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10 Reasons you should become an Entrepreneur


Entrepreneur – 10 Reasons you should become one


Not every man is cut out to become an entrepreneur.

That being said, if you’re a visitor of my site and are constantly trying to improve yourself, chances are you might have what it takes.

Read these signs and see if they resonate with you.

If they do… then you have a serious journey ahead of you.

1. Hate having a boss

hate having a boss

One of the biggest reasons I became an entrepreneur was because I hate having a boss.

Sometimes the things we dread are our greatest motivators.

I absolutely hated it.

If you hate having to call another man the boss of your life, then being an entrepreneur might just be for you.

It’s crazy how many people are okay with having a boss, or hate it but just never consider starting their own business.

But for rebels in life, entrepreneurship is the way to go.

Be the boss

It’s better to be the boss than to have a boss.

If I choose to hire employees, I’ll be fair and treat them well.

Part of the reason I hate having a boss was the disrespect I and so many others (maybe you) had to take on a daily basis.

Having a respectful boss would’ve made things better.

But the idea still doesn’t sit well with me.

And if you’re the same way, then you should become an entrepreneur.

Any guy learning how to be a real man needs to first learn to be his own master.

The majority of people are fine taking orders and following another man’s lead.

I’ll take advice from wise men all day long.

But I can choose to listen or not.

With a boss, their word is your mission.

Fuck that.

2. Want to earn more money and get rich

don't blow money

If you want to earn more money and even get rich, then you have to become an entrepreneur.

The only other ways are to become a lawyer or doctor.

  • And even then, the most successful of those professions have their own practice and are the equivalents of entrepreneurs.

Do you have a real desire to get rich and build your wealth?

If you do, then you need to start a business.

If you don’t, you need to reconsider your values.

You need to get rich

Making money is important in this world.

Like it or not.

And even those money isn’t backed up by anything, not having it will fuck up your life.

You need money to avoid pain, take care of yourself, your family / future family, and to have the freedom to not bow to another man.

Becoming an entrepreneur, especially the younger you are, will allow your create wealth and get rich.

And if you’re not trying to get rich, you’re fucking up.

Financial independence needs to be your #1 priority.  And business ownership is the best way to get there.

3. Have a desire to live a fulfilling life


I want to live a fulfilling life.

Both now, tomorrow, and as a reflect on my days when I’m old.

I feel fulfilled now and will also feel the same when I’m older because I’m an entrepreneur.

I have a business where i do what I love and speak the truth.

The only way you can have true fulfillment is if you do what you love and aren’t controlled by someone else.

Becoming an entrepreneur is the best way to do that.

When you create your purpose, you can build a business around that.

It’s a beautiful things when you can attain fulfillment through your business.

4. You can actually change people’s lives

man up like the rock

You have the best chance at changing lives and making a difference as an entrepreneur compared to any other path.

Steves Jobs. Bill Gates. Walt Disney.

Even Michael Jordan, who’s considered the greatest basketball player of all time, has maintained his influence in people’s lives through his entrepreneurship with his shoes and other products.

People would still know of him without it, but not to the degree they do today.

Influence and making a real difference

If you want to make a difference in this world, both while you’re alive and well after, then you need to become an entrepreneur.

Things you’ll do today will influence what future entrepreneurs create.

Real impacts can be made.

And you can make them.

But it will take ownership to do so.  If you do something great under someone else, they’ll get the credit for it.

5. Control over your company and treatment of customers

entrepreneur can help customers

You have little control over the company you work for.

Maybe you can rise the ranks and influence the CEO or board or a degree.

But you don’t own the company.

You can’t control what the company does or how it treats its customers.

When I worked a sales job, I hated letting down my clients, especially since most of them were respectful towards me and good to work with.

I hated when my boss would sell me on dates for projects being completed, tell me to tell those dates to the clients, and then have us deliver the projects two to three weeks late.


I always thought if I was the boss, I would manage expectations correctly about the completion of the project.

It was a pet peeve of mine that made selling to those same clients harder.

And I also didn’t like not coming through on what I had said.

When you’re an employee, you can only do so much for your customers.

You don’t make the decisions for the company.  You just have to follow the orders.

Everything is different as an entrepreneur.

You have complete control over your company and can guarantee your customers are treated well.

6. Choosing where to live

entrepreneurs get to choose wear to live

Earth is a big planet.

You can live so many places in the modern era.

Maybe there’s a city or country you really want to live in.  Or you want to be a world traveler.

For me, it was just the flexibility to live where I wanted.

I wanted to be able to work, yet travel and find a place that suited me best.

I couldn’t doing that working a job.

And this is true for the majority of employees.

There are some people who can work from home or from where they want.

But these are only at certain jobs.

Never a sure thing without ownership

And there’s never any guarantee.

The company you work for could go back on these policies.

IBM, a tech titan, used to have a work at home policy for many of its marketers.

Then they did a recall of that policy and every remote worker had to commute to the closet office or look for a new job.

As an entrepreneur you get to live wherever you want.  Whether it’s a certain city for the rest of your life, or a new place every year, you have options.

7. Respect


There’s a lot of ways to earn respect.

And becoming an entrepreneur is probably one of the best wats to do it.

Other avenues like joining the military or becoming a doctor are incredible, and I’m thankful for the people who do those things.

But they require years of work, time away, and possible major sacrifices.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll start get respect and status for starting a business, at a much lower cost.

Now, respect and status aren’t my primary motivators.

  • Getting rich, working for myself, and doing what I love are much more important to me.

But I’d be a lier if I said I didn’t like respect or status.

There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of respect or status.  You’re not evil for liking it.

It’s nice to have the status and respect you’ll command from being a successful entrepreneur.

8. Getting what you deserve

businessman celebrating

There’s no way that you’ll get what you deserve when you work for somebody else.

As a sales guy, I would bring in over a million dollars each year for the company.

I would take home 7 to 15 percent of that, plus a little bit of a base salary.

And that’s selling something I wasn’t passionate about.

I wasn’t getting the full value of what I was selling.

I was getting a a solid six figures, but I was bringing in over a million dollars, over half of the companies revenue at the time.

  • And the company I worked for or you work for can’t pay you your full value even if they wanted to, because they wouldn’t profit.

Nevertheless, if you start a business, and own the business… you can get what you deserve.

Work hard and reap the benefits

producer mindset

An entrepreneur who grinds to get the bacon gets to keep all or most of the bacon.

You’ll have to for hard, but you’ll get what you deserve.

Adopting the producer mindset and coupled with business ownership means you’ll get what you work for, which will be a lot.

It’s not easy bringing in a million dollars as a one man show, or even with  few people.

However, if you do, you’ll get a colossal amount of the money in comparison.

Entrepreneurs get what they deserve, but employees don’t.

If you like getting what you deserve, you should definitely become an entrepreneur.

9. No Dress Code

how to be a man - have style

As a grown ass man, you should wear whatever the fuck you want.

Nobody should have control over what you wear.

Personally, I like having a nice pair of jeans, shoes, button up, and so on.

But some days I’ll stay in my workout clothes too.

Becoming an entrepreneur means there’s no dress code for you.

Wear what you want.

If this is appealing to you, then maybe it’s time you start your business.

Of course, this shouldn’t be as strong an indication as the others in this post, but it’s one I take for granted all the time.

10. You like Flexibility with work hours

time flexible

As an entrepreneur, you won’t have to do the 9-5.

You’ll have flexibility to work the hours you want and the days you choose.

However, it’s likely that you’ll work more than 9-5, 5 days week.

Especially when you’re first starting out.

But after the initial few years of grinding, you’ll be able to continue to work more or work less.

Dictate your lifestyle

If you grow your company, you can spend a few hours a day on the ultra important, fun strategy activities and delegate the rest of the work to your employees.

This won’t happen over time, and if you love your business, you might work a lot still.

But flexibility is a beautiful thing.

It’s crazy that you’ll hate your 8 work days when you’re staring down the clock… but when you’re doing something you love and can leave whenever you want, you will still work more.

An entrepreneur can work everyday for a month, then take a month vacation and work form somewhere else.

The flexibility you have is unparalleled to any other career path.

Will you become an Entrepreneur?

how to be a man

After reading each reason, you probably gravitate towards one or a few more.

For me, hating having a boss was enough reason to become an entrepreneur.  And leading a fulfilling life is also paramount to me.

But all the other things, like becoming rich, flexibility, control over my company, and so on are the icing on the cake.

If you resonated with these, it is probably time to start thinking about doing your own thing.

Start a business, become an entrepreneur, and make your life better for yourself and for the world.

It’s either that, or be a bitch and live in wage slavery for the rest of your life.

Putting it like that, there’s really not much a choice.


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