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How do I hang out with her when she’s always busy?


How do I hang out with her when she’s always busy?

How do I hang out with her when she's always busy?

I’ve seen this come up a lot from guys recently.  I’ve had a comment from one reader and got an email a while back from other one.  Both were about meeting up with a girl when she’s always busy.  These men expressed the girl had high interest but could never meet up.

So what do you do?  Forget about her and keep going?  Or raise her interest?  Or always be available?

She’s not always busy

First off, let’s  address something here.  She’s always busy is just an excuse.  Yes, women can be very busy especially if they have a full career, family life, social life, etc.  But a women whose interest in you is really that high will go out of her way to meet up with you.

If you’ve been a player in the game then you’ve dated enough women to know the ones that have super high interest because they make themselves extremely available.  If she’s always busy, then she can be interested but it’s not nearly as high as you think.

Should you call her out on it?  Hell no, that’s some weak shit.  This girl isn’t your girlfriend and has no obligation towards you.  Acting butthurt about the fact that she’s always busy will only drive her away.

Interest needs to be raised

women low interest texting

You need to raise her interest.  Ironically, raising her interest at this point means putting less effort.  This is already a girl you’ve met in person or have matched with online.  You’ve already gotten to the point of asking her to hang out and then she’s always busy.

She has some interest in you, at least enough to want some attention.  But it’s not high enough to actually meet up.  She could be talking to an ex, dealing with a few other guys, and also just be busy.

Whatever her specific situation, you probably will never know for sure and it doesn’t matter.

You need to remove your availability.  Right now she thinks you’re an option – for dates, sex, boyfriend, free  attention, whatever.  But when you become less available, you create value in yourself in her eyes.  She’ll realize that she might not have as many options as she thought with you disappearing.

This will give you the best chance at raising her interest.  Sure, some girls are just time wasters and have no intention of meeting up.  But there are tons of women who have decent interest in you and just need to verify that you’re really a high value man.  You do that by not being desperate.  Disappear for a little bit to get her to chase you.

How do you do that?  Here’s a few easy ways

  1. Stop texting her first so much
  2. Meet other women – Talk/date/fuck other girls
  3. Focus on your purpose / money

1. Stop texting her first so much

Stop texting her first every single time.  Yes you can pursue at first and her her up the first time.  But if she’s not trying to meet up because she’s always busy, then give her some space.  A ton of guys take a tool like texting – which is good for coordinating with women – and fuck things up.  They text too much, too often.  They’re checking in to make sure the girl didn’t forget about them.

But this kind of behavior will lower any interest she has in you.  It shows you’re needy and weak.  A woman wants a high value man.   A valuable man can’t get texting a girl all the time to make sure she still likes him.

So stop texting her all the damn time.  If she’s always busy, then let her be busy.  Eventually she’ll become “less busy” and start to hit you up.   You need to let her think about you.  She’s always busy just means she’s always too busy for you.

When you give a woman some space to miss you, she suddenly becomes a little less busy for you.

2. Meet other women – Talk/date/fuck other girls

how to flirt with women

If you’re single, then you need to be talking to more women.  Not all of us need to talk to 20 women at once in order to stay busy.  I know many of you are making good money or have the goal to build up your business.  Which is going to limit how many women you’re  going to see.  Plus it can be tiring to see a different girl everyday of the week.

You don’t need to be that hardcore in the game.  Even seeing 2 or 3 women consistently and meeting new women here and there will be more than enough.  This will ensure you’re getting sex and feminine energy from elsewhere.

Who cares if this other girl is always busy when you have other girls.  You’re busy too.  When you’re busy with other girls, you forget about the ones who aren’t prioritizing you.  You start to value your time as the precious resource it is.  And when you forget  about girls who are too busy for you, the ones who really like you will come back around while the ones who didn’t will disappear not to bother you again.  It’s a win-win.

3. Focus on your purpose / money

All of us need a purpose.  If you don’t make a purpose for yourself, then you’ll make your default purpose pussy, a specific girl, or other forms of pleasure.  Some of you are in that stage right now.  But others have moved past that and realize that you function better when you have a purpose you’ve created for yourself.

That purpose should be a business if you’re in your grinding stage of life.  Later it can be raising kids or exploring spiritual elements.  But for all of you that don’t have financial freedom, your purpose needs to be your business.

Not  only will that grant you money which will buy you freedom and get you girls in the long term.  But it will keep you busy and cause many girls that were too busy for you to hit you up again.

When she hits you up – be aloof yet go for the close

less is more, man smiling texting

So she’s always busy.  But then she hits you up.  Now what?

Don’t get too excited.  No need to get your hopes up.  The ball is in your court now.  She wants some attention?  Fine.  But the only attention you’re going to give is going for the close.  Meaning you’re going to ask when she can hang out.  If she says she’s too busy or isn’t sure, don’t respond.  If she says she’s not ready, don’t respond.

Only respond if she’s down to hang out and then you two can coordinate.

She’s always busy… except when she’s not

Don’t overthink this.  If she’s always busy and won’t make time, don’t make  a big deal of it.  Pursue other women, hobbies, and your money.  If there was ever enough interest for her to actually fuck with you, she’ll hit you up eventually.  If she doesn’t, then you’re not losing out because you weren’t ever going to get anywhere.

At a certain point when you raise your value so high, you might not even fuck with girls who are too busy for you at first.  Or you’ll forget she’s always busy because you’re always busy.  Then when girls hit you up a few  weeks later, you’ll have to remember who they are.

When you’re at that level of detachment from getting with any one girl, the girls will make themselves more available to you.


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