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How to be a High Value Man


How to be a High Value Man

You want to figure out how to be a high value man and become actually be worth something?  Good for you.  Most modern men are beta and never offer any value to the world or others.  There’s nothing wrong with being a good human being, being polite, being kind, and having respect for others.  But there are way too many weak men running around.  You see betas everywhere being overly nice, getting walked on, and lying about their intentions to women, other men, and themselves.

The high value man I’m taking about here is solely just about your status or money.  Those for sure help you.  Your looks, status, and money make up your sexual market value and determine the dating options you have.

What is a high value man?

However, I’m talking bigger picture.  Becoming a high value man means that while you’re probably good with women, or at least have the capacity to be, it’s more than that.

A high value man could date different women or have a girlfriend or wife.  Because your value as a man isn’t determined by how many women you sleep with or date.  Look at Drake and Conor McGregor.  Both are high value man in their own right.  Drake has probably slept with 1000’s of girls, while Conor McGregor, assuming he’s been loyal to his wife, has probably slept with less than 10.  Both could steal your girl.  It doesn’t matter of you’ve slept with 100 girls and Conor has slept with 3, he still has more value than you.

Because your value as a man, both your outer value and inner value, isn’t determined by what women think of you.  It’s determined how you think of yourself.  If you think highly of yourself, you’re going to carry yourself in a strong, confident way.  You’re going to have respect for yourself.  Chances are you’ll be successful in your chosen career path and get local status in some sense.

Learning how to be a high value man is about developing your character.  When you develop your character, your confidence, and self respect, everything else falls in line.

Traits of a High Value Man

These are the qualities that make a guy stand out in the world.  Most men today are weak and caught up in other people’s business instead of their own.  But if you develop the 5 traits of a high value man listed here, you’ll be good to go:

  1. Take Action
  2. Don’t Gossip
  3. Develop Emotional Control
  4. Never Beg
  5. Provide Value to the World

1. Take Action

Delayed gratification - man working

A high value man is a man who takes action.  What do betas and weak men do?  They complain and stay the same.  They never rise up in life.  Weak males don’t get what  they want, and then  complain about their lack of status in the world.

It’s true that you need to take action in the right direction.  But hell, at least take action.  If you have an idea of what to do, then take action in that direction.  You can create the path as you go,  but high value men use the life they’re given.   They’re men of action.  One of the firs signs of a high quality man is a man of action.  If you’re a passive man who is inactive, then practice being more bold.  Take a little more action each day, and over the course of the next few months you will make massive change.

2. Don’t Gossip

Gossip is for women  and beta males.  Women gossip as a means of gathering information and is based around their desire to be part of a community.  While this is fine for them, there’s no way a high value man is waisting his time talking about others behind their back.  If you’re going to say something about someone, have it be good or have it be to their face.  Weak males are snakes that gossip. Women don’t respect them when the beta male gossips, and the high value men stay clear of these betas.

If you want to become a high value man and build integrity, don’t gossip.

3. Develop Emotional Control

Don't get emotions for a girl before she does this - man looking at woman

You must develop emotional control.  Forget being vulnerable or crying like a brainwashed weak male.  Confide in a trusted brother if you’re going through a hard time.

But if you want to become a high value man you need to control your emotions.  Think about any of the men you actually respect.  Do they get emotional?  Hell no.  Sure, they can leverage emotions when needed.  They can use anger or even empathy when it suits the situation.  But they have self awareness and aren’t slaves to their emotions.  They understand when an emotion comes up how to use it properly if it’s useful, or disregard it if it’s going to be bad for the given situation.

Emotional control isn’t abut suppressing emotions.  This leads to emotional outbursts later.  Instead, it’s simply about letting go of emotions when they won’t suit you.  Emotional control is one of the key traits of strong men that you must have if you want to be valuable to other men, to women, to the world, and to yourself.

4. Never Beg

You can’t beg for things in life.  You must work for what you want.  This doesn’t mean it must always be hard work.  But it needs to be hard or it needs to be smart or it needs to be consistent.  Chose one, chose 2, or better yet choose all 3.

Learning how to be a high value man can involve working towards something.

Whether that’s a business, a relationship, a goal of a certain kind, and so on.  However, he never begs.  You can pursue a business partnership, an interaction with a woman, a friendship, a job, etc.  But begging is not something a high value man will do.

It comprises his character.  He loses respect for himself when he begs.  And it turns off whoever it its – the employer, the prospect, the woman, the friend, the opportunity.  Because a desperate man gets nothing.  A high value man knows his worth, and knows when to pursue and when to back off.

5. Provide Value to the World

applying red pill to business

The biggest part of becoming a high value man is actually providing value.  This is what makes you high value.   What do you do for others.

For example, a businessman provides value through his product or services.

  • A boyfriend / husband provides value through providing direction for a woman’s life, communication, great sex, some validation / attention, and a sense of protection.
  • The personal trainer provides value by getting you into shape.
  • A father provides value by teaching his kids skills they need to survive, discipline, and also giving them some love.
  • The rock star provides value to millions of people by providing music that people enjoy.
  • A doctor provides value by diagnosing a problem and helping the patient get better.

If you want to know how to be a high value man then you simply need to provide a lot of value to the world in some capacity.  This is what CEO’s, pimps, and other men know.

Respect yourself fellas

A man who has self respect for himself will naturally do these things.  He’ll of course respect his body and eat healthy.  Since he has self respect and he’s confident, he’s going to get a high quality girlfriend / wife or date women he wants to.  He’ll lead relationships and have healthy interactions, and when things go wrong, he’ll create an atmosphere of accountability.

You want to know how to be a high value man and act like this?   Do these steps above.  If you take action, you’ll be at least keeping busy and doing something with your life.  When you stop gossiping, you realize that you’ll say a lot less.  Developing emotional control will help you to understand yourself, others, and will allow you to keep your cool when needed.  Most people lose their shit.  A high value man understands himself and what’s worth his energy and what’s not.

A high value man never begs, because he knows that lowers the quality of whatever he wants, be in in relationships or business.

And most importantly, a high value man provides value to the world.

A Man who Values his Life is a High Value Man

respect is necessary for attraction - the rock

If you do all of these tings in your life, you’ll naturally have more respect for yourself.  Others will respect and value you.  And because you’re actually doing something for others, the money and status will come with that.  Focus on creating a purpose doing something you love and that helps others.  This will develop your character, confidence, give you fulfillment, and will bring you material wealth as well.  Learning how to  be a high value man is about valuing yourself, respecting your own energy, and seeing how you can provide value to the world.


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