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Crying in front of a woman is weak: don’t be the conditioned to be Beta


Crying in front of a woman is weak

Crying in front of a woman is weak.  Don’t every cry in front of a woman.  It will do nothing positive for the relationship.  It will turn her off and drive her away. It’s tough to accept this if you’re blue pilled or new to learning about female nature.   But it’s the reality of the world we live in and the sexual dynamics that occur.  You can’t cry in front of a woman if you want her to have respect and attraction for you.  If you don’t mind if she cucks you or dumps you, then you can cry all day long.

Crying is a sign of weakness

It’s okay for a woman to cry.  It’s okay for children to cry.  However, we’re not all equal in our roles.   I believe every human is equal in the sense of our inherent value of life.  But we’re not the same.  You’re not the same now as you were when you were a baby.

It’s weak for a man to cry.   Crying in front of your woman is just something you can’t do.  The media will tell men it’s okay to  cry and that’s what real men do.  But you know that’s bullshit.  Real men don’t cry.   Real men are strong and are the foundations for which is society is built upon.

Why you can’t cry in front of her

Your woman might feel bad for you.  She may comfort you if you cry.   But she loses respect for you.   It’s a cold truth that many beta males will jump up to defend.  “I cry to my girlfriend and she likes that I’m emotionally open”.  No she doesn’t.  She may think she does. But deep down that turns her off.  Your face getting wet with your own tears causes her pussy to dry up.

When you’re the emotional one, you force her to be the strong one. She doesn’t get to feel like a woman because of your weakness.

Crying is the ultimate form of no emotional control.  Women cry because they have different hormones, including more estrogen.  Most women need to feel all of their emotions to feel alive and be healthy.   As men, we have more testosterone.  Which means we don’t need to cry or do feminine behavior.

Crying is feminine 

daddy issues

Crying is a feminine thing to  do.   Which is why females can cry and this is okay.  You don’t lose attraction for a girl when she cries.  But it doesn’t work the same way.  Women will never admit they get turned off when a guy cries.  Many may not even think of it consciously or recognize how much it turns them off towards you.  But that’s exactly what it does. When you cry in front of a woman, she sees you at your weakest, at your most vulnerable.

Contrary to what you’re told in the mainstream news, or what a therapist might tell you, being vulnerable isn’t strong for man.  It causes to run from you and lose respect.   Are women fucking the guys who are crying and who act feminine?  The guys who say they support women when they’re secretly just trying to get laid?

Women want strong men

Women prefer to date the alpha men.

That’s why women say they don’t like it when men are all serious and show no emotion.  Because they’re complaining about the guys they like.   The guys they like are masculine and don’t show weak emotions.  If women didn’t like the stoic, masculine men, they wouldn’t complain about them.   Women wouldn’t spend so much energy trying to change men to be more beta and cry more.  Instead, they’d just stick with all the beta men who love to cry and act feminine.   There’s no shortage of males like that.   But women don’t want that vulnerability in a man.  They don’t like that weak shit.  It disgusts them.

Women want a strong man.  A man who’s hard and erect, literally and figuratively.   That’s the nature of the penis, to be hard, strong, and erect.  Not to cry and complain and act feminine.


Ideally, you never cry in front of your woman and never cry period.  However, there are some extreme exceptions:

  • parents die
  • death of a child
  • tragedy

If you have a family member who dies, then you get a pass to cry once.  It’s still ideal that you don’t, at least not in  front of your woman.   But yes we’re all human and something like this can bring tears to our eyes.  If you can cry in private or with someone whose not a girl you’re dating, that’s much more ideal.  But if you have a  decent woman and you hardly cry or show weakness, then it won’t fuck things up.  Given that you bounce back and still maintain your masculinity in the relationship.

But this article isn’t focused on men crying when a major death happens.  It’s about the weak ass betas who cry over nothing.  And if that’s you, then you need to change your behavior and get ahold of your balls.

How to not cry

In order to not cry in front of a woman, you need to decide if you’re going to:

  1. Withhold your emotions
  2. Become a man that doesn’t need to cry


Withhold sadness, and then cry when the woman isn’t around.  This is still better than crying in front of a woman.  However, this will eventually lead to an outburst  on your part.  A beta male can work on not crying in front of his woman, and then he can go cry in a corner somewhere on his own.

Or maybe he can go cry to a group of brothers who will support him.  While this isn’t a  good long term strategy, it can work in the short term and prevent you from being weak in your relationship.  It’s tough to always be strong, but that’s what it takes.

If you have a tribe of men or a good friend, you can cry to him if needed.

Ideally, you pursue option number 2.

Become a man

Semen retention: the power of holding onto your seed - the rock

Develop emotional intelligence, and become a man who rarely feels a need to cry.

This is the better long term option.  If you don’t need to feel the need to cry, then you won’t need to “man up”.   You’re already a man.   Extreme sadness or depression won’t fall  upon you often.   If it does for a specific reason, or you have a bad day, then you can turn this around in your head and reframe the situation.  That’s what a strong man does.

He’s not emotionally promiscuous like a woman is.   He doesn’t cry just because he feels like it.   It’s fine if a woman does that, she feels her emotions more and this is part of the way they operate.

Emotional intelligence

But as a man, you must have emotional intelligence and control.   A man whose control of his emotions is a man who can have an indestructible frame.   He can achieve success in business, pass tests, and go through life without worry or insecurity.

But a man who is weak won’t have this control.  He’ll act like a child or a woman, who cries when they become overwhelmed in a tough situation.  A woman should have better control than a child, and many do (many even use crying to manipulate), however some don’t.

Regardless, a  man should have a far superior control of his emotions than a woman and especially a child.  We don’t experience the change of emotions at as great of a rate as women.  We can feel an emotion coming on quicker.  While men can get sexually turned on very quickly and women usually take more time, the opposite is true with emotions.  Women can change emotions constantly throughout the day, while a man will be slower to move into his emotions.

If you recognize this, you’ll be able to see yourself change states much easier.  And as a man, you’ll be able to use your logical part of your brain to step back and realize what’s going on.  Therefore you can avoid becoming emotionally weak, which is when you lose frame.  This happens when you become too sad or too mad.  Becoming mad isn’t always a turn off, but it can be if you don’t have control.  That being said, it’s no where nearly as much as  a turn off as getting too sad to the point where you cry.

Become strong

A man must be strong.   You start off by identifying when you become very sad or angry.  Then you can step back and re-frame the situation next time it occurs.   “I don’t need to indulge this feeling of sadness.  I’m a  man, and this feeling of sadness is a trick  to try to make me weak.  But I’m strong and I won’t let anything shake my confidence.”

Say this, even if it’s just in your head (like if you’re around your woman)  when you feel the need to cry.  This will re-program your brain to build itself up  and avoid feeling the need to cry.

When you do the other work I discuss, like having  a purpose, lifting, building your self confidence, and becoming a real man by taking responsibility for your life, the need to cry will disappear.  A man who takes control over his life, whose on his path, is a man whose strong.   With the exception of a major tragedy or death of a loved one, he doesn’t feel  the need to cry.  This is the best position to be in  because then you don’t have to fake it or act tough.  You’ve already made yourself tough for real.

Don’t make excuses for being weak

Masculine Frame: How to hold yourself as a man

Don’t make excuses for being a weak man.  This website is to help men develop themselves and become stronger men.  I know that’s what most of you are here for.  But the betas who can’t get over that it’s okay for a man to act weak or cry in front of a woman can’t be helped.

If you recognize that it’s weak as fuck to cry in front of a woman, then you can work to make a change.  “Oh shit, I was being a beta cuck.  I need to work on my masculinity now.”   If that’s how you think after making a mistake, then you can make progress to become better.

But if you’re too deep in mainstream programming that tells men it’s okay for them to cry and to cut off their balls, then I can’t help you.   At the end of the day, you have to decide if you want to become a masculine man, or if you’re going to make excuses for being weak.  The choice is yours, but I invite you to become stronger and become the man you’re meant to be.


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The g man
The g man
2 years ago

I slightly disagree and agree with you. Firstly you should never cry in front of your bitch but as someone that was once a life coach as men we need to properly express our emotions the good bad and the ugly if we want good relationships with others and ourselves. There’s so much generational trauma that gets passed on like Gucci mane you should check out a book to called it didn’t start with you great read. At the end of the day I basically agree never cry in front of s bitch but as men we need proper ways… Read more »

2 years ago

Be careful with the alcohol guys Long story short, I was drinking with this girl. I grew up in sports (was a wrestler, our conditioning/practices were insane) and I had open heart surgery in high school, so I RARELY ever drank growing up and in college. I’m 30 now and just started getting into drinking. I’m hanging out at my apartment with this fwb I’ve been seeing for almost a year now. We’re drinking tequila straight and she thought I couldn’t keep up with her so I challenged her. So we drank the entire bottle about half and half straight.… Read more »

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