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Developing Masculine Energy: How to Become a King

Developing Masculine Energy: How to Become a King

masculine energy: how to become a king

Learning how to become a king is only possible if you can develop masculine energy.  Every human has masculine and feminine energy, just like every animal and living creature.

As men, we have more masculine energy than feminine energy.  While we need both to function, and there are benefits to developing your machiavellian feminine energy, the lion’s share of men in today’s society have no control of their masculine energy.  They let the feminine dominate.

This is something that needs to change.

Developing Masculine energy

Developing masculine energy – and then harnessing it with conscience direction – is the path to becoming a king.  While harnessing your masculine energy was common knowledge in ancient times, the path to manhood has been ridiculed and forgotten in the modern era.

Why you need to become a king

A society of few real men is good for the alphas that are left in the short term.  But it’s bad for society in the long term.  Hard times create strong men.  Strong men create good times.  Good times create weak men.  And weak men create hard times.

You need to know how to become a king

  • To have the best life for yourself
  • For the betterment of the world (too many weak men)

As a man, you have desires to conquer, to establish yourself, and to take on the world.  You want to become the hero who conquers and then rules.  That’s why your work hard and battle it out when you’re young.  Then you build and build.  Finally you begin to delegate to others and rule.

It’s in your nature to want to rise up and be the alpha male and to learn how to become a king.

And it’s not just good for you… the world needs more kings.  We live in a time of weak men.  That means that right now it’s easy for the few kings to have their share of the women and the wealth.  But this will lead to a downfall of western society.

We need more kings.

More men who dominant their own worlds.  Men with entrepreneurial mindsets, who are always looking for ways to win and outcompete with other men.  A lack of men battling for the throne creates a weak royalty.  Which means that Western civilization is at threat in the next few decades.  Rome fell.  The Khan empire collapsed.  The good times created weak men.  And since there was little competition amongst true men, the societies fell to stronger enemies.

Our only hope is for more men to develop + take action with their masculine energy.

How to become a king and control your masculine energy

how to become a king

In order to figure out how to become a king, you need to do 5 things.  These 5 steps are meant to be done in order.

It takes your masculine energy, defines where to place it (principles), finds the avenues to use it (strength), and then creates a vision to drive towards with it (purpose).  And then the masculine energy in you affects others (leading to victory and legacy), which cements you as a king.

  1. Develop principles
  2. Build Strength
  3. Create a purpose that inspires others
  4. Lead to Victory
  5. Create a legacy

1. Develop principles

Before you can learn how to become a king, you must first become a man.  A man needs principles.  These are the virtues he sticks to no matter what.

Having principles is the defining characteristic of a man.  While your principles may be different from another man, it’s absolutely vital that you have them.  Without principles, there will be no way to develop masculine energy within you.

In turn, your masculine energy will fade and the feminine will take over.  This is what has happened to most men in today’s time.

Most males won’t take a stance on anything.  They have no overarching principles.  There’s no code to live by.

What develops masculine energy within a man is commitment to his principles.

A man without principles is just a male

A man in power without principles is a snake you can’t be trusted.  And he’ll eventually be dethroned or betrayed.  Nobody will respect or listen to a weak man.  Just like The definition of a weak man is a man with no principles.  Just like how Commodus is a weak man in Gladiator.  While he’s the emperor, he’s a weak snake.  His own troops let him die at the hands of a real man who has principles.  And it’s not because Commodus was bad, it’s because he was weak.

I’m not saying good always wins over evil, or defining what good/evil even means.  Even strong, villainous men have loyal followers because they stick to certain principles.

Stick by your code

Develop your own principles and stick to them.  Protecting your family, those who can’t defend themselves.  Standing up for yourself.  Putting in work to make your dreams come true and not complaining.

Your principles are ideals you live by.  Even if you come short, you make an effort to stick by them and correct any faltering.  In time, your dedication to your principles will help you grow your masculine energy.

2. Build Strength 

use your strengths

Learning how to become a king and channeling your masculine energy means you need to develop strength.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


You need to be able to fight physical battles when you or your tribe are threatened.  This means learning martial arts and lifting weights.

But the physical is limited.  A king will eventually grow old and weak.  And while the best kings are fierce warriors, a powerful warrior with no other strength is simply a bodyguard.  You need to develop strength mentally, emotionally, and spiritually as well.


Building strong emotional intelligence is a lost skill that every man needs to develop masculine energy.  This will allow you to use your masculine power when needed, know when to hold it back, and deal with situations like shit tests – be it from women, from enemies, or even from friends.

Mentally and spiritually 

Mental + spiritual strength is critical for the king as well.  Without this kind of durability, you won’t be able to stick to your principles.  Corruption will overtake you.  You’ll hate yourself because you know you’re selling yourself short by failing the very virtues you took upon earlier.

Overcoming temptation to break your own code and creating a powerful tenacity to abide by the principles you developed will create the spiritual strength you need to figure out how to be a king.

Develop your mental strength by controlling your schedule (your daily activities) and monitoring your thoughts.  A king knows the power of his thoughts.  And he knows that he can choose his own thoughts and point his masculine energy at those thoughts to make them a reality.

The fool takes no care of his thoughts.  He lets his mind aim with no direction like an animal.  Therefore the fool is never able to build strength like a king.  And he’ll live a life always making decisions he regrets, yet never learning to build strength in all 4 pillars of consciousness.

Follow your own principles to build strength 

Figuring out how to become a king is easy if you can stick to building strength.  Build it by following the principles you defined.  If you made a principle not to go back to an ex girlfriend, and you’re able to stick with that, your masculine energy will grow immensely.  If you fail, then it will dampen.  The more you grow yur strength in each pillar the more your masculine energy will develop.  And with time, you’ll be glowing in your strong, masculine energy.

3. Create a purpose that inspires others

power in a relationship, focus on purpose

I talk all the time about having a purpose in life.  This is so you can work more than everyone else, doing something you love, and something that will give you financial freedom.

But having a purpose to build wealth isn’t enough to know how to become a king.  In order to channel your masculine energy to its fullest, you need to be able to have a purpose that also inspires others.

People look to a king for inspiration and hope.

A purpose for yourself is more than the vast majority of people have.  But a purpose that also inspires others is the masculine energy of a true king.

Not everyone needs to agree with your purpose.  In fact there should be those who violently oppose it.  Your enemies will try to attack you financially, emotionally, and possibly even physically.

Nothing worth doing will be easy.  When you’re becoming a king, you’ll have haters who try to shoot you down.  But you should also have people who are inspired by you.  A king needs soldiers and those who back him.  If he has no one, he’s the king of nothing.  While you don’t need to form your own country, your purpose should be of the nature where others will be able to be inspired by what you do.  That can be a few people or an army of people.

It should be something that you love, are good at, and can make you money.  To learn how to become a king, it should also inspire others to follow you.

4. Lead to victory

lead to victory

A king isn’t a king of he isn’t leading anyone.  First you need to be the king of yourself by taking control over your life.  You build up a business and quit the job you hate.  Financial independence, the dating life you want, and being in the best shape of you life.  You develop principles, follow them, and build up strength in the 4 pillars.

You already have a purpose that helped you escape wage slavery.  But now you expand that purpose to help others.

And once you start doing that, you begin to lead your followers to victory.

Every man needs to take care of himself before he can help others.  But once he’s become a king of himself, he needs to know how to become a king in the real world.

And he does this by gaining a following of likeminded people.  Other men who believe in his purpose.  And a purpose that also benefits the other men who follow the king.  The king then leads his troops to victory.  He takes them under his wing.

You can do this in your real life with a business you start.  Employees or charitable causes can be your loyal followers.  Or it can be your family.

For me, you guys are my loyal troops.  I don’t view myself as a king to be superior in any way.  But rather to inspire you and lead you to victory.  And once you reach a level of success where you can help others, then you can also lead followers to victory.

5. Create a Legacy

When you lead others to victory, your legacy is cemented.

People won’t always remember everything you said, every good deed you did, or every mistake you made.  But they’ll always remember how you made them feel.  If you can make your followers feel good by leading them to victory, in whatever it is, they’ll remember you and carry on your name.

Most men are lost in history.  You could argue that 2000 years from now no one will remember your name.  But great men push on despite that, in the hopes that they’ll be one of the few who is still known.  And even if their exact name if forgotten, the influence they had will undoubtedly affect future generations to come.

Learning how to become a king requires that you care about your legacy.  If you develop a motivation to make the world into your image, even after you’re gone, then you’ll have the drive to create a powerful legacy.  Masculine energy is all about pushing your will into the world.

When you have sex, your dick literally grows and gets erect.  It becomes strong and enters into the vagina.  Men build tall buildings like huge penises.  Men throughout the ages have had monuments and statues created in their honor.  Their sperm manifested into genetic descendants.

You may not know all of the kings of the past, but you can see their faces on every human walking around.  You use their inventions and ideas.

If you want to become a king, then you need to use your masculine energy to create a legacy.

Letting your masculine energy flow + maintain your kingdom

man up like the rock

You have the formula to learn how to become a king.  However, there will be hick ups along the way.  No man’s path is perfect or without fault.  You may slip up on your principles or need to rethink them.  You might become weak emotionally mentally, and need to focus on building up those areas.  Lots of thought needs to be put into your purpose and how you’ll inspire others.

But while you’re developing yourself and harnessing your masculine energy, here are a few extra tips.

  • Make decisions
  • Attack chaos with sickening leadership
  • Protect your kingdom
  • Provide hope

Make decisions

Kings need to make decisions, and make them as fast as possible.  The biggest problem most men face, with even just being men, let alone becoming a king, is making decisions.  Alpha males make decisions, make them fast, and stick to them.

There’s times when you need to think about decisions and raise the pros and cons.  But more than likely you’re wasting too much time on the decision and not enough on the execution.  Men make these mistakes in small ways, like in relationships by not deciding what to eat.  And men make them in big ways, like deciding on the exact type of business they should start or coming up with the best strategy to accomplish a goal.

Both of these are weak behaviors.  It’s important to give decisions some thought.  But when in doubt, just act on a decision.  If you’re wrong, you can make adjustments later.  However, stalling on decisions is feminine and will hurt your masculine energy from being able to flow.

Attack chaos with sickening leadership

masculine energy - leading a business meeting

The opposite of order is chaos.  Balance is important.  But as a king, your job is to keep order.  Just like masculine energy is powerful, but with order, and feminine energy is chaos.  They both work well together.

However, there’s too much chaos and not enough order.  I’m not talking about laws, but in reference to the energies.  You need to focus your masculine energy to create sickening leadership.  This means taking complete control of your life, responsibility for everything in your life, and for everything in your kingdom.  Something wrong at home?  Your fault.  In a bad relationship where your girlfriend control you?  Your fault.  Employees aren’t doing the work right?  Your fault.  Kings take control with extreme responsibility, and attack chaos with sickening leadership.

Protect your kingdom

Knowing how to become a king means you need to protect your kingdom.  On a basic level, this means protecting your mind, your emotions, your spirit, and your body from harm.  That’s your internal kingdom.

Then you need to protect your family, friends, and anyone a part of your tribe.  And then you need to protect your followers from harm in anyway possible.  Without your kingdom, you can’t be a king.  If your kingdom is under siege, fight the enemy and save your troops.  This could be battling negative thoughts, dropping a bad relationship, protecting your girlfriend from someone harassing her, or helping an employee who’s struggling.

Provide hope

Last but not least, another key tip to becoming a king is to provide hope.  You might not think of masculine energy as a force for hope or goodness.  But the most powerful kings provide hope to their followers.  Batman provides hope to Gotham, and even the idea of Batman provides hope to regular people in real life.

Political leaders are experts at providing hope, although they tend to fail their followers in the long run.  Alexander the Great would provide hope and encouragement by literally fighting with his men.

Focus your masculine energy in your purpose, and use it to provide hope to your followers who need you.

Enemies of the Modern King

But on your path of figuring out how to become a king, you’ll run into enemies.  And those enemies will be:

  • Rhetoric against masculine energy
  • Weak men
  • No Hero’s Journey

Rhetoric against masculine energy

The universities have had a massive influence on the rhetoric used today.  Terms like toxic masculinity have done a great job at attacking the male archetype and ruin the flow of masculine energy in our society.

Weak men

Weak men will be a huge obstacle in your path.  More so than women.  Sure, some women will be against you on your path to become a king.  But feminine women will actually support you, as they love a man with strong masculine energy.  But it will be the weak men who try hardest to bring you down.  Reducing the amount of weak men is the biggest thing we need to do in order to create more kings.

No Hero’s Journey

And the biggest enemy to harness masculine energy is yourself.  Because you destroy or build up the king within.  Most men aren’t willing to embark on a hero’s journey and slay the dragon.  It’s the scariest and toughest thing to do.  But dragons have all the gold.  Dragons hoard gold because the thing you need most is always to be found where you don’t want to go but know you need to.  Jordan Peterson talks about this idea here.

And it’s spot on.  Be the hero in your own life.  If you don’t have a hero’s journey, where you go out int he world, slay the dragon, save the village, and become the king, then you’re living below your potential.

Take on the world and establish your kingdom

king leonidas - becoming a king

What all great men did is attack their dreams head on.  They developed their principles, built their strength, created a purpose, lead their troops to victory, and created a legacy.

Learning how to become a king isn’t rocket science.  But it’s hard as hell.  There’s a reason why there’s so few kings in the world.

If you want to become a full man, a winner in a life, and be satisfied with the way you live, then you need to take on the world and establish your kingdom.  Figure out how to become a king through harnessing your masculine energy, and become the hero king that the world needs you to be.


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2 years ago

Hi rebel James I’m Edio from South Africa. I was addicted to porn and I was bitchy then I found nofap . During nofap last year I discovered your site, I was inspired to change and become better. It has not been easy , couple of relapses here and there. But now I’m on day 80 . I have also created a blog and numbers are growing. I’m still trying to improve my game but my mindset is ok (I don’t pedestalize pussy anymore. But thank you for this site
Because I wouldn’t be where I am today. Peace

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