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Habits for Success in 2019: 6 habits that will Guarantee Victory

Habits for Success in 2019

habits for success in 2019

2019 is the year you’re going to get your shit together and develop habits for success.  Habits are routines or behaviors that are repeated regularly.  When you do them enough they become part of your subconscious.

And this is the year you’re going to get the habits for success so you can live your best life.  Men achieve great things over time because of the small habits that make up their daily routine.  You’re not going to get where you want by accident.  You’ll need to fix how you spend each minute, hour, and then day.  Then this will create a productive year.

Foster these six habits if you want to maximize your success + happiness for this upcoming year:

  1. focus on clear goals
  2. time management
  3. good relationships
  4. analyze yourself
  5. don’t seek validation
  6. delayed gratification

1. Focus on clear goals

how to be confident - man whiteboard goals

Focusing on clear goals is one of the key habits for success that you need to do every day.

Create clear goals for yourself.  Then remind yourself of these goals each day.  Constant reminders of what you want to achieve will force your brain to create situations to make them happen.

Clear goals are things like

  • Increasing the money you make by $20,000
  • Putting 20-40 hours per week on your side business
  • Losing 30 pounds
  • Sleeping with 5 new girls
  • Saving 40% of your gross income to store in your freedom fund

And so on.  These are all measurable goals that can be achieved.  Focusing on your goals by reminding yourself of them will set yourself up to achieve them.  The human mind is a powerful tool if you utilize it properly.  Recalling your goals and putting energy into them will cause your brain to seek out ways to ensure they come true.  Visualize accomplishing your goals.

2. Time management

time for side business

Mastering time management is critical if you want to be productive.  It’s one of the most important habits for success.  A man with an organized schedule can achieve more than 5 men who are wondering through life.

When you master your time management, you’ll be able to work a full time job, build a side business, and still have time for fitness and girls.  You’ll have to sacrifice some hobbies and killing it as a player if you’re trying to escape wage slavery.  But you can still get a ton done and have some fun on the side when you make a habit out of using your time wisely.

3. Good relationships

don draper laughing - agree and amplify

Having good relationships and managing them effectively is also a habit, not just an area where you’re lucky or not.

You control who you allow into your life.  Let positive people in your circle and cut out negativity.  This will probably mean reducing those who you’re really close with.

But you can’t be successful if you have people who want to see you fail.  Misery loves company.  All of your old friends who have little ambition or drive aren’t going to like to see you work more and begin your journey to achieving great things.

Being able to have good relationships is a key habit for success that you need to practice.

This also means managing relationships.  Not every relationship you have with friends or girls that isn’t 100% perfect is always there fault.  Especially with girls, you need to know how to lead and pass shit tests so you maintain your alpha status.

With family and friends, make the most you can out of positive relationships but cut out the drama when necessary.

4. Analyze yourself

habits for success - analyzing yourself

Analyze yourself as objectively as possible.  Most men overthink how they should act in certain scenarios.  But they fail to truly analyze what they do in the real world.

Successful people are able to analyze what they do that works and what they do that doesn’t work.  I used to always think that eating breakfast in the morning would give me energy, yet I constantly was tired.  When I was finally able to analyze myself I realized that this “truth” I knew might be wrong.  I tried intermittent fasting – not eating until lunch time – and recognized that I had way more energy when I skipped out on breakfast.

It’s easy to see after the fact, but in the moment in took me a long time to correctly analyze myself.

When it comes to getting work done, what you’re good at career wise, getting girls, fitness, and anything in life, develop the ability to actually analyze yourself.  Understanding yourself is one of the key habits for success that will help you to improve very quickly if you can learn to take a step back.

5. Don’t seek validation

value - ceo - businessman

Seeking validation from others is weak, beta behavior.  It never does you any good as an adult.

As a baby, you had to get the validation from your parents.  This would allow you to survive and get resources from them.  When you become a man, this validation seeking behavior should be destroyed as you learn to survive on your own and not need validation.

However, many males today never get over this and seek validation from their parents, social circles, girlfriends, and people they don’t even like.  Learning not to seek validation is an important habit for success.  Successful people don’t have time to care about what others think.

It’s important that I mention that wanting attention for your business, through marketing and sales, isn’t seeking validation in the same way.  You want the market to validate your offering to show you’re actually providing value. And you want people to know about your business.  But not seeking validation comes into play with how you interact with others in how you live your life.

For example, if you can avoid seeking validation with women, then you’ll be able to flirt easier, have a higher chance of getting laid on the first date, and avoid becoming a beta in a relationship.  You’ll also be able to maintain your leadership position with girls you see casually or long time girlfriends.

6. Delayed gratification

start a business instead

Delayed gratification is one of the paramount habits for success you’ll need to start practicing today.

It’s when you’re able to not have fun now so you can have fun later.  It means you’re willing to work now and enjoy the fruits of your labor in the future.  Even though you could do something fun today instead and enjoy the moment.  But you choose to sacrifice the fun now so your work will compound and you’ll achieve great success at a later time.

Delayed gratification applies to the

And any great endeavor you want to accomplish.  If you want to sleep with the hottest girls consistently, you’re going to need to get your money up, start with less attractive girls to increase your game, and put in the effort.

If you want to get rich and achieve freedom from wage slavery, then you’re going to need to work on your business now and party less.

Habits for success will pay off

It takes effort to make these habits for success part of what you do everyday.  Old habits die hard.  New habits can be formed, but it takes effort on your part everyday.

If you’re able to create goals, make a schedule around that, and stick to it, then most of these habits will become a part of who you are.  Do those things while also managing your relationships, working on evaluating yourself, and not seeking validation from others.  You can make 2019 the year you turn your life around and set yourself up for greatness.  But habits for success aren’t easy to develop.  You need to make them a part of your everyday routine.  Start today and don’t stop until you do it without thinking about it.


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