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Gut Instinct: Guard your Manhood and Listen to your Gut 


Gut Instinct: Guard your Manhood and Listen to your Gut 

In today’s society it’s essential to guard your manhood and listen to your gut instinct.  You may be shamed for this by the outside world.  But your manhood – the essence that makes you a man, is what guides you through life.  It’s not only the drive to succeed, it’s the energy that moves you to protect, to build, and to stand strong.

When you don’t guard your manhood, you let everything influence you.  You become weak and double minded with conflicting thoughts and goals.  You obsess about things that don’t matter.  Your attention and ability to focus on the task at hand is destroyed.

This is what’s happened to many men.  They let anything and everything in to their mind.  And because they weren’t selective about what will influence them, they don’t have much manhood left.

In return, you have lazy, miserable, and confused men.

The solution

The solution is weak manhood is to listen to your gut.  When you have ignored your gut instinct for so long, you can barely feel it anymore.  Whenever you do a glimpse of insight, you can’t tell if it was in fact your gut, a fleeting emotion, or just a random thought.

Which is why you must get back in touch with your gut.  Your gut will guide you to the right answer and path.

That is, if you listen to it.  If you’re in tune with it.  Because when you’re not in tune with your gut, you’re not in tune with yourself.

Penis example

Your gut isn’t something “else”.  Similar to a man’s penis.  This may sound funny, but it’s not.  A lot of guys view their penis as this “thing” that’s attached to them.  Which is why they end up having penis issues.

Your penis isn’t something else, it’s a part of you.  Combined with your balls, they’re the physical manifestation of the masculine energy within you.  You could say “my penis gets erect”.  And technically that’s correct.  But this way of talking is representative of the lack of connection between spirit and body.  Instead think of it it’s not your penis getting erect.  It’s you getting erect through your penis.  The masculine energy inside of you gets aroused and excited.

Your gut is the same way.  You can technically say “I can’t feel my gut” or “my gut isn’t saying anything”.

That’s technically right, because you are not the body.  You will die one day and your body will whither away.

However, for this purpose it’s not useful to think like that.  Your gut is part of your physical body.  If you can’t hear or feel your gut, then it’s your instinct that’s weak.  It’s not some “gut” over there.

It’s your gut.

Your gut instinct is your instinct.  You can’t feel you.

When you have this perspective, you stop trying to find your “gut instinct” somewhere else.  Instead, you become more in tune with the body and mind that your spirit resides in.  The life force energy resides in your body, and it can be concentrated in different part of the body at different times.

Why your spirit / gut connection is weak

The reason your spirit, or the life force, isn’t strong in the gut is because

  • the gut itself is weak – due to bad diet
  • the life force energy in you is weak  – a limited spirit / lack of spiritual energy means you don’t have extra energy to use
  • blockage – you have bad mental programming which has taught your brain not to send energy into your gut

We’ll dive how to solve this in a second.  You don’t have to believe the above for the solution to work.  Some of you aren’t spiritual or don’t believe in energy.  That’s fine.  As long as you do the essential practices to strength your gut instinct (your instinct), it will work regardless.

Emotion vs Gut Instinct 

Before we go into fixing your gut instinct so you can become in tune and guard your manhood, let’s clear up emotions vs gut.

Emotions are always changing.  You can feel happy right now, 10 minutes from now get angry, 30 minutes from now be sad, etc.

The gut instinct is deeper.  It’s something that you “know” without for sure knowing why.  It’s always logical, but it’s not emotional either.

How to tell the difference

In either case, both emotions and the gut instinct are feelings.  But your gut is not putting you in an emotional state.

When you’re in tune with your gut, it gives you insight for you to make a decision on.

When you ignore your Gut Instinct, you Compromise your Manhood

Your gut is your intuition.  Sometimes it doesn’t say anything because you don’t have all the information.  But when you gather information, even if it’s not direct knowledge, your gut instinct kicks in.  There may be faint smells you don’t actively sense but your subconscious picks up.  Or there could be inconsistencies in a persons behavior that you don’t necessarily realize intellectually, but your gut picks up on this.

Your eyes and ears pick up information and deliver it to the brain.  But the brain doesn’t process everything.  It sends information to the heart and to the gut as well.  Your gut literally has neurons, 500 million or so.  Obviously not to the same extent as the brain.  Your gut isn’t the place where you base your logic from.  A gut instinct isn’t logical.  But that doesn’t mean it’s useless.  In fact, gut instincts are the base from which logical decisions are often based off of.  Your gut has the capacity to alert your brain of possible trouble or fortune.  There’s signals the gut receives from the brain that the gut can breakdown and give back to the brain.

The Gut and Brain Work Together

For example, you could be in a relationship and for apparently no reason, you feel odd about your girlfriend.  You sense she could be cheating on you.  You feel it in your gut.  So you make a logical decision based off of the gut instinct to do some investigating, and it turns out you’re right.

This shows the gut and brain working together.  Because in reality, your brains (through your eyes, hears, feeling, smell, etc.) you may have picked up small details.  Like your girlfriend is wearing different make up than usual.  Or she smells slightly different.  Orr her facial expressions are different.  Even as small as she sends emoji’s in texts differently than before.  And your brain may not logically put anything together.  However, it sends this information down to your gut, and your gut gives back a signal of suspicion.

Then your brain makes logical moves off of the suspicion.

But when you ignore your gut, or your gut is weakened to the point you can’t tell if it’s your gut or an emotion, then you’ve sacrifice your manhood.  And this is what many men of done today.  They’ve ignored their gut so many times that they’ve given away any ounce of manhood left.

Gut Instinct is there to protect you

Your gut is there to protect you.  In your body, it’s the center.  It’s where all of the energy passed through.  Not just food, but energy-wise.  This is why your intuition comes from your gut.  Because every energetic point comes through here.  All of the information comes through here.

How to have a stronger gut instinct

Alright so enough with the mumbo jumbo.  Having a stronger gut instinct is not rocket science.  A stronger gut instinct is developed if you practice these 3 things:

  1. Semen Retention
  2. Eating clean
  3. Learn to Listen to your Gut

Semen retention –  Is semen the answer to everything?  Well, your semen is built up life force energy, so it enhances everything.  Even on a physical level, your semen contains the most powerful cells and the most nutrients.  Semen retention ensures you have enough life force energy, so you can send extra energy throughout the body (like into your gut).

Eating clean – allows your gut to be physically healthy so it has the energy to help provide feedback into the brain instead of just digest all day long.  Eating fewer meals can also help with this.

Listening to your gut – this involves your brain more than your gut itself.  Even with a clean gut and plenty of life force energy, you still must actually pay attention.  Due to societal programming or bad parenting, many men have simply learned to ignore the feedback the gut gives to the brain.  Essentially ignoring and dampening the gut instinct.  You must get in the habit of listening to your gut.

Get in tune with your gut, become aware of yourself

Getting in tune with your gut and guarding your manhood is really becoming more aware of you.  Your gut is part of you.  When you release your seed often, eat garbage, or entertain negative thoughts, you’re dampening yourself on a spiritual, physical, and mental level.  Simply do the opposite.  Retain your seed, fuel yourself properly, and be aware of what you let into your brain through your eyes and ears in the first place.  Then you’ll be more in tune with your gut instinct and you’ll be able to be the man you need to be.


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