June 29

Don’t be Ashamed to be a Man


Don’t be Ashamed to be a Man

Don’t be ashamed to be a man.  That’s what’s wrong with society right now, among other things.  Too many males are afraid to be what nature intended them to be.  Men are ashamed to be men.  They’re afraid to be confident, to have balls, to go after what they want.

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m not ashamed to be a man.”  And if that’s true, you’re one of the few.  You’re one of the rare alphas we have that are maintaining the integrity of true masculinity.

For the rest of you, think about this hard.  If you’re unsure about your manhood, it’s because you’re living in fear.  You’re ashamed of men and what it means to be a man.  And when you’re ashamed to be a man, you act like a woman.

Too many men are walking on eggshells

All of these men today are walking on eggshells.  And I can’t completely blame them.  Saying the wrong things can get you fired from your job, scorned, or disowned from the mainstream.  But fuck it.  Too many men have adapted to the society and have begun too practical.  Of course there’s a need to be practical to an extent.  You can be polite to people and treat people well.

But you shouldn’t be ashamed to be a man.  That’s what we have going on today.  When you’re always walking on eggshells, you’re afraid of every little thing you do.

If you care too much about what others think, then you’re ashamed to be a man.  Because a real men doesn’t give a fuck what others think.  He looks at the world, evaluates how things are, and then speaks his mind and makes decisions.  And if he’s wrong then he can admit that when he comes to that realization.

However, a real man isn’t going to cower and never say anything.  He’s not going to plan his whole life out in a way just so that he’s accepted and can blend in.  That’s as beta as it gets.

Lack of Confidence and Masculinity

Low confidence and a lack of masculinity is the main reason for most of your problems.

When you’re ashamed to be a man, you have low confidence and masculinity.  You don’t believe in yourself.  Therefore, you don’t trust yourself to make the right decisions.  Instead you’re always looking for the approval from others.  You’re looking to see what the group does.

That causes you to be feminine.  Women care about what the group does.  That’s why sexual social proof is a thing.  Because it’s feminine to be more aware of the feelings of others.  Women take this to a much greater degree where they actually will base major life decisions and even who they’re attracted to based on what others think.

Is it good to be aware of the feelings of others?  To an extent, it can be good.  However, that can’t be the main force that determines how you conduct yourself.  Unless you want to be feminine.

If you want to be masculine, be strong, be a leader, and actually feel like a man, you need to stop being ashamed of manhood.  Don’t disrespect your own balls, and the generations upon generations of men who slaved away at surviving just so you’d get here.  Don’t disrespect yourself and your ancestors by acting weak.

Signs of no Manhood

When you deny your manhood, that’s what you’re doing.  Let me explain, some common signs of no manhood are:

  • being passive
  • not going after your purpose or not even having a purpose
  • having no passions in life
  • chasing women who don’t want you
  • getting emotional about women you barely know
  • being friends with a woman to try and get at her
  • letting a boss or people at work disrespect you
  • not holding women in your life accountable
  • complaining about things instead of trying to change them

And so on.  When you do these kinds of activities, especially on the regular, you have a lack of manhood.  You have no manhood because you’re ashamed to be a man.  Through a lack of a strong father figure, or through lack of following him, you’ve become weak.

The society at large as programmed you to be weak.  And that programming as been fairly effective.  If you’re ashamed to be a man, and you’re unhappy with your life that you need to change.

Living in the Moment

The biggest mindset shift you need to make is to live in the moment.  Being in a real life situation, yet being stuck in your head over analyzing, is what causes you to become weak.  Real men live in the moment and act accordingly to their surroundings.  In dire situations, of course you need to be on your toes and not overact.  In fact you should never overact to situations.  You should always be calm, yet alert and ready.

When you’re calm, cool, collected, and yet totally living in the moment, you’re going to be in the alpha state.  The alpha state is when you’re in the zone.  Whether you’re working on your business, talking to a woman, or learning a  new skill, you want to be in the alpha state as much as possible.

The more you get into the alpha state, the more in moment you’ll be.  And the more in the moment you’ll be, the more masculine you’ll become.  Therefore you can begin to break the cycle of bitch-ass-ness.

Don’t be Afraid to be Sexual, to Make Moves, and to Walk Away

Let’s look at this in the context of dating and relationships.  When I say men are ashamed of being men today, the most obvious way is the sexual dynamics. Obviously people are still fucking.  However, men are doing so in weak ways.  Online dating apps are for sure here to stay and the norms.  No doubt about it, especially in the Covid era.

But when in person opportunities do arise, men are afraid to be sexual.  I get so many questions form guys saying things like:

  • “There’s the girls in my class / work, I’ve been talking to her for 6 months, how do I flirt with her”
  • “I’ve been texting this girl for 3 weeks, she stopped texting me back, what do I do?”
  • “How do I tell this girl that I like her?”

Stop becoming obsessed and be sexually confident 

All guys that are getting too emotionally involved with a woman that has done nothing for them.   These are guys that are getting invested into a woman when she hasn’t done anything for you.  And you’re thinking about her all the time when you’re not even with her.

The average guy today is ashamed to be a man.  He’s afraid to make a move and be sexually confident early on.  And he’s not going to be texting a girl for months and months or weeks and weeks.  He’s going to ask her to hang out way before that.  It should never get to that stage.

The average guy is so afraid to get rejected or not get the response he wants.  He’s living in fear of not wanting to “mess things up”.  So many messages I get go like this:

  • “Hey man, so there’s this girl I really like, and I don’t want to mess this up.  I know I acted weak, but what should I do, please help”

There are no Guarantees 

What men need to understand is that fact that you don’t want to mess things up is exactly why things get messed up.  You have no sexual confidence.  You just want a guarantee that it’s going to workout.  Maybe it’s from all the advertisements that say “100% guarantee or your money back” that has trained guys to think like this.  But needing it to work out it the ultimate form of outcome dependence.  It’s the exact opposite of an abundance mindset.

Acting feminine when you’re a man will get you terrible results in all areas of life, especially dating + relationships.

Stop being so afraid.  Don’t be ashamed to be a man.  Making moves early on, ooze confidence from your aura.  Stop needing things to “work out”.  Fuck that, a man doesn’t need things to work out.  He makes things work, and if they don’t, he moves on until he finds someone or something that fits his desires.

Attack Life

Pursue your purpose, make money, make yourself the prize, talk to the women you want, be a player or get the girl of your dreams, and attack life.

These are all things that an ambitious, fearless man will pursue.  A real man isn’t afraid of what other people think.  He’s doing what he wants to do and making a great life for himself and those around him.

Don’t be ashamed to be a man.  Become the man you are meant to be.


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2 years ago

Hey man, just wanted to thank you for the all the articles you’ve written so far. They’ve helped me understand my role in society and how I should act like a man. I believe our society is too feminized as “society” tells everyone that men should act this and that and I always believed it was bullshit. Your articles have helped me rethink my actions and gave me a great mindset that lead me to get good quality women. Cheers.

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