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Finding your life’s Purpose: How to find your meaning in life


Why every man needs a Purpose

how to find your purpose

A man without a purpose is just a wondering male, guaranteed to have an unfulfilling life.

As men, our purpose throughout most of history was just to survive.

We had to protect our families or tribes from rivals, kill animals for food, and live to see another day.

Our ancestors had a sense of purpose in the mere struggle of survival and continuation of the human species.  With modern society, aided by technology, mere survival is no longer a concern for the majority of those in the West.

We have all of our basic needs met, or you likely do if you’re reading this.  But we’re still designed for action.  We’re designed to have goals and accomplish them.  If we didn’t accomplish our goals in the past then we would’ve died out.

Imagine having to tell your family or tribe there was no food.  Your offspring wouldn’t be able to eat, meaning your kids would die.

Men are lost without purpose

Having goals that fit into a bigger purpose, like hunting food for our families survival, not only sustained life, but likely brought a level of satisfaction to ancient humans. Even men a couple hundred years ago were merely trying to survive.

The point that I want you to know is that we’re designed to constantly be progressing and accomplishing goals.  An overarching purpose, or meaning in life, will constantly give you goals to achieve.  This will bring you success in your life, and more importantly happiness and satisfaction.

That’s why every man needs a purpose.  You need a meaning that will give you goals to chase, accomplish, and then progress even further.

You must create your own purpose

After survival and replication, there’s no overall proven purpose to life.  Life is just life and it’s always looking to continue and expand.

If you’re spiritual you can have a meaning, and we can debate all day long… but there’s nothing we can actually prove.

Which means at the end of the day you need to define your own purpose for this life.  If you don’t you’ll either spend your life lost or you’ll help accomplish someone else’s purposes.  You need to believe in yourself and develop a purpose that will excite you!

The Three Elements of your purpose

When it comes to find your meaning in life, your purpose, it’s all about creating it.

It should be something that

  1. You love to do
  2. Utilizes your strengths
  3. Can provide money

Combine those three things and you have your purpose.  For some people that will be easy, and come to them right away.

There’s a lot of guys who know what they want to do but for whatever reason are too scared or lazy to do it.

But for many men, they simply don’t know the answers to all of these questions. They’re all important and if you don’t know then you need to make it your number one priority to figure it out.

Something you love / have passion for


The first thing is find something you love to do.

Your purpose is going to turn into your work and your career.  You’re going to spend most of your life doing it.

If you don’t love what you do, then you have a shitty life, period.  Doesn’t matter how many girls you smash on the weekend or how much money you make, you absolutely need to love what you do.

Use your strengths 

use your strengths

The second things is utilizing your strengths. If you really love something then you’re likely good at it or willing to oput in the hours to get good at it. Even fi you’re not a pro right away, having a natural inclination towards something is enough.

You’re not going to be the best in the world at first.

Nonetheless, if you want to be successful you need to play to your strengths. If you love animals but hate science and you’re terrible at biology, then being veterinarian might not be your purpose.

But maybe you’re good with people instead, and you can start a business that caters to pet owners.  Or you’re passionate about developing a product or service that pet owners are willing to pay for.


build wealth in your 20's

That goes to the third point is money.  We live in a world where money matters.  You simply need it to survive and thrive, end of story.  Picking a purpose that has no way to provide you income is a bad decision.

Life isn’t all about making money, I don’t want you to be a wage slave.  Bills have to be paid. The good news is that it’s the 21st century and we have the internet.

It’s possible to start a business around almost anything.  You have to do your research and make sure there’s a demand for what you’re offering.  I see new products and services in so many different niches it’s insane.

So while making money is important, I’m willing to bet you can find a way to make money if you find something you love to do and something you’re good at, or have the capacity to get good at.  Plus, if you have a purpose and apply that to a business, you can build wealth early on.

The biggest problem

If you know what you love to do, then get good at it.  Then figure out a way to start a business or make money from it.

The biggest problem I see is many guys simply don’t know what they love to do. Women, video games, and partying don’t count.

Unless you love them enough – and have the capacity – to be a porn star or design video games.  This is where it gets trickey.  Most guys love sex, but wouldn’t like the actual life of a porn star.  And even if they did like it, they would have to be good at it and then make money doing it, which is difficult.

Liking women, playing video games, and watching sports can be fun pass times, but for most men it’s not your purpose.  They’ll make you feel good for a moment, and you’ll create some fun memories, but it’s not going to pay the bills or ring you long term fulfillment.

If you don’t know, try shit out

If there’s nothing that pops up at you as something that you love to do then you need to try a bunch of shit out.

It’s really that simple.  The world is full of so many opportunities that you just need to try shit out.  Not sure if you want to be an entrepreneur? Start a business and go all out for 6 months and see if you like it.

I had one guy tell me he thinks he might want to be a doctor, but he’s not really sure. He doesn’t want to go through medical school only to find out he doesn’t want to be a doctor, but he likes science, helping people, and he believes he can be good at it.

It sounds like it might be the role for him.

However he’s screwing himself over by doing nothing and not taking action.  He could email or call doctors in his local area asking to shadow them.  He’ll eventually get one to say yes.

That way he can actually see what the day in the life is like.  Then he could do what he needs to do to get into medical school and spend the years it takes to become a doctor.

I don’t care what you have to do – call people, watch YouTube videos of a profession/industry, whatever.  You need to figure out what excites you if you want to have a purpose.  Trust your gut instincts, you’ll know when you love to do something versus when you’re just going through the motions.

Hot tip – what do you spend your free time doing?

working on cars

If you spend all of your free time chasing girls or drinking beer, then you need to try some shit out.

But most men, and people for that matter, also spend some of their free time on something that interests them.  What do you search for on the internet?

Are you always looking for outdoors stuff to do?  I’m sure you could start a business doing tour guides or selling some kind of product/service that has to do with the outdoors.

Or maybe you spend all your time looking at cars?

There’s a million ways to make a living working with cars. You could do anything from be a mechanic and working your way up to owning your own shop, to reviewing new model of cars, to trying to get into design or whatever.

If you find yourself on the internet wasting time looking up stuff other than women, then you probably already have something you love to do and an area where you’re an expert or can become an expert.

What do you do in your free time?

Answering this question is one of the easiest ways to find your purpose.

If you play video games 24/7, then at least get paid to do it.  You could create YouTube or Twitch content, get into video design, or a number of things.

Most guys already have something they love to do, they’re just not pursing it.

And if you truly don’t have anything that interest you then you need to spend every waking moment of your free time trying to figure out what that is. Then see if you have the ability get good enough at it to make money.

If you love what you do, are good at it, and can make money, then you’ll be happy to grind everyday and your work won’t feel like work.  Fuck doing what other people do and being unhappy.  Stop caring about what others think and live a fulfilling life.

It took me a long time to finally create my own purpose, which is helping other men achieve happiness and fulfillment by providing real-world strategies.

Because it’s not about find your meaning in life or finding your purpose, it’s about putting in the effort to create your purpose.


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Ivan Banta
Ivan Banta
2 months ago

I love how you are blunt and dont give a fuck what the readers opinion would be and just provided what you think is actually going to help the reader! Amazing article in finding purpose!

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