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Enter Monk Mode: Become the Anti-Hero

Enter Monk Mode: Become the Anti-Hero 

What happens when you enter monk mode is nothing short of transformational for your soul.  Monk mode is the next level of semen retention.  You’re not just retaining your seed.  That’s a foundation for entering monk mode.  But monk mode goes deeper.  It’s a period of your life when you truly value solitude.  Not a forced loneliness.  The opposite.  Entering monk mode must be a choice you take for yourself.

It’s difficult to take a break from the consistent pleasures and traps of the world.  Our modern day society sucks us into the vortex with non-stop consumerism, unlimited pornography, and apps that are designed to keep us hooked for as long as possible.  If these companies – from the big tech firms, the social media businesses, dating apps, pornographic websites, can all keep you engaged for just 2 or 3% longer than they did the previous  month or year, that’s a massive win for them.

Because getting millions of people to spend even just a tad bit more time leads to millions in revenue from advertisements or upsells.

Everyone has a business to run.  Everyone, including myself, who has a website or app wants to increase engagement.  But there needs to be a degree.  To what cost will the giants keep re-aligning their apps to be as addicting as possible.  When will it be enough?

Our Minds are Addicted to Fake Images

One of the major reasons men today are so weak is because we’re constantly thinking about other people beyond the level that we should.  And I mentioned porn, dating apps, and social media above as one of the major contributors to this.

Let’s take porn for example.  Most of you aren’t watching porn, but when you understand how all of this free porn has messed up the minds of men, it makes sense why so many men are weak.

When men are constantly beating off to porn, or constantly checking dating apps, or always looking at women on Instagram, they’re training themselves to think about women constantly.  Porn gets you to overvalue the feminine body and make it this sacred thing.  It takes something that’s natural, which is the human body and sex, and then gives you direct access to it.

Because this fake sex is so attainable, this causes many men to over value getting sex.  They have all these expectations of how sex should be, and what the woman should look like.  Then when he can’t get that kind of woman in real life, his mind becomes confused.

Dating apps and social media

man spending too much time on dating apps

Dating apps and social media are similar to porn, although not nearly as bad.  It’s still the same idea.  You check the app, and if you get a match, especially if she’s hot, you get a hit of dopamine.  Then if you can get her to respond, you get another hit.

Most guys think they “lose” because they can’t match with attractive women or the women stop responding.

But even the guys who “win”, really still lose.  Because if you’re a good looking man, you’re one of the few who does well on dating apps.  But alls this does if you give you an addiction to checking the app to get sex from low quality woman after low quality woman.  Which in turn makes you a low quality man.  If you’re sleeping with 20 or 30 women a year from dating apps, but they’re all promiscuous and all sleeping with all the other guys in your city, how is that a victory of any kind?

You see that the 80% of men who get zero results from dating apps get their confidence destroyed.  And they stay addicted to the apps in the hopes of getting some action.  And the 20% or 10% of guys who get action are slaves as well.  You’re just a slave who gets a cheap reward more often.

Just like watching porn, staying on dating apps, whether you get no results or get too many results – results in a weaker man.

Phone addiction destroys manhood

It’s men addicted to their phones.  Addicted to convenience.  Too much convenience destroys masculinity.  What we pay for in automation is a destruction of manhood.

The average 15 or 16 year old teenager in today’s society has seen more naked women than his grandfather did in his whole life.

A decent looking man can bed 20-30 women by the time he’s 25 or 30.  That’s also dramatically more than most of your grandfathers would have been able to.

And yet you’re not better off than him.  In fact, while the lives of top tier men are better than ever, the average guys life is worse than the past, even though our quality of life is in fact better.

The Virtual Matrix has Weakened Men

stop texting her first

The reason to enter monk mode is to escape the matrix.  The virtual matrix of the screen is draining men of how vitality and vigor for life.

That’s why all of us should enter monk mode at least once in our lives.

To get off the screen for a bit and get back to our roots.

Think about it.  TV shows and movies used to be known as a waist of time.  But TV shows and movies at least keep you focused on one thing.  While a waist of time, they don’t give you the constant addiction to your phone that porn, dating apps, or social media do.

Yet everyone will tell you to stop watching TV, but they’ll stay on their phones.

When a man stays on his phone, he generally goes to one of the big 3.  Porn, dating apps, or social media.  He’s looking at women, and therefore he starts to pedestalize them.  From a neurological perspective, you’re programming your brain to need to see attractive women in order to get a dopamine hit.

This is what’s causing men to over value women and sex, and therefore simp out.  Men become “nice guys” because they see women as the goal.  You’re constantly chasing a nut on porn, chasing sex on dating apps, and chasing attention on social media.

White Knights or Butt hurt Betas

The daily worshipping of the female body, combined with the blowed up mental desire for a woman, causes men to either become white knights or butt hurt betas.

White knights are simps.  They value sex and women more than themselves.  Because of the constant exposure to sex + women on the screen, these guys feel so weak for it.  They’re used to getting that dopamine hit from the screen, so the thought of getting in real life seems too good to be true.  And when they do get it, they value it over their own life.

On the other hand, you have butt hurt betas.  White knights are also beta as fuck, but the butt hurt betas are their angry equivalent.  They’re so angry that they can’t get of the women in real life, yet they wish they could, so they go on and on about how evil women are.  They understand female nature on a logical level, but they themselves haven’t embraced their masculine nature as a man.

It’s one thing to learn the truth about the dating game and how men + women really operate.  But a man whose always focused on female nature is a man who still over values sex or affection.  He’s playing the “villain” role in life, as opposed to the nice guy, who plays the “hero” role.  Both are mistaken.

Taking back your life

Manhood 101: What makes you a Man? - King Leonidas

Your desire for sex is a physically one.  Lust should be a naturally feeling that comes and then goes away.  When the feeling goes away, so should your thoughts about sex or intimacy.  But with media constantly putting sex in your face, you’ve become someone who thinks about sex mentally even when you’re not turned on.

This is what causes you to become a slave to your lust, and therefore become weak.

I say all of this, I ramble on and on and on, to make this point.

Take back your life.  Your lust and natural desire for a feminine companion has been used against you by people controlling certain sects of modern technology.

This is why you must enter monk mode.

Monk mode allows you to see Clearly

Monk mode allows you to see things clearly.

When you get off porn and even apps, you gain an incredible peace of mind.

And then you realize that this is how men lived for all of history.

When you stop partaking in activities that drain you of your manhood, you naturally will be the man you want to be.  Which is a man who feels strong, has ambition, yet is ultimately at peace and can enjoy his journey.

When you enter monk mode, you stop chasing things you shouldn’t be focusing on.  You stop chasing women you shouldn’t be waisting time on.  And you stop comparing yourself to others.  This allows you to be the anti-hero.

The Anti-Hero Prioritizes his own life

The anti-hero is selfish.  He’s focused on bettering his own life and protecting his peace of mind.

He’ll help others when needed, but otherwise he’s focused on what he wants to pursue.  This is why the anti-hero characters in movies are always the most masculine, yet balanced.  They don’t have a hero complex.  While capable, they don’t feel the need to come in and save others who don’t want to be saved.  He knows that you can’t save anyone who doesn’t want to save themselves.

And he’s also not the villain.

Both the hero and the villain need something form others.  The hero wants to feel accepted, and the villain wants others to feel pain.

The anit-hero just wants to live his own life, and intervenes in the affairs of others only when absolutely necessary.

When you enter monk mode you become the anti hero.  You simply can see things for what they are.  When you aren’t addicted to apps or fake sex or images of IG thots, you can actually look at the world objectively.  you don’t need to act nice when people don’t deserve it, and you also don’t need to act bitter towards those who don’t deserve it.

You can simply have peace of mind and focus on the purpose you choose for yourself.

Enter Monk Mode and Receive Clarity

How to Feel More Masculine: 4 ways to Feel like a Man - kratos

I encourage all of you to enter monk mode now or at some point in your life.  Whether it’s 6 months, a year, or more.  You get back to the natural state that you should be in.  Instead of being a slave to your phone, or trying to get some woman you don’t even like back to your place from tinder, you can have constant peace.  And with this constant peace, comes the ability to think clearly, and to put your energy into something that will truly add more value to your life.

Even when you’re done with monk mode, getting back on porn or dating apps likely won’t even be a thought for you.  Social media can be used, if you don’t let it use you.

You become the anti-hero when you stop getting sucked into the narrative needing people or needing to be mad at people.  Both are traps.  After you enter monk mode, you’re able to see that you’re all good all on your own, and anyone you interact with after monk mode will be out of choice, not desperation.

Take back your life.  Become the anti-hero.  Enter monk mode, and get back to the way a man is supposed to be.  Free, peaceful, and ready to take on the world.  Not be trapped in a virtual one.


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