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Does NoFap cause Premature Ejaculation?


Does NoFap cause Premature Ejaculation?

Will doing NoFap cause premature ejaculation?

Not necessarily, but this is very common.  There are cases where some guys report doing NoFap might cause them to have trouble busting a nut.  But for most men, it causes them to bust early.  So for many men, it seems that NoFap causes premature ejaculation.

It could be worse

However, this isn’t something to be worried about.  Yes premature ejaculation sucks.  We all want to last long in bed.

But if this is you’re problem than take a second to be grateful.

Be grateful?

Yes be grateful.  Having premature ejaculation, while not ideal, is much  better than erectile dysfunction.  It’s an embarrassing scenario hen you can’t even get your dick up.  There are ways to fight ED.  And NoFap is one of the best ways, if not the best way, to combat it.

In fact, many men have porn induced (or just masturbation induced) erectile dysfunction.  Constantly getting stimulated by dopamine inducing virtual sex + death grip masturbating can make it extremely difficult to get erections with a real woman.

You need dopamine to get aroused.  And when you numb yourself to natural dopamine stimulators like real women by watching porn = fapping, you’re not able to get aroused.

But when you do NoFap, you let your dopamine receptors return to normal.  You also give your dick a break from the death grip that most guys use when masturbating. This is why NoFap cures erectile dysfunction and is a blessing for many men.

PE is better than ED

Now the opposite problem pops up.  Now that you’re so sensitive to stimulation, it’s extremely hard (pun intended) to control yourself.  So you’re in a situation where NoFap caused premature ejaculation.

I still say it’s much better to have premature ejaculation than erectile dysfunction.  That’s why you should be grateful.  At least your dick is working properly.  Once your libido and erection quality is solid, it’s much easier to move forward.

Is NoFap bad?

No, NoFap is incredible.  It’s a great practice to abstain from masturbation.  Until you get sex, by default you’re doing semen retention as well and you get all of the benefits of it.  From increased energy, confidence, ambition, strength, and a boost in your testosterone.

However, because you’re not having any sexual stimulation, it’s not surprising that you can’t last long in bed.

How to handle Premature ejaculation while doing NoFap

First recognize it’s okay if you bust quick.  Tell the woman you’re with that she feels amazing and you couldn’t help yourself.  Don’t worry about “over validating” or putting her on a pedestal.  The point here isn’t to glorify her, but to make her feel comfortable.  If you act all weird after you busted early, it’s going to be awkward and uncomfortable.

But if you maintain a carefree attitude, then chances are she’s going to want to do round 2 so she can get off as well.

Now if you happen to bust quick, then you won’t make it a big deal.  Nevertheless, this doesn’t actually solve the problem.  Doing a 2nd round of sex is a great way to get around premature ejaculation.  But most of us also want to be able to last long the first time.

And that’s possible if you’re willing to put a little bit of work.  Just like you work out your muscles to get stronger, you can work our your sex muscles as well.

Kegels and Reverse Kegels

Kegels and reverse kegels are exercises that will work the PC muscles.  These muscles will help you to have stronger erections and control your orgasm.  When you get strong enough you’ll be able to orgasm without ejaculating.  With no ejaculation sex doesn’t have to stop.  Meaning if you learn to bust without releasing your seed you can keep going.

That’s the beauty of kegels.

Just like women can have orgasm after orgasm, men too can do this.  But it takes more effort.  For us, ejaculation comes right after orgasm.  In order to separate the two, you must strengthen your PC muscles so they’ree able to hold the ejaculation back while you orgasm.

Worrying about if NoFap causes premature ejaculation will be a thing of the past if you can prevent ejaculation all together.

In order to counter this and gain greater control, begin practicing kegels and reverse kegels.  Practice these outside of sex in order to strengthen your PC muscles.

Imagine you need to take a piss or a shit really bad, but someone is using the bathroom.  A Kegel is the same feeling as trying to hold it in.  The same muscle is used to hold the ejaculation back.

Now imagine you’re trying to take a shit but you’re constipated.  A reverse kegel is the same feeling as trying to push it out.

Kegel Routine

Practice kegels and reverse kegels equally.  Start out doing

  • 10 sets of 10 seconds (100 seconds total) of each
  • 3-4 times a week

Then a week or 2 later progress to

  • 10 sets of 15 seconds (150 seconds total) each
  • 5 times a week

Then a week or 2 later progress to

  • 5-7 sets of 20 seconds (100-140 seconds total) each
  • once a day

Then a week or 2 later progress to

  • 5-7 sets of 20 seconds (100-140 seconds total) each
  • twice a day

At that point, you should have very strong PC muscles.

How to utilize kegels during intercourse 

  • Before sex: Kegel at beginning (if needed) for firm erection.
  • During sex: Reverse kegel to calm down (only when needed) during sex
  • At point of no return before busting = kegel hard as you can.

At the point of no return is when you kegel to hold the semen in as you have an orgasm.  That way you can hold your semen back and stop ejaculation while still having a dry or non-ejaculatory orgasm.

Will this happen the first time you do it?  Probably not.  Chances are that you will mess up.  And even when you get good at it, it’s common for a little bit of semen to still come out.  That’s fine.  There’s a big difference between a little bit of semen coming out versus actually busting your whole load.

You’ll notice that you’ll still stay hard and you’ll be able to keep going.  When there’s no refractory period, you’ve mastered non-ejaculatory orgasms.

Don’t discard NoFap

A lot of men will think that NoFap causes premature ejaculation will discard it all together.  Then they’ll get sucked into the masturbating cycle again, which kills their sex drive and life force energy.  It can also lead to erectile problems as discussed earlier… which in my opinion is much worse than busting quickly.

NoFap is a great tool to apply to your life to kick the habit of masturbating.

If you start doing kegels + reverse kegels to strengthen your PC muscle, then you can have the benefits of both worlds.  You can have a strong sex drive, great erections, and last long.  It’s not magic.  Like anything else – like your arms, chest, legs, you simply need to work it out.

Combine that with deep breathing, some edging (not always recommended for men with ed), and practices like qigong, yoga, + meditation, and you’ll learn how much mastery you can truly have over your sexual energy.  NoFap is great, but don’t start and end with it.  Let NoFap be the beginning of your journey into semen retention.


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