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Don’t ever feel lucky to be with a woman


Don’t ever feel lucky to be with a woman

Don't ever feel lucky to be with a woman

Don’t ever feel lucky to be with a woman.  She should be lucky to be with you.  Not because you’re just confident or because you’re a handsome devil.  But also and more importantly because you’re a high value man.  You’re focused and going somewhere in life.

High value men vs low value men

What’s the difference between a high value man and a low value man?  Value is in the eye of the beholder, so it’s all technically relative.

But most people would agree a high value man on the outside is a man that has money, status, looks, and on the inside is a man of character.  He has values which he sticks to.  Good men and cruel men alike both have values they stick to.  These are the alphas of the world.  Men who believe in something and are willing to risk their lives in order to achieve it.

A low value man is a man that doesn’t bring anything to the table.  They don’t look good and don’t even try to look good by working out.  They don’t have money or status, and have little ambition to get any.  And worst of all, they have no character.  They’re lame, they have no balls, and are willing to end to other peoples opinions to try and fit in.  Women are grossed out by them and men don’t respect them.

Not everything is black and white.  Some people perceive you as high value, some as low value, and most somewhere in between on the spectrum.  The point isn’t to appease everyone, you’ll never accomplish that.  But the point is to be high value to yourself.  When you work to do that, you develop massive self esteem, and you also become high value to others.

What happens when you feel lucky to be with a woman

woman rejecting man

So what does high value and low value have to do with dating?

Well most men are low value and have no dating options.  And the ones who have decent value or even high value will devalue themselves to a girl.  This is what happens when you feel lucky to be with a woman.  She’s either higher value than you, or you perceive her to be higher value than she is.

And therefore, you end up:

  • lowering your value to her
  • act in weak ways that ruin the relationship

Putting a woman on a pedestal causes you to ruin your value.  If you do this right off the bat, the chances you’ll fuck her or get a date are low.  If you do this overtime, then you’ll develop oneitis and become beta in the relationship.

Feeling lucky to be with a woman be definition causes you to lower your value compared to yours.

Think about it.  If you thought you were better than her, and could replace her, then you’d never feel lucky to be with a woman.  You could enjoy being with her.  And you could even be grateful to have women like her in your life.  But to actually feel lucky that you somehow ended up with her?  That will cause you to act weak.  Unfortunately, life isn’t a Disney movie.  Becoming weaker than your woman in the relationship will cause her to fall out of love with you.  It’s just how things work.

How to prevent this kind of thinking

So how do you prevent ever feeling like you’re lucky to be with a woman?  There’s a few things you can do, and should be implementing anyways.

  1. Improve yourself
  2. Develop high confidence
  3. Have an abundance mindset

1.  Improve yourself

spend less money - negotiate gym membership

Improve yourself – your career, looks, status, and most importantly your self worth.

If you work on your outer smv and develop your looks, status, and money, you’re going to feel better about yourself.  You’ll also be more improved to the real world.  Your body will be sexier, which aids in getting better women and more respect from your fellow man.  With more money, you’re closer to financial freedom.  You can also use this money to upgrade your style, living situation, and car.  Side note – while you can spend some on your style and having an apartment in the city, wait to spend the money on other shit until you’re investing wisely and making six figures.

With more status, especially sexual social proof, you’ll be preselected by more women.  This is the key to getting hot women consistently.

Do other things to improve your self like reading important books, gaining skills to help you in business, and exploring your hobbies.  Travel to new countries when you can to experience different cultures.  Improving yourself will ensure that you don’t place your happiness in a woman.  You place it in something you can control, which is your progress.

2. Develop high confidence

Extreme confidence is the answer to your pedestalizing.  When you become so confident in yourself, you know you can replace any woman. If you’re so confident in yourself, you can enjoy woman but never be desperate enough to put them on a pedestal.  You need to know you can get women like this and you can drop her if need be.

The best way to develop your confidence is to firstly improve yourself as a man, which was just listed above.  Secondly, practice affirmations.

Daily affirmations are extremely underrated.  Using them in my own life has lead to incredible results.  I used to use affirmations when I was a teenager and got no women, had no business or independence, and felt like a loser.  It wasn’t an overnight magic formula.  But by using affirmations and taking the daily actions to improve, by confidence ending up soaring to crazy high levels.

3. Have an abundance mindset

player with women, confident

Believe it or not, having this kind of abundance is healthy for a man.  When you have a mindset of abundance, you’re never desperate for an outcome.  What this leads to is your success.  An abundance mindset with women is caused by actually having an abundance of women.

When you feel lucky to be with a woman, it’s because you don’t have access to to her women, don’t think you could get more women if you two broke up, or if she’s the hottest girl you’ve ever gotten.  The best way to develop an abundance mindset is to raise your looks or status.  You don’t need to cheat on your girl.  But when you get better looking and / or gain more status, you’ll have more girls who choose up on you.  This will give you a mindset of abundance where you won’t be desperate for your girlfriend.

It’s unhealthy to feel lucky

It’s one thing to be grateful to have a solid woman in your life.  You can have gratitude.  Gratitude in itself is one of the best parts about life.  And the more gratitude you have towards the things you have in life, the better your life will be.

But you can’t feel lucky to be with her.  Because that implies that you feel you can’t girls like her often, which leads to catching oneitis.  Then you turn into a weaker man, not the strong man she met and was attracted to.

Feeling lucky to be with a woman is unhealthy, especially in the early stages.  If you’ve been with a woman for years, she’s been good to you, and has your kids, then you can feel lucky to have a good woman in your life.  However you can’t feel lucky to be with her before that.

And even then, you can’t put her on a pedestal.  You can appreciate a woman, but never put her above you.

And for the majority of you who write to me, young and old men alike, it’s generally newer relationships.  You’ve been dating a woman for a few months or a year or 2 and you’re starting to feel confused how you even got her in the first place.  This is unhealthy and you’re in deep waters.  It’s time for you to reverse the situation, otherwise your feeling of being lucky to be with her will turn into her feeling unlucky to be with you.


Don't ever feel lucky to be with a woman, It's unhealthy to feel lucky, simp

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