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Cut out negativity from your life


Cut out negativity from your life

Cut out negativity from your life

Cut out negativity and negative situations from your life.  These are draining you.  Just like how your balls get drained when you bust a nut, your energy gets drained when you’re in negative situations.  You can never avoid negativity 100%.  But you can definitely reduce the amount of situations you’re in and make your life better.

Negativity will ruin the quality of your life

Negativity will ruin your life.  The definition of negativity are things that take away more than they give.  The problem is that most people are addicted to negative things or they don’t want to do the work to get out.  Many situations you find yourself are negative in nature, but it doesn’t mean it’s that easy to leave to change things.  If was then no one would have much negativity in their lives.

The majority of people won’t be willing to change.  And they don’t pinpoint exactly what they need to change.  If you lead a life you’re not happy with, it’s because there’s as aspect of negativity you haven’t addressed.

Most people don’t step back to look at what’s negative in their life

The vast majority of people have more negative in their life than positive.  Which is why most people are miserable.

They don’t like at the things that are actually holding them back.  If you can evaluate what’s taking more than giving to your life, you can identify what negative and what you need to change.

Common negative things

The most common negative things I hear from you guys have to deal with

  1. relationships
  2. friendships
  3. porn
  4. work situations
  5. living conditions

1. Relationships

Stuck in my Wife's Friendzone: Becoming a beta in marriage

The biggest is relationships.  Too many men stay in bad relationships with girls they have oneitis for.  The girls themselves are usually low quality in their personality, generally the hottest a guy could get.  Because he got the best he think he could get, he generally becomes a beta within the relationship.

Some of these girls aren’t inherently negative either.  They just get turned off by their boyfriends new beta-ness and lose attraction for him.  He then starts to fail shit tests, he loses frame if he ever had one, and she begins to weigh her options.

There are also other negative scenarios where men are trying to get an ex back who treated them badly, or chasing a girl who just has low interest.

All of these situations take away way more than they give.  Which women, whether it’s a girlfriend or a girl you see casually, you want her to add more to your life.  There will always be some drama with women, but a strong man and a high quality woman can have a great time together.

Look at your relationships with women.  Do you have negative girlfriend holding you back?  Are you caught up over an ex?  Are you chasing girls who aren’t interested and flake?  If so, they you need to address the negativity you’re experiencing with your relationships.

2. Friendships

Friendships are another big part of our life.  Quality friends can raise us up, and bad friends will hold us back.  Not everyone of your friends needs to make more money than you or be a baller in life.  But they need to have ambition to go somewhere.  And they need to be supportive of your success, just like you would be of their success.

Most men have low quality friends.  They’ll be cool with you when you’re doing shitty and not doing anything in life.  But when you rise up and get in better shape, start a business, and fuck with hotter women, they disappear.  I noticed that with some of my friends in the past.  When I wasn’t doing well they encouraged me to do bad things that did nothing for my life.  Like drink, smoke, party, and stay up late for no reason.  While I still like to have a good time, these friends disappeared when I started coming up in life.  When I stopped partying them and get on my grind, a few of them even tried to start arguments with me like a woman would.  I learned that cutting out negative friendships was a massive way for me to get rid of negativity in my life.

3. Porn

Why men shouldn't masturbate

Porn is negative as fuck.  Don’t watch porn.  You’ll see hot women you want to fuck getting smashed by other dudes.  And then you’ll feel stupid for watching an activity you should be doing.

Guys who watch porn hold themselves back with women and their own sex lives.  But they also constantly feed negative energy into their brains.  Don’t watch porn if you want to be a winner in life.  And better yet, don’t masturbate and practice semen retention.  This will give you massive energy for you to accomplish amazing things.

4. Work situations

Work situations can also be a huge source of negativity in your life.  Ideally you own your own business and work for yourself.  A lot of my clients for coaching sessions are at that point in life.  However, the majority of readers from what I gather aren’t.

If you have a great job and the work conditions are great then that’s a blessing.  Most of the men who write to me have a shitty boss and they hate their job.  Some of you have decent bosses but don’t like the work or have other drama you can’t avoid at the workplace.

Change your working situation if that’s you.  You spend half of your waking life working.  If it’s positive, then you’re going to have a great life.  If it’s negative, your life will be shit.

Even then, if you have a job you still don’t have have control over your income.  Don’t quit right now.  Start a side business.  Build it up along with a nice chunk of savingsThen you can make 6-figures with 2 incomes, or quit if you want to just work on your own business.

Obtaining financial freedom is one of the most beautiful and rewarding things you can do.

5. Living conditions

How do I hang out with her when she's always busy?

Where you live and how you live is another huge factor that will determine how much negativity or positivity you have in your life.  If you live on your own in a nice city or good part of town, you’re going have a lot of positive energy.  You’ll be able to bring girls back to your place, have a safe neighborhood, and be able to have your time.

If you’re living with parents, live in a bad area, or have roommates, you constantly have to deal with other shit.  I love my parents to death, but my relationship with them is much better now that I don’t live with them.  If I was rich and had them live on my house when they’re older that’s a different story.  But living with them, even thought they’re great, would be a negative situation for me.  I wouldn’t have my own space,  wouldn’t be able to smash girls, and as a grown ass man, I’d feel like a bitch.

If you live with your parents or roommates and you’re over 18, you need to change that shit.  If you have housemates, then that’s doable.  Ideally you just have your own place.  At the very least, you have your own room.  I want all of you guys to have your own apartment or house.  The only time you should have other people living there is if you have a family with kids or if you are renting out rooms and making money.

Where you live is your kingdom.  If you have negativity in your kingdom, your life will be shit.

Negative environment will make you negative

Not everything that’s making your life negative is inherently negative.  For example, the job you hate might be a job someone else loves.  It could be positive for them and negative for you.  Or you could be dating a girl that is a negative for you, could be positive for something else.

Of course in these situations, many times it’s the boss you hate that 99% of other people would hate too.  Or the girl you’re dating is always a wreck and ruins her relationships regardless of the guy.

But it serves you nothing to dwell on it.  If it’s negative for you, then you need to cut it out of your life.  Otherwise it will make you negative.  Negativity is like a drain on your energy.  Negative situations will cause you to feel drained and will have you down on life.

That’s why you need to be critical of your surroundings and ask yourself iof things are negative for you.  Those same things could be negative for everyone else or these could be positive to some.  But what matters for your life, success, and happiness is what is it for you.  You know what the negative shit in your life is.  It takes balls to admit and then change.  If you’re serious about success and your own satisfaction in life, then changing your negative surroundings is what’s necessary.

Surround yourself with positivity

power in a relationship, focus on purpose

You need to surround yourself with positivity.  It’s the only way you’re going to succeed and level up in life.  If there’s nothing positive in your life, then cut out the negativity and consume positive content.  Blogs like Rebellious Development, and other content that is going to give you useful information and lift you up.

No man can stay positive when surrounded by all negative energy.  You may last a while, but eventually it will affect you.  That’s why you need to surround yourself with good energy and good people.  No one is perfect, but you know the difference between situations that add value to your life and those that don’t.


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