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Don’t Try to Fake your Value:  Actually become a Man of Substance


Don’t Try to Fake your Value:  Actually become a Man of Substance

When you fake your value, you’re just coming off as try hard.  It doesn’t work.  Women will see through you and other men won’t have respect for you.

But what do I mean by fake value vs real value?  After all, value is relative to a degree.  Fake value is when you don’t actually bring that much to the table, so to compensate you try to tell people about your value.  When you tell someone things that scream “hey I have money” or “hey I get girls just so you know”, you come across as ultra weak.

Don’t try to fake your value

Don’t try to fake your value anymore.  A lot of guys who are new to game and just with life will do this.  They hear the word “value” being thrown around all the time.  So then they figure they’ll just tell people they’re valuable or “hey look what I can do” and it backfires.

You should never actually tell a girl “I’m a high value man” or “I’m an alpha male”.   I had a reader write to me telling me he’s trying to take back power in his relationship as he’s currently a beta.  He told his girlfriend these things and she didn’t give a fuck.  He got no more respect.

Why?  Because you don’t ever tell a girl “I’m an alpha male now, respect me”.  That doesn’t work.  You don’t tell women you’re an alpha male or you’re a high value man.  That’s some weak ass shit.  A real alpha male or high value man doesn’t need to do that.  And he would never do that.  All that does is show her you’re a weak ass beta.  Becoming a valuable man in a woman’s eyes or in anyone’s eyes isn’t done through telling them that directly.  It’s done through your actions.

That’s why your trying to fake your value.  You want to be seen as the alpha now, so you’re trying to tell her directly in order to get her to accept it.  This simply doesn’t work.  Saying this communicates you’re a beta bitch.

Instead you must show your value.

Examples of faking your value

Here’s a few clear other examples of faking your value.  I could come up with a big list, but besides the one above about telling a girl you’re an alpha male or high value man, these are a few common ones.

  • Wearing expensive clothes when you can’t afford it
  • Going in debt for an expensive car
  • Telling girls about all of the other girls you’ve been with

I like expensive clothes, but it’s for sure one of the most stupid things you can buy.  Especially when you can’t afford it.  If you can afford it, then it can up your style and more importantly just feel good.  But you need to do it when you can afford it.  Then it’s not faking your value, it’s just showing some of it off.  When you can’t afford it, it’s fake value.

Guys think expensive cars get girls.

Only buy if if you can buy it in cash

Only the extremes like a lambo or a ferrari are going to be enough to actually get you hot girls without you doing much else.  While the bmw or mercedes is nice to have, you’re not going to get laid just off of it.  You’re also not going to get clients just because you have an expensive car.

If you can buy the car in cash and you already are making 6-figures, then go for it.  In this case the car is just showing off your value.  But if you need to go in debt – aka get a car loan – in order to pay for the car, you can’t afford it.  By getting the new mercedes you can barely afford, you’re trying to fake your value.

And as usual, guys try to fake value with women.  They try to tell girls about the other girls they’ve been with, or how many girls want them.  This is too direct and comes across as weak.  Women especially can tell fake value.  Even if you have been with a lot of women, saying it directly like this is approval seeking.  It comes off as inauthentic, and therefore many won’t even believe you.

The problem with faking your value

Fake value is worse than little value.  It always comes across as weak.

The vibe will be picked up by women, they’ll be able to tell something is off about you.  You won’t have respect for yourself, which translates into insecurity.  If you had more respect and love for yourself, you wouldn’t go into debt to try and impress people.  You’d wait until you had the money.  Then you might buy some nice things for yourself and as bait for business or dating.

When you fake your value, you’re hoping to sell a better version of yourself than you currently are.  Versus if you become a high value man, and then show it off, you’re just showing some of the value you have in it’s physical form.  Or even non-physical form if it’s the energy you have in a conversation.

Fake value always comes from you feeling like you’re not enough and trying to compensate.  People with fake value don’t feel good about themselves.  And they get poor results.

Can you have nice things?

Yes, you can buy a nice car and have designer clothes.  The key is when you can actually afford it.

If you’re in debt paying off college loans and make 50k a year, you can’t afford that shit.  But if you have 200k in the bank, no debt, and you’re making 6-figures, then you can definitely afford some of those nicer things.

Why not faking your value matter?

Because the energy you give off.  I have some designer clothes I like.  Women tend to compliment me on them.  But guess what?  If I wear the clothes and a woman doesn’t like me, I don’t give a fuck.  I like how the clothes look on me.  Are nice, fitted clothes bait to get girls?  Yes.  However since I can actually afford it, it’s not a big deal.  I don’t care if I don’t get a girl because of it or if I don’t get a client.  And for reference, I still choose to wear a fitted v-neck to show off my body and sex appeal more than half the time when I meet women.

But if you’re faking your value, you’ll think things like “fuck, I wore the nice clothes but she still didn’t like me” or “He saw my Mercedes but still didn’t do business with me”.  A man with fake value depends on the things he has to try and get people to like him.  A man with real value can have those things, but he doesn’t amount his success to those things.  He knows they can certainly help, but he’s not attached to it.

Because he didn’t spend all of his money to get it, he’s not super invested in it.

If you have $10,000, and you spend $150 on a designer shirt, you’ll value the shirt.  You’ll like it.  But you won’t place the outcome of a situation on it.

But if you have $175, and you spend that same $150, you only have $25 left over.  Which means you’re going to place too much importance in the shirt.  And therefore you’ll be faking your value.  You’ll be trying to put the inherit value you should bring as a man to the side and place the importance in something that should be a compliment to you.

Nice cars and nice clothes should be the reflection of a successful man, not the tools a man is trying to use to be successful.

Show off your value, don’t outright fake it

Faking your value can be seen easily with the example above.  But let’s look at something else I mentioned earlier it the article.  Which was with women.  A lot of men try to show off by telling girls about how many women they’ve been with.  They’re trying to use the idea of sexual social proof.  But it backfires.  It looks weak.  Telling a girl that other girls like you directly like that doesn’t work.  Girls won’t believe you.

And that’s the opposite of what a real player would do.  Instead he’d show off girls on social media.  Or he’d be seen with other girls in public.  That’s  how you show off your value or grow your value in the eyes of others without faking it.  You’re living a dope life and posting about it.  You’re using hypergamy to your advantage.

You want the girls you’re with or even just meeting to assume a lot of other girls like you.

And if they question you on it you joke or even down play it.  For example, girls will bring up the fact they saw some pics of me with other girls on my Instagram.  I used that picture as purpose on bait.  But I don’t tell girls to go look at it.  That’d be faking value.  Instead I let them see if for themselves.  Then when they ask me “so it looks like a lot of the girls like you” I just say something like “no, they’re all just my friends” and will give them a smirk.  I say something a girl says when they play off situations, but keep it flirty.

When I do this, I’m trying to underplay the girls I get.  And in doing so, the girls I meet or date know that I must do really well with women.

Because I’m not going out of my way to tell girls about my value.  That’s weak.  Instead I actually become a valuable man, show that to the world, and let the girls see it for themselves.

Become the valuable man

Life is so much easier when you become instead of fake.  Don’t fake your value.  Become a high value man.  It can take a few years of grinding.  But the payoff is so massive.  A true high value man has his own money, which means he’s obtained financial freedom.  He’s in shape, feels great, is strong, and knows he can do well with women.  He knows how to get laid, maintain relationships, fuck women well, and enjoy his dating life.  Most importantly a high value man knows what he brings to the table and he’s focused on his purpose.

Put the time in right now to become a valuable man.  No more faking your value.  Fake value comes to the light and will always hold you back.  Actually become valuable, and then just show it off, don’t talk about it.  Do what you need to do to rise up.  You’ll thank yourself for it in the future.


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