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How to Become the Prize with Women, to Yourself, and in Life

How to Become the Prize with Women, to Yourself, and in Life

Knowing how to become the prize with women, with yourself, and in your own life seems like quite the undertaking.  But all of these are related.  In fact, if you learn how to become the prize in your own eyes, then women and friends will naturally follow suit.

In essence, if you value yourself, then others will value you.  Most dating advice (and advice for friendships, social life, networking) can be summarized in that sentence alone.

However, it can take some for that to actually click in your head.  That’s the whole point in reading these articles, watching videos, or consuming information anything you want to learn.  You have to repeat the same information in new ways before things become engrained.

Is there really a Prize?

That’s where learning how to become the prize comes into play.

For some men, you tell them to “become the prize” – they instantly get it.  They understand.  They value themselves and most if not all of their relationship problems are solved.  The way they view interactions with women, with job interviews, and their overall swagger is transformed.

If “I am the prize” resonates with you, then simply reaffirming this constantly will do wonders for you.

However, there’s a lot of guys this doesn’t click with, at least not right off the bat.

They see it works for other guys.  But they have questions.

  • “Why am I the prize?” or
  • “What is the prize?” or
  • “Can me and the other person both be the prize?” or
  • “Why do I even need to be the prize” or even
  • “I don’t really think I’m the prize.”

and so on.  This article is for those men who want to leverage this simple, but effective mantra into their own lives for better self esteem and interactions with others.

What is the Prize?

Fulfillment over Pleasure - michael jordan

The “prize” is just another of saying what’s valuable.

I’m the prize = I’m the value = I’m important and sought after.

Generally, learning how to become the prize is viewed in terms of dating.  For example, men will use the phrase “become the prize” in order to change the way they interact with women.  If you’re the prize with women, that means that women want you more than you want them.

You can still desire a woman or women, but overall, they desire you more.  Therefore, you’re the prize.  You’re the thing she wins if she’s so lucky.

Generally, the average man treats women – or sex – like the prize.  And therefore, most women respond by running away or making the man jump through hoops.

How do you Become the Prize?

How do you actually become the prize?  Like I said earlier, for many men, this affirmation alone will give them the freedom to act like they really are the prize.  And therefore, women will generally treat you as that.  Just believing you’re valuable is really enough.  However, for men like this, they generally already have some level of confidence with women and in their own lives.

“Become the prize” is really just a conscious reminder of something they unconsciously know.  It just reminds them to know their worth.  Because even the men with the most confidence can get addicted to chasing women if he gives into his lust.

When you don’t feel like the Prize

The Biggest Problem Men have in Dating - man looking down

However, there’s the rest of men who can say “I’m the prize” and don’t really feel it.  For them, they don’t have the confidence they’re actually valuable yet.  They don’t have the experience of being treated like this yet, and therefore this affirmation alone won’t do much.  Because the unconscious doesn’t agree with it yet – due to real life experience not agreeing.

Essentially, if women (or business, friendships, etc.) have never treated you like you’re valuable, then you won’t have the experience to back up this affirmation.  That’s why it doesn’t click for some men – while this simple statement alone works wonders for others who have been treated well.

If knowing how to become the prize seems frustrating to you, it it doesn’t just click, then you need to do the real work.

Treat yourself well

The first step to be treated well by others is to treat yourself well.  When you really value yourself, others will start to value you.  It doesn’t matter if you want to learn how to become the prize with women, with friends, with whoever.  People will give back the energy you give out.

Don’t worry about projecting “I’m the prize” energy onto people.  Don’t worry or think about others having to feel your presence.

Instead, just treat yourself well.  This is doing all of the essential, but important things we already discuss on RD.

  • Eat healthy
  • Lift / workout
  • Meditate
  • Time in Sunlight / Nature
  • Practice semen retention

These lifestyle changes, along with doing good work that you enjoy, will give yourself a blessed life.

When you bless your own life, you’re treating yourself well.

And when you treat yourself well, others treat you well.

Value your Time, Energy, and Peace of Mind

man in sunlight - testosterone - vitamin D

If you want to break this down further, you can simply say to value your time, energy, and your own peace of mind.

When you value your time, you don’t waist it.  You don’t consume content for hours and hours.  Instead you work on your purpose, and then you consume content for 30-45 minutes that adds value to your life.  For example, instead of using IG all day – do good work, and for your consumption you can listen to a YouTuber or podcast or read a blog or book.

When you value your energy, you’re not looking to fuck every girl that looks good or be friends with everyone.  You still can meet a beautiful woman or have some friends.  But you’re not looking just to release your seed with a random girl or get drunk with your boys all the time.

When you want to be productive and guard your energy, you’re more selective about how you spend it.

That alone will make you the prize.  Truly valuing your energy is really what becoming the prize is about.

And if you value your peace of mind, then you will have a great life.  Most men are so desperate to get a girlfriend, or get laid, or break a porn addiction, or keep a bad job, that they have no peace of mind.

When you are at peace with yourself, you can enjoy your own company.  This means that while you can still spend time with others, you’re not needy to do so.

A man who values his peace of mind, his energy, and his time is a man who is the prize.

Valuing yourself is what it means to become the prize

How to Develop Integrity

If you don’t feel like the prize, it’s because you’re looking for a woman, friends, or whatever it is to fulfill you.

A man who learns how to become the prize is simply a man whose whole and complete all on his own.  Only when you’re complete all on your own, will you look like the prize to others.  Because you’ll have what they also want, which is to be peaceful, powerful, and complete.

How you perceive yourself is how others will perceive you.

When you perceive yourself as valuable, you become valuable in the eyes of others.

And that’s how you actually are the prize.  Value your time, your energy, and your peace of mind.

That’s how you respect yourself.  That’s how you love yourself.  Loving yourself isn’t about thinking about yourself all the time.  It’s not necessary at all.  Instead, it’s about valuing your life so much that you’re just involved with the process of life.  You have good work, you keep your body + health together, and you’re selective about who you interact with.

Then saying “I’m the prize” will ring true, and it will be a reminder of the reality in your life.


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