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Every Man’s Purpose is the Same

Every Man’s Purpose is the Same

Every man’s purpose is the same.  It’s simple and straight forward.  Yet many guys are getting themselves into mental traps about purpose.  Which leads them to confusion, lack of self assuredness, and stagnation in life.

When you overcomplicate what your purpose is, you end up trapped in life.  Trapped by your own mind.  If you over complicate your purpose, you’ll spend all of your mental energy thinking about “Is this really my purpose?” or a million other variations of the same question.

Every man’s purpose is the same.  You’re not special in this world.  You can be extremely confident in yourself and add value to the world.  That’s where I want all of you to be.  However, each man has the same exact purpose.  It’s just how we seek out to fulfill that purpose is what’s unique and different about us.  That’s where the choice comes into play.

But every man’s purpose at the end of the day is the same.

You’re already Living your Purpose

Your purpose as a man is to survive and then to thrive.  You’re already surviving, and possibly thriving a little to a lot.

That’s what most guys overcomplicate.  They’re trying to look for their purpose.  Hoping fate delivers it.  Or praying to God that he gives them a sign of what he wants for your life.  But God won’t ever tell you your purpose.  No matter how much you pray or beg.  Because he doesn’t need to tell you your purpose.  It’s already been laid out right in front of you.  God, the Universe, Nature, has already given you your purpose.

And you’re living it.

You’re already living your purpose.

Right now.  Just like you always have been.

“Wait that’s it?  Isn’t there more?”

That’s it.  Everything you’ve done is to survive or thrive, just in different forms.

Survival and Thrival isn’t complex enough?  Is it not good enough for you?

Well, that’s been the purpose of every living thing since the beginning of time.  And it’s been your purpose your whole life.

You’ve already been pursuing this.

It’s just that you might not have done it that well.  It’s a competitive world, and some men are much more focused on their purpose than others.  But we’re all pursuing our purpose to some degree.

You must First Survive

If you didn’t have food, water, or shelter, you’d be focused on getting that in some fashion.  Even homeless people on the street who may suffer from drug addiction or mental issues recognize this.

If you don’t survive, you’ll die.  That’s why every man and every living thing for that matter focuses on survival first.  Even when you were a baby this was your purpose.  You cried to get food, or water, or attention, all of which were necessary for you to survive.  If no one paid attention to you, you’d die all on your own.

Every man’s purpose is the same and it starts with survival.


Thrival is where we can really differentiate ourselves.  As humans, our ability to thrive can be endlessly interesting or complex.  Most animals once they survive will lounge around and reproduce.  I suppose most humans aren’t much different, we just like to make things fancier.  But amongst the creative of us, there are other ways we pursue thrival.  Especially as men, whatever left over ambitious drive that we haven’t needed for survival can take many shapes when it’s put to our thrival.

Thrival means different things to different people.  Thrival can be interpreted as

  • traveling
  • more money or financial freedom
  • A beautiful woman or abundant dating life
  • spiritual or religious pursuit
  • peace of mind

So I don’t have a special purpose?

No, every man’s purpose is the same.  Often we use the would “purpose” in place of career, job, business, etc.  That’s because the job we have or the business we own is the vehicle through which we survive and then thrive in the modern era.  The work we do is equivalent to the hunting that we would’ve done through most of our evolution.

So every man’s purpose is the same at the core of it all.

However, that doesn’t mean our actual work will be the same.  In today’s society, you can choose what work you want to do.

Just like in the past, men of different cultures hunted different animals + farmed different vegetables depending on where they lived.  The details were different, but the overall structure was the same.  You hunt and grow food or you die.

Today you can work a job, work two jobs, own your own business, have a job + freelance on the side, and so on.  You can love your job, or hate your job.  You can love your business, or hate your business.

But regardless, if you want to survive, and then thrive, you need to work.

Ideally this is work you enjoy.  The best situation is for you to get your dream job or create the business you own yourself.  That way you make money doing something that is enjoyable to you. But whether you do or you don’t, you still need to work.  You still need to hunt.

Creating your own purpose

Every man’s purpose is the same.  But that doesn’t mean every man has the same quality of life.  Some men survive and thrive much better than others.  The ones who thrive the most are the ones who do work that gives them the most options.  Or at least gives them options to whatever they consider thrival is.

For some men that could be a work hard, play hard lifestyle with a business that pays them high six figures and a great dating life.  For other men its freelancing doing a service they enjoy and having lots of free time for their kids or a hobby.

Your definition of thrival will depend on what you choose to do with your time after survival.  There’s no right answer.  Many guys are looking for a daddy figure to come and tell them that it’s “this way” or “that way”.  But once you handle survival, it’s up to you to define what thrival is.

That’s why creating your own purpose is important.  Every man’s purpose is the same.  But when you create your own purpose, what you’re really doing is creating the vehicle that suits you best.

What kind of work will you actually like to do?  How much do you want to work?  Where do you want to live?

Answering these types of questions for yourself will allow you to decide what kind of set up you want (be an employee, own a business, or freelance) and what work you’ll do (service you provide).

Every man’s purpose is indeed the same.  But you get to determine how you will manifest that purpose in the real world.

You decide

You didn’t get to decide to be born here.  And you certainly didn’t get to decide that you wanted to be in the survival and thrival game.  None of us did.  That’s the nature of reality.

But you do get to decide how you pursue your purpose.  Will you survive in a way that’s not ideal long term, like working a job you hate?  Or will you do something you enjoy so you can handle survival and have time for thrival.

It doesn’t need to be 1 thing.  The way you manifest your purpose can change over time.  You can start a business today, love it, grow it, and then 10 years later be done with it and move onto something else.  Or you can have a job that you love and be in it right now, but then find something that’s a better fit for you in the future.

Too many guys get caught up in their current business or job and think that specific work is their purpose.  Then if something threatens that work, they feel like they’re going to lose their purpose.

But you can’t lose your purpose.  You can only continue to pursue it or give up on it.  Your purpose isn’t a job or a business or a particular thing.  Purpose isn’t something to ever be reached.  Purpose is the reason you’re here, which is to survive and thrive.  Just like every piece of life aims to do in their own way.

It’s up to you to decide what your own way is.


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