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He fucked my girlfriend, what should I do?


He fucked my girlfriend, what should I do?

he fucked my girlfriend

So some guy fucked your girlfriend?

Many guys on my site just want to get a girlfriend, but many haven’t experienced bad shit like cheating that happens in relationships.

You got cucked


I had a friend ask me this in real life a few weeks ago.

Apparently his girl fucked another guy over the weekend.  He was angry, emotional, and just didn’t know how to handle the situation.

Some of my friends are more alpha, but I still have buddies who are beta when it comes to women.

And this is a guy who’s what’d I consider a good looking, beta dude.

He’s definitely not a player, although he has potential.  But he’s a good guy and good boyfriend material type.

His girlfriend is a solid 8, and he’s about the same, maybe even a little better.

But she cheated on him and fucked another dude.

It had him down, and I see a lot of similar comments on the web.

I told him to break it off and date other women.  Pretty straight forward.

However, I’m going to covert the basics here in case any of you are in the same boat.

What you shouldn’t do, and what you should do to improve and move on.

I’m going to explain what to do if some guy fucked your girlfriend.

What not to do

Don’t blame the guy that boned your girl.

Unless he was your best friend, you shouldn’t waste any time blaming the guy that fucked your girlfriend.

If it wasn’t him, it would’ve been some other random cock.

Don’t look for physical revenge

hulk revenge

Whatever you do, don’t look for physical revenge.

Unless your brother, dad, or best friend fucked your girl… but then that’s a totally different ball game.

Assuming this is a random guy you don’t know or you’re not friends with, it’s not worth pursing.

No pussy is worth prison for.

Especially if the girl cheated on you.

It’s her fault for cheating, the guy who fucked her was just the lucky guy that night.

It probably pisses you off that he was going balls deep while she was ignoring you.

Him fucking your girl, spanking her ass, pulling her hair, sweating on her.

And if that language is pissing you off, you’re already losing.

You developed oneitis for this girl, which is why you’re mad.

And it may be part of the reason she cheated on you.

It’s normal that most guys become obsessed with their girlfriend, but it will lead to situations like this.

Keep yourself responsible


There’s a reason she cheated and fucked some other guys or multiple guys.

And you have to take responsibility for it.

Because if you don’t, you’ll end up with another cheating girlfriend down the line.

Either of one of two things happened…

  1. She’s a hoe, and would cheat on anybody
  2. You became a bitch in the relationship

She’s a hoe

girl is texting another guy

If she’s a hoe and would cheat on anyone, then count yourself lucky you found out now.

However, you still have to keep yourself responsible.

You chose the wrong girl.

Either you

  • missed the red flags
  • didn’t qualify her well enough
  • or jumped into the relationship too early

Probably all three.

Because if you waited longer to become exclusive, chances are you would’ve seen the warning signs (but more on how to do that below).

In this situation, you should dump her ass and get some new chicks.

You became a bitch

man worshipping a woman

You fucked up.

There are some women that will cheat no matter what, but there are plenty of women who will cheat on some guys and not on others.

As men, we’re generally loyal or we’re not.

But with women, there are ones who aren’t loyal and those who are conditionally loyal.

The condition is that you’re fucking her well and you don’t act like a bitch.

A once loyal girl can become a cheater and fuck another guy if she isn’t getting sex from you or loses respect for you.

Some girls with more class will dump you before they cheat.

This is the right thing to do, and there are some women who will have the decency do this.

If this is your girl, you probably actually picked her out decently, but just messed up in the relationship.

But let’s say she cheated on you because you were a bitch.

You need to step back and look where you stopped being a man.

Lost your manhood

depressed man

If you don’t learn how to be a man, your long term relationships will fail every time.

Because somewhere down the line, you’ll start to bow down to the pussy.

That’s what happened here.

You gave in and let her dominate you in some way or another.

And since you gave her power, she lost respect for you.

She then likely started giving you less sex, you hung around her too often, and you lost your masculinity.

At least with her.

Some guys lose their masculine presence but will have it when they’re with their boys or at the gym.

Unfortunately it’s a common thing for men in long term relationships to start to become more like their woman when the two of them hangout.

Having a little bit in common is good because it creates a bond. But the sexual attention and opposition needs to be there to keep her into you.

At some point, you started acting less like a man around her.

What to do

No matter what, it’s too late to save it at this point.

She fucked another man.

Let another dude put his cock inside of her.

Whether you chose the wrong girl or acted like a bitch is important, but you still have to do the same thing.

Break up with her

man leaving girlfriend

Break up with her.

You needed to dump her ass yesterday.

Even if you messed up, it doesn’t matter.

She cheated on you and you need to break the fuck up with her.

It’s over.

Hopefully you already did this and just found this article because you wanted to know why she fucked another dude.

But if you’re looking to save the relationship, go read another post from some feminist website.

If you have even an ounce of respect for yourself, you’ll kick her to the curb.

You need to be a confident man.

A confident, successful man wouldn’t tolerate a woman who fucks around behind his back.

There’s no saving the relationship.

Break up with her now.

If you live together, figure out a way to kick her out or move out yourself.

Be a playboy – go out and fuck 10 girls


You’ve gotten out of a relationship.

Alright, so now you need to go out and fuck 10 girls.

Being a playboy is all about fucking as many new girls as possible and nexting them.

I don’t recommend doing this forever.

It’s nice to have consistent pussy around.

But, the best time to be a playboy is after a break up.

Fucking new girls will boost your confidence and your over all state.

You’ll realize that you are still a stud and will feel a sense of pride in fucking new women.

Become a player

player method

After you’ve fucked 10 girls, ideally from the first date, you can start seeing some regulars.

You shouldn’t date any of them exclusively.  However, it would be good to keep them as fuckbuddies for at least a few months each.  This will give you more experience with women.  The more women you’re seeing consistently, the more you’ll be able to pick up on small nuances.

Your intuition will rise.  And eventually, your ability to judge a woman will increase dramatically.

But this takes exposure, so make sure you’re seeing some girls for a while.  When you see behavior you don’t like, you can aim to correct it.  If she won’t abide by your rules, then you can cut her off.  This is like training for when you’re in a relationship.

That’s why it’s important that you not only have fun, but learn how to be a player so you know more about women.

You’re getting to see all the warning signs from these girls, and you know when something is going wrong.

Next time you decide to get a girlfriend, you can see the bad shit happening way earlier and fix it or end it before things get too serious.

Build a business

build wealth - start a business

As much fun as being a player or playboy is, it won’t be fulfilling forever.

That’s why you should start your own business.

Starting a business will give you an opportunity to become wealthy at a young age.

Even if you’re older, you can still make a lot more money than the average man and have a good life.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone.

But chances are if you’re on the site, you’re not like everyone and you might make a great business owner.

Especially if you create your own purpose in life and develop a business around that.

Get some hobbies


Becoming financially independent should be your #1 priority as a man.

But after the initially grunt work of building your business, adding a few hobbies can do great things for you.

You will be more busy and be less likely to pedestalize the girls you date.

Your hobbies can also raise your sexual market value.

Things like lifting weights and salsa dancing are not only fun, but will dramatically increase your rating in the sexual marketplace.

And this will help to prevent you from becoming a bitch in future relationships.


To conclude, you have to have the right mentality.

You do this by

  1. Knowing your own value
  2. Abundance mindset

Knowing your own value

man up like the rock

Your girlfriend, or ex girlfriend by now, fucked another guy.

Fuck that shit.

It may hurt now, but in a matter of months you can be over it.

As a man, you need to know your own value.

When you become a producer and get shit done, you’ll realize what you have to offer to the world.

Your increase in self value will reflect in your dating life.

You’ll attract more women and have more to choose from.

If you become a player, then you’ll also have the experience to know which women are worth dating and which ones are likely to cheat.

Abundance mindset

have a team of women

The abundance mindset is essential for any man dealing with women.

Whether you’re a player in the game, have a girlfriend, or even have a wife.

You need to know that you can replace the girl you’re with at any time.

And with an equal or better woman.

It’s needed in today’s dating climate, where women are cheating 40% more than 20 years ago.

Easier said then done, and this is much easier when you’re fucking multiple women rather than just one girl.

But developing an abundance mindset will give you true power.

You’ll bet better equipped to avoid a cheating relationship, which women have been

You won’t become a bitch or run into a relationship too quickly with the wrong girl.

You won’t pay for expensive dates, fall into the marriage trap, or end up devaluing yourself to try and impress a woman.

What you need to do is fuck around, get experience, develop game, and watch as your abundance mindset grows and your tolerance to deal with shitty women decreases.


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