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Do Looks Matter for Men? And How to Maximize your Looks


Do Looks matter for men? And how to Maximize your looks

Do Looks matter for men? And how to Maximize your looks - david beckham

Yes, looks matter.  Are they everything?  No, but they’re a huge part of the game.  Although you need to have a masculine frame to keep women in line and be able to flirt in conversation, all of this is nothing without looks.  Looks matter because they get you in the door.  You need them to initially attract women.

Maximizing your looks will make things so much easier too.  While a guy that’s a 6 or 7 in a woman’s eyes could have killer game and get an 8 to like him, a guy that’s an 8 or 9 to that girl can just be chill, flirt a little, and get at her way easier.

Charisma and the way you talk to women is important.  I’m not downplaying that.  And it’s something you can develop.

But it’s way easier to work on your looks because the result is so much more concrete.  You can clearly seen you’ve progressed.  It takes consistent work, but every man can look good to a decent pool of women.  Plus once you look better, your ability to be chill, charismatic, and smooth is dramatically higher.

Looks get you in the door

Looks will get you in the door with so many women.  Guys that don’t look great can get girls, but they need to put way more effort in, and they still won’t get hot women consistently unless they have lots of status.

Not every woman wants a super model boy friend, so you’re not screwed if you’re not Brad pitt.  Of course that would help.

Everyone has a type

But, they all like a certain look.

There will be women who like pretty boys, tall guys, muscular guys, guys with good style, tattoos, and so on.  What you want to do is upgrade your looks as much as possible to open up your options.  This will make dating women way easier.  It will also make it easier if you want a good looking and high quality women.

Again, looks aren’t everything.  Personality and a persons character are more important.  But they make  a big different with increasing your dating options.

While there are average an ugly guys with good looking women, these guys either had game and got lucky by playing the numbers game, or he’s a provider.  And in most cases, even if the guy isn’t conventionally  attractive, he had the look that she found attractive.

It’s not always best looking guys, but the look the particular girl likes.  Just like how some guys like women with big butts, others like small buts.  Guys can like curvy girls, other like skinny, but no guy wants a fat girl.  Women work the same way.  Some have different preferences in looks, but regardless of their particular thing, looks are important.

Looks matter, don’t believe that they don’t

respect is necessary for attraction - the rock

The pick up artists who say looks don’t matter are stupid.  Many of the successful pick up artists didn’t do well because of their stupid scripts.  They looked decent, or some of them very good, and they had confidence, and just talked to a lot of women.  All of the pick up artists looked decent and some looked very good.  So when they say or anyone looks don’t matter it’s bullshit.

If you maximize your looks, you’ll realize how much looks matter in the game.  Because you’ll do so much better with women.  Seriously.  When I was a freshman in high school I was extremely skinny, had a terrible haircut, and braces.  I worked out enough to at least look athletic.  And in the same week that I got my braces off, I got a decent haircut.

Muscles and style helped me 10x

I went from a 6 to an 8 almost overnight.  The next few years I put on more muscle and got way better style.  I think of myself as a 10, some girls see me that way, and of course some girls see me as a 7, 8, 9, etc.  I’m sure some see me as a 4 or 5.

But they point is that I got a lot more attractive looks wise, and all of a sudden I got way more interest in women.  Yea I was still had other areas of my life to work on.  But just the fact that I looked good, or even looked decent, got me in the door with women.

Women are shallow like men.  Not quite as shallow.  They’ll still try to test you and find ways to disqualify you.  Men are different in that we don’t care about other things, we’ll try to date a girl if she looks good.

However, the initial importance of looks cannot be understated.  You can’t be mad at women for liking good looking guys.  They want the best they can get.  And the ones they can’t get too.  As guys, we also want the best looking women.  Don’t be mad at women when they fondle over the same hot guys when men fondle over the same hot women.

Instead, maximize your looks and find success in the game.

How to maximize your looks?

  1. Body
  2. Face
  3. Style


Delayed gratification - man lifting weights

The number one way to maximize your looks is through your body.  Your face is mostly genetic, and will look better as you get your body lean and mean.

Even if your face is good looking or average, a killer body can make you good looking to a lot of women.  Some women care more about body, others height, others face, and others have different preferences.  So while some may view a hot body as a nice to have, others will have it as their #1 thing they want in a man’s looks.

Regardless, improving your body will make you hotter to more women.

And it’s simple to look better with your body.

Gym and diet

Maximize your looks through your body by hitting the gym and eating right.  You want to put on the most muscle as possible while being as lean as possible.  Some women like bigger guys, others like leaner guys.  Personally, I’ve done much better when I’m leaner with a 6-pack vs being as big as possible and having a little more body fat.  Preference will come down to the women, but if you can be lean and still have a muscular physique, then you’re going to be hot to tons of women.

Eat lean, high protein, veggies, fruit, and little to no heavy carbs like bread / pasta / rice.  Naturally leaner men will need to eat more and focus on gaining muscle.  Bigger men will need to focus on keeping the extra weight off of them.

If you have the time, adding a martial art that involves sparring like boxing, muay thai, or bjj will give you a crazy workout.  For me, lifting 3-4 x a week and doing bjj 3x a week builds muscle and keeps me lean.  I can get away with cheat meals here and there because my body is burning so many calories.

Ideally, you’re doing all of this to get a v-body shape.  The muscle you put on, combined with being lean enough for women to see it, will massively increase your looks.  Women want a hard, lean man.  Which is the opposite of men wanting a soft, voluptuous woman.


how to dress well - beard

Face is definitely important, however you can’t do quite as much to it as your body.  Like mentioned above, just getting in shape and lean will make your face look better too.  There’s still some things you can do to maximize your looks in your face.

First take care of your hair.  This includes your facial hair and your haircut.  With facial hair, you can shave, have some scruff, or have a beard.  Different things look better on different men.  However, you need to have a look.  There are men who have a beard but style it or trim it in certain areas so it looks good.  Then there are other men who let it go wild and don’t shave the peach fuzz off.

Style your facial hair if you have it so it looks good on your face.  I usually have a light beard, some 5’clock shadow, or am clean shaven.  I shave my mustache because it’s too weak to look good.  Know what facial hair looks good on your face and what doesn’t.  If you have any doubts, a good barber will be able to help you.


Speaking of which, you need to have a good haircut too.  This can make a big difference with your face.  Ideally you get a haircut every 2 weeks, at least once a month to keep it in shape.  Again, specific hair styles aren’t as important as long as it looks good on you.  I generally have my hair short on the sides and back, and long enough to come over on the top.  Some men look good with long hair, others look good with a buzz cut.


Brushing your teeth and flossing should be a no brainer.  Besides that, you can also whiten your teeth with whitening strips if they’re yellow.  If you have a unibrow or some other kind of weird hair placement on your face, take care of that shit.

Skin care

Lastly, moisturizer will help your face a ton.  I’m sure most men on here don’t do this.  It’s something I didn’t start doing until recently.  But it makes a difference.  It will help you to maintain your looks as you age.  For me, it’s helped to reduce wrinkles on my face, especially under my eyes.  I’m still relatively young and you wouldn’t notice any wrinkles looking at me unless you were right in my face.  I still look basically the same as I did when I was 22.

But the moisturizer, which I use when I get out of the shower, definitely had made me look less tired and younger.


how to be a man - have style

Style is the biggest area you can control after your body.  And if you have a killer body, you can show it off with your style.

Style doesn’t always have to be complicated.  Having a nice bear of shoes, dark jeans, and a well-fitted v-neck can make a man look great to the ladies.  This is an easy way to maximize your looks in a casual setting.

However, you can also up your style if you have the money.  I don’t buy gucci or louis vuitton.  But I will buy lesser known designer brands for dress shirts and blazers.  These will cost me anywhere from $80-150 for a shirt and $300-500 for a blazer when they’re on sale.

Nice clothes

Again, not a necessity at all.  I got women before I every started wearing nice clothes.  However, now that I’ve achieved financial freedom and make 6-figures, I like to have some nice clothes to wear.  Women also compliment me and it doesn’t hurt my game as well.  In fact, good fitting clothes that go well together make you look better.

I like to go dancing, and sometimes I wear just a v-neck.  But because a lot of people dress up, which I like to do as well, I’ll wear some of my designer sport shirts or even a blazer.  Again, this isn’t making or breaking my looks.  It’s still mostly my body game and face.  But, having some clothes that are a little flashy can make a good looking man very appealing to women.   It helps me to stand out and I also just like rocking nice clothes

And I wear blazers all the time for my marketing business and when I interact with clients.


Tattoos are generally something that will enhance your looks.  Should you get tattoos to  impress women?  Hell no.  But if you want to get tattoos or have any and they look good, showing them off will generally work in your favor,  You’ll usually have to have arm tattoos or a chest tattoo.   I have arm tattoos that I can cover when I’m working with professional and older clients who may be judging.  But then I can wear a  v-neck or a short sleeve sport designer shirt and show off a bit of the tattoo.

Using this combo of having nice clothes that imply money but then having tattoos gives women the aura of bad boy but who has money as well.  Again, some girls don’t care about tattoos or nice clothes.  Don’t get tatted just to get girls.  Nevertheless, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t help.


dress shoes

Shoes are a big thing when it comes to style that can help out with your looks.  Allen edmunds and Alden‘s make great dress shoes you can use for classy nightlife, dates, and work.   You can also wear a vans if you’re going for a more relaxed vibe, or a pair of nike or addidas.

addidas shoes

What you wear will depend on the setting, city you’re in, age bracket, budget, and personal preference.   If you’re a skater and like stoner girls, wearing Alden’s like a young businessman like me won’t go with your audience.  I like progressional women who make their own money or at least have style.  When I use 18 or 19 I would’ve worn vans all the time, short or jeans, and a v-neck.  I still wear that sometimes if I’m relaxing or going to a dive bar, but generally I dress up a little more than that.

Maximizing your looks via your style will depend on what style you’re going for.  You can have more than one style depending on the venue, how you’re feeling, and where you live.  You can also change your style and watch it evolve as you get older and have more money to play around with it.

Stop complaining, make yourself look better

Looks matter a lot in the game.  Which is why you need to maximize your looks.  It feels good to look good, and it makes things so much easier.  If you want to date attractive women or have a beautiful girlfriend, it  only makes sense that you look good too.

Don’t complain about the game being unfair.  Maximize your looks with your body, face, and style.  Then get your income up and achieve financial freedom.  You’ll have the resources  to live how you want.  And you’ll look good so women will want to date with you.  From there it’s just deciding which girls you want to let into your life.

Fuck being desperate for women and having to approach tons of women to get a good reaction.  Looks matter, so make yourself into a man women find appealing, and your dating life will become dramatically better.


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Timothy Toliver
Timothy Toliver
3 years ago

Great post as always. I’m surprised there aren’t that many people who know about your page. Keep ’em coming boss!

3 years ago

A lot of men believe looks don’t matter because women are more willing to SETTLE than men. Men would never get into a relationship with a woman he has little sexual attraction to. But women are forced to chose between security and sexual attraction.

Have you noticed financially well off women like Ivanka Trump,Paris Hilton, Kristen Cavalleri mostly marry hot guys. It’s rare you see an attractive well off woman with unattractive men because they don’t have to trade sexual attraction for security. They can get what you they really want.

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