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How to be Productive and Actually get things Done


How to be Productive

How to be productive

Knowing how to be productive will ensue you’ll be able to use your time wisely.  You have this one life. And if you want to live it to the fullest and accomplish great things that you need to learn how to be more productive.

Being productive is using your time wisely to do things that will better your life.  You feel amazing when you’re productive.  After a long day of working on something you love there’s nothing better than relaxing for a few moments before you fall asleep and being proud of yourself.

Unfortunately, most people go through life feeling just a few of these days.  We usually feel bad about ourselves because we don’t get much done.  And in the back of our minds we think less of ourselves because we know we wasted precious time.

I used to waste my days away and knew the feeling of dissatisfaction well. It wasn’t until I learned that my lack of productivity was making me unhappy that I was able to take the steps to see how to be productive.

And if you’re feeling the same way then you know you’re living beneath your potential.  You need to make a change and start becoming a producer.  Here’s a few key tips you can implement in your life to start getting more done.

Create a purpose for yourself

how to find your purpose

All of the most productive people in the world have a purpose. From Elon Musk, to Will Smith, to the top CEO’s, business owners, and athletes.

The first step, and most important step, to figuring out how to be productive is to create a purpose for yourself.

Your purpose is what motivates you to get things done.  With a strong purpose you fully believe in, you can be as productive as anyone else in the world.  But with no purpose you’ll be struggling to get by. Because no purpose means no excitement.  No motivation about what you’re doing now and what the future holds.

Productive people get things done because they have reasons they want to get this done.  They may love the process of doing things.  Or they have a result they want to get out of doing it.

Or better yet, they love the process and the reward.  For example, lifting weights.  If you love actually lifting the weights and you love the results, then it’s easy to be productive in the gym.  You can still be productive if you’re motivated by the process or results alone.  But having both is ideal for maximum productivity.

On the flip side, if you hate the process and don’t see the value in the reward, you’ll have no reason to get the task done.  And you won’t be productive in trying to get it done.

So whatever you do in life, you need a purpose

You should start by creating an overall life purpose for yourself.  This is a combination of what you love, what you’re good at, and what you can make money with.  Then you turn your purpose into a business.  And with your main purpose, aka your business, you have mini supporting purposes or tasks that help you do that.

When you hate your job and you’re trying to escape from wage slavery with your passion on the side, you have a strong sense of purpose.  You’ll naturally know how to be productive because you’ll be spending your time making money, saving it, and investing it in your side business.

Or if you’re doing your business full time and you love what you do.  You’ll learn how to be productive because you’ll be focused on growing your business, enjoying what you do, and making money.

Have 3-4 main goals each day

checklist / to do list

Having an overall purpose is key for knowing how to be productive.  But the next biggest piece of practical advise is to focus on a few things.  Having 3 main goals each day will help you know how to be more productive than having 20 goals that you struggle to complete.

Prioritize the 3 biggest things that you need to do in a day.  This can be at your job, with your purpose, and anything else in life.  Once you accomplish the 3 or 4 major goals then you can move onto smaller tasks.

Learning how to be productive isn’t about making a huge to do list and then failing.  It’s about determining which are the highest impact things you can do at work or at your business.  Focus all of your energy and resources at crushing those goals.  If you have extra time afterwards you can handle smaller tasks.

This also applies to yearly goals.  You should have 3 main goals for a year, at most 4.  This way you can hyper focus on these goals to ensure you crush them.  If you have too many goals, the goals you have aren’t challenging enough or you’re spreading yourself too thin.

Make a few big impact goals for the next year that will solve the most problems in your life.  You can become more productive by chasing these instead of losing productivity by chasing a bunch of goals and failing at all of them.


steak and eggs diet

What you eat and how you eat is a huge part of your productivity.  Food is literally fuel for who you are. Eating right will help you to become more productive because you’ll simply feel better.  Too many people are held back because they’re tired all day.  And this usually due to what they eat.

Eating lots of heavy carbs like pasta, bread, rice, and pizza will slow you down.  Instead, increase your productivity by eating a steak and eggs diet.  Cut out the heavy carbs and eat more protein + fat.  You can also add in veggies and fruit.

Intermittent fasting is also something that has done wonders for helping me become more productive in my life.  It’s when you eat in certain intervals during the day.  I eat from 1pm to 7pm.  Skipping breakfast has done amazing things for having more energy and focus.  Knowing how to be more productive can be as easy as adjusting how you eat and watching when you eat it.

Stop stuffing yourself with heavy carbs and see how much more you can get done.

Wake up early + Workout in the morning

workout in the morning

Waking up early and working out in the morning will help you to have way more energy.  There’s something about getting up at 6am that gives you a ton of energy and drive to get more done.  The struggle to get out of bed is well worth the drive you’ll have a few minutes later.

Working out in the morning will give you an extra boost of energy as well.  You’ll feel good about working out and getting it done.  Plus it will start your day off productive.  Momentum is vital to know how to be more productive.  Once you get a few things done, it gets addicting and you’ll want to accomplish more + more.

Master Time management

don't waste time

Knowing how to be productive becomes possible when you master time management.

Create a schedule based on your main goals for the day and stick to it.  Wake up early and workout.  Then have your main tasks for the day scheduled.  Try to get the most important one done first, and even the second if you can before noon.  Then you’ll have the rest of the day to do the other tasks and then busy work.

Managing your time is the difference between achieving great things over time and being a loser.  Don’t be a loser.  Be a winner and get things done.

Be more productive now

Don’t wait to figure out how to be more productive in your life.  You’re not getting any younger.  Whether it’s your purpose, your body, or even getting girls.  Figure out what works and then just do it.  Don‘t waste time.

Increasing your productivity is absolutely essential if you want to become a man who gets things done.

That’s why I’m sharing with you this article so you can determine how to be productive in your life. So you can stop wasting time.  And so you can build a better life you’re your future while enjoying the present moment.


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