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Do you Feel Worthy to fill the Position that you Desire?


Do you Feel Worthy to fill the Position that you Desire?

Do you feel worthy to fill the position that you desire to fill?  Feeling worthy is necessary in order to be placed in that position.  A lack of confidence and belief in the value you bring to the table is what will prevent you from any position you seek to fill.

Think about wha you want to do in life.  Do you want a specific job, to retain your seed for longer, a girlfriend, to live in a certain location, have a certain body, or any other type of lifestyle, yet you don’t have it?

It’s because you don’t feel worthy.

The point here isn’t that you should naturally feel worthy.  After all, if you haven’t studied medicine, yet you want to be a doctor, will you feel worthy of being a doctor?  No you won’t.  And you shouldn’t.  Unless you had some special connection or unique status, no medical establishment would place you in the position of doctor when you have no experience or training.

The true feeling of being worthy will attract what you want.  But it’s not because you deserve that thing inherently.  You deserve the opportunity to feel worthy for it.  And when you can decide on the position you want and aim to cultivate worthiness within you, you will be placed in the position in due time.

Want to fill a position, but no belief to fill it

Let’s start from the beginning.  If you can generate the consistent feeling of being worthy for a position, then you will be placed in that position.

This has been understood and in the past 100 to 200 years has been lost.  Now you have people debating working versus faith, when in reality a man with faith will put in the work and vice versa.  A man who puts in the work will faith.

However, the problem today that many are confusing their want, their desire, for belief.  They realize they want something, then see that it’s not there, and instead of building the feeling of worthiness through belief + action, they mope around and wonder why the position they desire never appears before them.

Wanting a position is not the same as feeling you’re worthy of it.  You can want to own a business, but not feel worthy of business ownership.  You can desire a beautiful woman, but not feel worthy of her.  And you can even just want to develop control + retain for 6 months, yet not feel worthy of the results that will bring.

A want, a desire, is necessary.  But it’s just the first step.  Then you need to believe you can do it, and then you can feel worthy of it.

Many men are skipping this step and simply starting and ending with desire.  But if you desire a position, but don’t believe you can fill it, then you won’t be presented with opportunities to be placed in that position

You Must feel that you’re Worthy

If you don’t feel worthy, you don’t be worthy.  If you don’t feel that you can handle the responsibility of that position, then you won’t be put in that position.

For example, if you want to own your own business, but don’t feel you could handle losing out on some weekends with friends, then you’ll never start the business because you don’t believe you can fill that position.  You don’t feel that you can handle the responsibility, therefore you’ll never take responsibility.

Too many guys are afraid of the word “feel” or “feelings” because they equate that with being weak or emotional.  I’m not talking about “feelings” as in being unstable or being on an emotional rollercoaster.  I’m talking about the way you are on a regular basis.  Feelings can change throughout the day and from moment to moment.  But do you have that deep sense, that true feeling of being worthy?  Because that’s whats needed to get to the next level.

Besides money and business, this applies to semen retention, dating, and everything else in life that requires you filling a position.

If you don’t feel that you can retain for more than 6 months, then you’ll never retain more than 6 months.  Your subconscious mind will sabotage your plans because you don’t feel worthy.

If you don’t feel that you can keep a beautiful woman for more than a few months, then every beautiful woman you meet will walk out after a few months.

You must feel worthy of whatever position you want to fill.

When you feel worthy, you become worthy.  These are one and the same.

Feeling worthy isn’t about being arrogant or looking down on others.  It’s about being in tune with what is meant for you.

The feeling of being worthy is just the non-physical equivalent to the result you’re looking for.  If you can use your mind to get into the state where you feel worthy, then the physical equivalent will come to fruition.  Meaning if you feel worthy to fill the position you desire, and you maintain this feeling, then you will eventually fill it.

Belief is not separate from Action

When you believe that you’re worthy of the position, you’ll have the actions to back this up.

Positive affirmations are incredible, and I highly advise you take them up.  But it’s not just about saying something positive a few times a day.  When you actually say them with conviction, you begin to believe them.  You stop feeling sorry for yourself.  The feeling of self “pity” will disappear.  And in turn you will actually begin to feel confident, powerful, abundant.  You’ll feel immense Gratitude to God for just giving you the gift of life.

And when you truly feel good, you truly believe that you’re worthy of a position, you will take action.  If you don’t take action, then you don’t really believe it yet.

Men want to debate belief vs action.  People will argue about what’s more important.  Those spiritually inclined will say belief, those materially inclined will say action.  Yet in reality, they’re just two sides of the same coin.

Don’t worry about taking action or how much to take.  When you believe you’re worthy of the position, the right amount of action will be taken.  You won’t need to think or theorize about it.  Because even thinking about how much action you should take it already a clear signal you don’t have the complete belief that you’re worthy of the position.

What if I don’t feel worthy yet?

That’s okay, if you felt completely worthy then you likely wouldn’t be reading this.  We’ve had bad programming since a young age.  Don’t be mad at yourself for not feeling worthy.  You can easily overcome this with consistent, yet minimal effort.  Consistency is the key.

3 easy steps for Feeling worthy

  1. Gratitude
  2. Positive affirmations
  3. Put in the work

Have Gratitude, even just for being alive.  Thank God for blessings you with life today, with clean air, water, and food.  Once you’re feeling grateful, you’re already 3/4 of the way there.  Now you can do your positive affirmations.  And then take action in the real world. Do this everyday, and you will feel worthy within 30 days.

Repeat the Programming you want over and over again

If it sounds like this article is repeating itself in different ways that’s because it is.  I’m engraining in your mind the importance of your own confidence and belief.  When this clicks, when you really have the confidence that you’re worthy of the position, then you will stop all of the questions, all of the doubt, and you will simply be involved with what you’re doing.  Because when you believe you’re worthy of the position, the actions – however big or small – will accompany that belief.

You will be in that position and it will be natural to you.



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