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Think your Girlfriend is Cheating? 13 signs to watch for


13 Signs to see if your Girlfriend is cheating on you

girlfriend is cheating

Think your girlfriend is cheating on you?

That’s a terrible feeling to have.

I made a list of 13 warning signs to watch out for.  If she has a a few of these, or even one of them depending on which one, you might want to jump ship.

1. She travels the world or to a city with friends

Especially if one of her friends is promiscuous.  But unless they’re extremely religious, a travel trip with friends means they’re getting some dick.  Vegas, New York City, Cabo, London, you name it.

2. Never wants to have sex

woman has power in relationship

Girls are sexually creatures.  If she’s not getting it from you, chances are she’s getting it from another guy.  Or she’s at least considering other dick.  Never wanting to have sex is a big sign your girlfriend is cheating, has cheated, or is about to cheat.

And no guy wants to be in a committed relationship with no sex.  Especially since consistent, great sex is suppose to be one of the benefits of having a girlfriend in the first place.  It’s a major warning sign when your woman doesn’t want your dick anymore.

This is one of the easiest physical signs your girlfriend is cheating that you can notice.  If you can never get any sex, there’s a reason why.

3. Long distance relationship

Just by being in a long distance relationship puts you at major risk.

If you’re dating a girl who is isn’t a drive away then there’s always the possibility she’s getting dick from somewhere else.  Too many guys think that if they’re alpha or have amazing sex game that a girl will stay loyal.

She will if she’s getting it consistently.  But it doesn’t matter if you are toughest guy around or lay it down in the bedroom like a boss in person.  If you’re long distance then you’re not there to deliver.  Even the most masculine men military get cheated on when they’re at war.

It’s fucked up to think that the girlfriend is cheating on a guy who’s willing to put his life on the line for others.  But it’s all too common.

Cuck and duck

And let’s just say you’re not in a warzone.  Your girlfriend could still end up taking dick because you’re not there.  It happens like this:

  1. She gets all hot bothered after not getting any sex.
  2. Then starts a fight with you over some bullshit.
  3. She goes out, fucks a dude or two, then breaks up with you.

I’ve seen this happen countless times to friends on the male side, but also girls I’ve boned.

I’m never proud to be the guy fucking a girl who was too horny to wait for her boyfriend.  The said truth is that this is how many long distance relationships end, and the poor guys never even know what really went down.  Avoid long distance relationships all together.

4. She’s working more

A big indicator of your girlfriend cheating is if she starts to work more.  Especially odd hours or if she uses work as an excuse for everything.

Now, if you’re still fucking her often and she actually has a legitimate busy job, then she’s likely telling the truth.  But if you couple her “extra hours” with less sex, and activities with co-workers outside the office… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

5. Changes in her phone

girl on phone, texting, likely cheating

This is a big one that most guys don’t notice.   They think that if she’s not talking to the guy in front of him on the phone then there’s nothing there.

But if your girlfriend is cheating it’s not going to be as obvious as face timing the guy she’s fucking while you’re sitting next to her.  You need to look for small changes in how she uses it.  She may keep her phone closer to her, stare at it more, change her password, etc.  Usually it won’t be as obvious as never seeing in the phone or guarding it like a hawk.

But she will be more conscious of cutting off any access to her phone.  Look for behaviors with her phone that are different.

Does she not play music any more when she’s getting ready?   Or maybe she is on Instagram more than usual.  Or she just doesn’t leave her phone out as much.

Changes in how she acts around her phone 

We’re all dependent on our phones in today’s modern era.

And your girlfriend will be more so than you.  Any changes in how she uses her phone, places it, or acts with it is an indication of something in her life is different.  Especially if you’re noticeably seeing the phone more or less than before, it’s a solid sign your girlfriend is cheating or is going to cheat.  Seeing it more means she’s on it more than usual and possibly talking to chad or showing off on social media to potential chads.

Seeing it less means she’s guarding it from you so you don’t see anything suspicious when the two of you are together.

If you’re married, then looking at how she acts around her phone is the one of the easiest signs a wife has cheated.  Although you shouldn’t get married to begin with, you definitely need to be on the lookout.  Wives will resort to online dating even more than the average girlfriend in order to stay lowkey, so she may be cheating use a dating app.

6. Growing her social circle

She’s already preparing for a break up by reconnecting with old friends (and old dick), and going out more.

Attractive women tend to have decent to great social circles to begin with.  What you’re looking for is a change.  She starts to go out more, gets drinks or goes clubbing with her friends more often, etc.

This s a sign she’s actively looking for new guys to line up as potential dick candidates.  If she starts growing her social circle out of nowhere, then this is one of the signs of an affair in women you should be alert of.

7. More effort into appearance

woman getting ready to go out

This one should be obvious as fuck.

If she’s working out and putting on more make up, then chances are she’s trying to make herself more attractive increase her sexual market value.  Both men and women with commonsense will put more effort into their appearance after a break up or before one, if they’re doing the dumping.  Be cautious if you’re still dating her and she’s suddenly starts to work out more or dress nicer.

If you’re she’s trying to look good and you sense it’s not for you, you can be sure that your girlfriend is cheating.

8. Less Eye contact

The eyes are the window to the soul.  And eye contact is a key part of human interaction.  Watch for her giving you

  • Less eye contact in general
  • Annoyed looks too often
  • Less or none “I want to fuck” eye contact
  • Dirty or worried looks when you are closer to her phone than she is

All of these are signs that your girlfriend is cheating, with the last being the most obvious and easiest to test the waters with.

9. Never sucks your dick

getting head

Any man sacrificing new pussy for the same pussy should be getting quality head from his woman.  If you used to get head and you don’t anymore, there’s a chance she’s working out that jaw and throat on another man’s cock.  But if you never get head from girlfriend at all, like not even in the beginning then you need to get a new girlfriend.

Or learn how to get a girl to suck your dick.

10. Making plans without you

Making plans without you might seem like a small thing.

But it can be a big sign that your girlfriend is cheating on you.  Women have to choose how to spend their social time carefully because they have options.

Especially attractive women.

As a man with a purpose, you should be too busy to always hang out with your girlfriend.  Nonetheless, she should constantly be inviting you to do more things and trying to chase your attention.  If she’s making the majority of her social plans without you and with other people instead, be on the lookout for that side dick.

Especially if she used to invite you to hang out with her friends, go on dates, etc. and has stopped doing so.

11. Asking about your schedule

Asking about your schedule is cool if she’s trying to plan something with you or try to get on your calendar.

But if she’s asking about your schedule and doesn’t really have a clear reason, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Wondering about when you’ll be home or when exactly you’ll be back in town by can be warning signs if she never has any follow up.  This can mean she’s trying to schedule her cock gatherings when you’re not around.

12. Never wants to see your family or friends

Most girlfriends will try to meet your family and friends and get on their good side.  Especially if she’s in love with you.  She knows that by being involved with your inner circle, it will be harder for you to break up with her.  Avoiding your friends or family too much can mean she feels bad for taking some other guy’s dick or she’s getting ready to break up with you.

Of course if you have a creepy uncle then there could be other reasons.  But dodging those close to you is a warning signal that your girlfriend is cheating. Or at the very least getting ready to dump your ass.

13. Always starting fights 

drama queen

This is similar to the one above.  Always fighting means your have a bad relationship.  If she’s always starting the fights, there’s a good chance your girlfriend is cheating on you.

The fights come from her guilt and wanting an excuse to break up so she can take on the extra cock without feeling as bad.  She could be just unhappy in general, she could be toxic, you might not be leading properly, or you two aren’t a good fit.

Whatever the reason, the relationship is headed nowhere good with her always picking fights with you.  And there’s a very good chance your girlfriend is fucking another guy or will do so in the near future.

News no man want to hear

No guy on the planet wants to find out his girlfriend is cheating on him.  It’s one of the risks that come from being in a relationship.  But no one is above the game and it can happen to anyone.

Long term relationships take a certain kind of game and consistent effort that makes a player’s life look easy.  It’s life on hard mode.  But doesn’t mean they don’t have great benefits.

It just means you have to take precautions.

How to view relationships and cheating

You can love a woman.  But she needs to love you more.  You need to be her world.

And your purpose needs to be your world.  With this frame in mind, keep these signs in the back of your mind.

If your girlfriend starts to exhibit one then you should be suspicious.  And if she exhibits 2-3, or even 4-5, then chances are extremely high that your girlfriend is cheating.  The effects of cheating in relationships can ruin the bond you two have.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking it can’t happen to you.  Keep your game tight.  Break up with any woman who cheats on you, never seek physical vengeance, and focus on your purpose before you jump into another relationship.


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