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Don’t date girls who have lots of male friends


Don’t date girls who have lots of male friends

Don't date girls who have lots of male friends

It’s a bad idea to date girls who have lots of male friends.  And by date I specifically mean having them as a girlfriend.  Generally in articles I refer to dating as casual, however in this case I’m talking about taking a girl serious.

If a girl has lots of male friends, you can date them casually, but can’t make them girlfriends.  If you want to date her as a girlfriend, and she’s pushing for a relationship, then you can set your terms that you won’t accept male friends

Unless her male friends are gay…if have a hot girlfriend, guys want to fuck her.  Gay friends are fine.  I’ve never had an issue with them with girls I’ve dated.  In fact, they’ve always been a good thing as they could have fun with girls yet also cockblock other guys when they’re out together if the particular guys like you.

But most of you who write to me or leave comments aren’t worried about your girls gay male friends.   You’re complaining about her straight male friends.  And you have reason to be worried.  Should you act like a beta cuck?  No.  But it’s definitely a problem.

Every straight man will want to fuck your girl

The weasels are waiting for her to cheat or for her to you two to break up in order to fuck.

If she has 4 or 5 betas lined up,  there’s a chance she’ll fuck the best one of them when you break up for some easy sex and attention.  And if one of those guys are actually alpha, which they’re likely not, then she’ll be doing the chasing of that guy.

The betas will be the ones still trying to hang out with her and acting weak.   But she’ll keep them around for attention, and if one isn’t acting too weak on a particular day she may fuck him.

You can be mad at these guys all you want.  But the real problem isn’t them.  Sure, they have low standards because they’re trying to cherry pick another man and get his scraps.

However the real issue is your girl.  She’s the one entertaining these guys.  She keeps them around.

Let’s factor in your girlfriends looks.  Is she really ugly?  Okay, maybe they don’t want  to fuck her.  But if she’s decent looking at the very least, let alone actually fairly attractive, then they all want to fuck her.  They want to put their dicks inside of her and cum inside of her.

Don’t believe anything else.  Are you friends with attractive girls that you don’t want to fuck?  Hell no.  If you work with hot women or have some in your social group, of course you’re friends by association with some attractive women that you aren’t trying to necessarily fuck.

But there’s no way you’d hang out with an attractive girl alone without trying to make a move, or at least wanting to.   All of these motherfuckers want to fuck your girl.  And they’re waiting for their opportunity.

Why can’t she have male friends?

trying an open relationship

Again, if this girl isn’t your girlfriend, then she can have male friends.  You’re not committed to each other so you’re good to go.  As for guys in relationships or looking to get into one, you can’t allow your girlfriend to have male friends.   Having male friends will do the following:

  • Makes her less committed
  • Feeling of entitlement
  • Lower chance of being loyal

Makes her less committed

She knows she has back up options.  This results in her putting less effort into the relationship.  She’ll be less involved in trying to make you happy, please you (sexually, romantically), and in general will have less of a fear of loss over the relationship.

Feeling of entitlement

Since your girlfriend has male friends surrounding her, she has guys pedestalizing her constantly.  Many of them will do beta like things for her in the hopes of winning her over.  While it seems like they’re doing the beta shit and you’re doing the alpha shit, this is actually a bad occurrence.  Your woman will feel entitled and eventually this will start to creep into your relationship.

Lower chance of being loyal

girlfriend is cheating

With less commitment and more entitlement, your girlfriend’s chances of being loyal are dramatically reduced.  Women need a healthy fear of losing you when you’re together.  That gets lessened when she has lots of male friends to fall back on.

And  if you start to slip up on your game, which happens to the best of us, then your girlfriend will have a much higher chance of cheating.

When your girlfriend doesn’t have male friends and just has you, you can afford to make mistakes from time to time.  Acting a little weak here and there is never good, but it’s much easier to brush off when she’s not talking to other guys.  The woman with male friends has instant access to other cocks and they may be more enticing when she’s losing interest in you.  Even if she doesn’t fuck one of them, her chances of cheating on you with a random guy are much higher because she’s so used to searching for other male attention.

Why does she have male friends?

Attention is the answer.  She likes the attention.  All women crave attention.  But high quality women can handle attention from one man when she’s in a relationship.  Most women in today’s age need it from multiple sources to constantly feel validated.

That’s why they have male friends.  They want to soak up as much attention as possible.  Women want a man’s time, while men want a woman’s body.  Women like to fuck as well, but they want to try and get as much time from a man as they can.  If a man gives up his time too quickly, then his value is lowered in her eyes.

Women love male attention and ones without self control end up having many male friends to get this energy from.

Can you fuck girls who have male friends?

Yes, many girls have male friends and you can fuck these girls.  Just don’t wife them up.  However, if you can find higher quality fuckbuddies / plates who don’t have male friends, they tend to be more feminine and have overall better energy.

She knows they want to fuck her

girl on phone, texting, likely cheating

Your girl knows these guys want to fuck her.  She can play dumb all day long.   But in the end she knows.  Women aren’t stupid, especially when it comes to knowing when a guy wants to smash.  She keeps male friends around in order to make herself feel good.

But you can’t afford to make a girlfriend out a of a woman like that.  And if you have a girlfriend and she starts hanging out with male friends on her own free will – aka not at work, family events, etc. then you need to check that shit right away.  If she’s chilling with male friends without you around, and they’re not gay, then you have a problem.  These guys either are fucking your girl or want to fuck her.

Even though they’re little rats, at the end of the day if it’s not them specifically it will be another guy or guys.  It’s your girl whose the fucked up one and the one who needs to be acting different.  You need to address the situation, dump her, or avoid getting into a relationship if you’re not in one.


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2 years ago

This girl has about 50/50 split with guy to female friends but her best friend is a guy what should i do ? cause i dont like that shit but i dont want to come off as being jealous

Shyla Hankerson
Shyla Hankerson
2 years ago

I like that his website has swear words and obscenities. It makes me feel like the author is telling the truth and not playing around with our time. I have a question, though. Most of my friends are guys and I seem to get along better with guys. Does that necessarily mean that they all want something sexual from me? Or some? I’m confused.

Reply to  Shyla Hankerson
2 years ago

First understand how men work, they’re like wolves. They’ll jump in and stick their fat meaty cock into your slutty puss.

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