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Guard Your Energy: Guide to Maintaining Motivation and Dedication


Guard Your Energy: Guide to Maintaining Motivation and Dedication

You must guard your energy if you want to be successful in life.  While success varies on your goals, most of us have similar big picture goals.  We all want to do work we enjoy and get paid well to do it.  We all want to look good and feel healthy.  And we all want to have quality relationships with others and some varying amount of leisure time for hobbies.

For some guys, success looks like making 65k working 40 hours a week at a job they enjoy and having time for hobbies.

For other guys, it may be making 120k+ freelancing, working 60 hours a week and having some time for their kids, girlfriend/wife, and time to workout.

And for another man, it could be making 250k+ owning his own small or medium size business that he dedicates almost all of his time to, working out 3-4x a week, and having a woman and/or friends he sees once or twice a week.

It’s generally going to be some combination of doing work you enjoy, being healthy, and having the types of relationships / interactions with others that suits your lifestyle.

But it’s largely the same.

Success comes down to your Energy

How come some men can work 60+ hours a week and still have time for family, fitness, and charity events, while others work 40 hours and can’t seem to do much else?

What separates successful men from men who aren’t where they want to be is energy.

What success looks likes to you is your choice.  But in order to become successful – in order to accomplish your goals – you must have the energy to do so.

All of the people who get what they want have the energy to put into accomplishing their self defined purpose.  All of the people who don’t get what they want lacked the energy to offer up.

That’s why guarding your energy is so important.  It doesn’t really matter what you want.  Whether you want a small business and a family, or you want to high paying job and a social life, you must have the energy to do so.

Even a man with no goals, but has an abundance of energy, will eventually find himself doing something.  While a man with tons of goals but no energy will always feel like a loser.

Stop waisting your energy

Inconsistent sleep cycles

This is why you must guard your energy at all costs.  If you can guard your energy and maintain it, and your goals are halfway decent, you’re going to be successful.

Motivation is great.  Feeling moved to act is a beautiful thing.  But when you guard your energy, you naturally want to act.  This is how you stay dedicated to your goals.  You pick decent goals, and then you put yout energy into accomplishing those goals.  However, if you have no energy, you’ll have nothing to put towards the things you want.

In order to manifest what you desire, you must offer something up.  Everything takes a sacrifice, whether big or small.  There’s always an opportunity cost.  For you to move to LA, you can’t move to New York.  For you to move to New York, you can’t move to LA.

Whatever you do, there’s always something you must give up in order to get it.

And if you want to accomplish your goals, you must offer up the energy that will pull them into reality.  If you have no energy to offer up, then you won’t be able to make your desires come to fruition.

That’s why you must guard your energy and stop waisting on things you don’t want.

Habits to Immediately Increase your Physical Energy levels

Semen retention: the power of holding onto your seed - the rock

In my article on how to have more energy, there’s more details on all of these.  But to recap, doing these activities will guard the energy you do have and help to maintain it:

  • Intermittent fasting
  • Diet
  • Going to bed early / Waking up early
  • Working out
  • Hot shower, ending with cold shower
  • Proper Sleep
  • Semen Retention

When you intermittent fast and eat healthy, you’re eating like your ancestors evolved to eat.  Living in accordance to nature in this sense blesses you with more health, and also more energy.  Most people loose their naturally energy by eating bad foods and eating too often.  Your body is always in overdrive trying to digest when you live unnaturally like this.  By simply eating healthy and not over eating, you guard your energy.

By going to bed early and waking up early, you’ll be more in balance with the cycles of the earth.  Which in turn is a massive way to guard your energy.

Working out ensures you’re using the body you’ve been given.  This maintains the natural abundance of energy you should have.  And when you get enough sleep, you make sure your body is able to recover, produce testosterone, and is ready for the next day.

When you practice semen retention, you’re retaining your life force.  You can guard your energy immediately by holding onto your seed.

So many men constantly drain their energy, quite literally, by ejaculating all the time.  By abstaining from masturbation / sex, or learning how to have non-ejaculatory  orgasms, you can retain your life force.

Living closer to a Natural Life

Using your body in the proper way, putting food fuel into it, and sleeping properly put you back in line with Nature.  These are all great ways to guard your energy.  When you add in retaining your life force, via monk mode or relaxed retention, you’re going to have consistent energy.

You won’t need to watch a motivational video or get yourself hyped when you just feel great.  Guarding your energy is absolutely essential to getting things done.

Avoid Energy drainers

Living closer to how you were made to live by doing what’s listed above will dramatically improve your energy levels.  However, there are other lifestyle factors outside of physical health that can drain you.  Often times these will take longer to adjust and therefore can be thee biggest roadblocks to living your best life.

The most common energy drainers for the modern man include

  • work you don’t like
  • living situation that’s unhealthy for you as a man (living in small quarters, with family)
  • bad relationships with women and friends
  • social media and dopamine inducing / attention draining stimuli

Work you hate

boss yelling at employee

A job you hate – due to the actual work or the people – will drain you.  This will absolutely zap you of your energy.  Most men fall into this pattern.  It’s easy to fall into the path society sets out for us and if you stay there too long, getting out seems impossible.  That’s why doing work you enjoy it so critical to the quality of your life.

Toxic Living Situations

Having a living situation that’s toxic is also a major pitfall of today’s man.  In the past most of us would’ve had a small farm or some land – which served both as home ands as work when we weren’t hunting.  But n ow we go to jobs and then come back to a living situation that’s not ideal.  If you want to feel energized, you need to be in the right living situation.  That means having your own place if you’re single or having enough room if you have a family.  Living in a small apartment with parents or a girlfriend will become claustrophobic.  That can turn otherwise healthy relationships into toxic ones because no one has their own space.

Bad Relationships

Bad relationships themselves are a major energy drainer.  Get rid of relationships that don’t serve you.  Of corse all relationships with women or friends take effort, but it needs to be on both ends.  And it needs to be with genuine, trustworthy people.

The Screen

turning phone off

The last major energy drainer is the screen.  The computer and phone are incredible technologies.  Because of these, we’re able to start own businesses for little money if we just put in the work.  We have information at the tips of our fingers.

However, getting addicted to porn, social media or dating apps can mess up the way dopamine works in our brains.  Never watch porn.  Social media can be used if you post and get off.  If you find yourself constantly looking at social media or spending too much time on dating apps, you’re going to find yourself drained.  This is because you’re getting a bump of dopamine for each new post or update you see.  Reduce time on these or just get off.  Dopamine overload destroys your energy levels.  Do a dopamine detox and learn how to consume productively.

These will drain you mentally and emotionally, which can also carry over physically.  All aspects of you – the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual, are all connected.  They just exist in different densities, with the physical being the most dense, the spiritual being the least dense, and other aspects falling in between.

Learning how to guard your energy means protecting yourself in all of these areas.

Guard your Energy and You’ll Always Have it

The key to staying focused on your good work, to stay dedicated towards your goals, is to guard your energy.  When you do the right things to maintain your physical and mental health, accomplishing your goals is just a by-product.


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