

They each have different ideas about your value.  That’s why value when it comes to human interactions is really just perceived value.  When you see the word “value” in the article or all of my others, I really mean your “perceived value” in the eyes of others.  And you also can change your own “perceived value” about yourself.  When you think you have high value, you think good things about yourself.  This is what a confident man is, he’s a man with a high sense of value in himself.


So what about scarcity?  Well, if you want to be valuable in the eyes of others, then you should realize the role of scarcity.

When there is a surplus of something, nobody values it.  They still may use the item, object or person, but they won’t put much care or consideration into it.  They won’t really put their energy into it.   If you want to enhance your relationships with people, then you must practice scarcity to a degree.


  • don’t be so available
  • have a purpose or actually have things going on in your life

Be being less available to people, your perceived value becomes higher

When you perceived value becomes higher, people value the time they have with you to in a much more advantageous manner.  They’ll actually want to leverage the moments they have with you to the fullest extent.  They’ll take into consideration how:

  • they treat you
  • how much patience to have with you
  • how much they’ll invest into you
  • what they’ll tolerate from you

and how they can make you happy or give you a good experience.  Because if someone values you, they’ll look to you for validation.  There’s a reason those words sounds similar.  People look to validation from those they value.

People with low perceived value of themselves, or low confidence, look to feel validated by everyone, because they see everyone as above them.  The rare few with high perceived value, look to no one to validate them, because they see everyone as beneath them.  These people have high confidence

While you don’t need to look down on others, you also don’t need to look up to them.  If you value yourself, you won’t look to anyone to validate you.  And when you don’t need anyone to validate you, people will see you as high value, and will look to you for validation.

Enjoy other people, but don’t need them

A man who values himself will still like the company of others, but he doesn’t need it.  This is how he can have a social life yet still be scarce.  He can hang out with the boys sometimes, but not always.  He can invite a woman over for a little bit, but he doesn’t have long.  He’ll spend a night with his girl eating take out and relaxing, but not every night.

Scarcity doesn’t need to bee taken in the extreme if you’re not in an extreme situation.  It’s the result of a man who actually is busy with life.  But it can be practiced consciously if people are showing disrespect or not treating you in a manner that you deserve.

And in extreme situations, like a break up, massive shit test, unsureness about a business situation, then scarcity can be used to the extreme.

Perception is everything in the social world

With dating, with business, even with your friendships, people desire you or are repulsed by you depending on how much of supply of yourself you make available.  When you become too available, you get used and abused.  While you can get mad at people for this, this is human nature.  Even the kindest people will get bored of you if you’re always around.  And vice versa.  People who always make themselves available to you are generally the ones you take for granted.

Look at who you take for granted, and consciously stop disrespecting them

That’s why you can have a great parent, a great girlfriend, a great friend, and then not treat them right.  Because it’s natural for us not to value what is always available.

Of course as socially aware men, we can look past our naturally inclination to disrespect those who are always available, and choose to still treat them right.

If you have a good girlfriend whose loyal to you and is always down for you, even if you want to cheat on her or get rid of her, keep her around.  Your perceived value of her is lower because she’s all about you, but when she’s gone (if she practices scarcity which most neglected people will use wen they’re fed up), you’ll regret it.

For players, don’t treat new women better than old women

Same with friends or even women you see casually.  If you’re dating an attractive woman whose down for you, but you’re just tired of seeing her all the time, oh well.  Because if she’s attractive, acts feminine, and is all about you, and you put more focus on new women who do less than you do on her, eventually she will become scarce from your life and you’ll regret it.  Players generally treat the women they see longest the worst, but this is a mistake made in emotion because they desire to spend more time with new girls.  The game takes discipline.  You can still date new girls, but the girls who’ve been down for you deserve more of your time.

This builds your honor and manhood, even in something as being a player.

And in doing this, you’ll continue to be scarce to the new girls you meet, who are attracted to you because of your unavailability.

By giving them less time when they’re newer to your life, you’ll become more valuable to them.  By rewarding the women you’ve been seeing for longer, the newer women must work hard for you, and therefore they’ll value you even more and more.  If you treat new women n your team better than the old ones, you’ll be more available to the new ones.  Since you’ll be less scarce, they won’t build up the same level of attachment and investment in you.  You’ll also damage your integrity and hurt your own perceived value as you know new girls deserve less time than women who have been consistently in your life.

Imagine you were always available

Become available 24/7 to everyone in your life.  Watch as they all become annoyed of you.  The women in your life will pull back and start testing you.  Watch your friends stop inviting you to hang out with them.  This is extreme, and you don’t actually need to do this, but I want to emphasis the point.

Let’s take water and diamonds.  Diamonds are valued way more than water is in the economy.  Yet water is objectively more valuable than diamonds.  You need water to live.  Your body is mostly water.  However, because people perceive diamonds as having more value, people will pay thousands of dollars for them and pay close to nothing for water.


Because diamonds are rare.  Scarcity creates value for diamonds.  If diamonds were abundant, they’d be called shiny rocks.

In the desert, water is found at an oasis, a word synonymous with refuge or sanctuary.  Because in that environment, the true value of water is realized.

Things or people are only perceived as valuable when they’re in scarcity.   If every girl was a 10, then you would never pedestalize a woman, because they’d all be the same to you.  Value in human interactions is perceived value.

Perceive your time as a Scarce resource

Make yourself a scarce resource.  When you value your attention, so will others.  Wen you give your attention away, others will also want to give it away.

People don’t want what’s free, even if it’s objective value.  They care about what is hard to get.  When something is hard to get, the subconscious believes it to be more valuable.

Create a life where you’re actually busy.  Busy working towards your purpose, pursuing hobbies, and living life to its fullest possibility.  Then you won’t need to fake being unavailable, you’ll naturally have limited availability.  Create value through scarcity.

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