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How to Enhance your Appearance as a Man: 5 Easy Ways to look Hotter


How to Enhance your Appearance as a Man

Learning how to enhance your appearance as a man will give you clear advantages.  When you look better, you’re treated better.

Looks are not everything, and they don’t make up for a lack of character or integrity.  That being said, when it comes to your dating options, your social life, and even business opportunities, looking better only helps.  It’s an advantage that you should leverage.

There’s no one dominant look.  The best look or appearance is going to be the one that fits you and the position you have or aim to have in life.

Different look for a Different Position

For example, when I was 18, being clean shaven, ripped, and basically looking like a pretty boy served me well.  And while I can pull off that look years later if I want to date 18 year old women, it’s not as beneficial if

  • if I want to date women in their mid 20’s
  • be taken more seriously in business
  • garner more respect and reduce challenges from other men

As stupid as it may be to the logical mind, when I have a beard, I get vastly more respect from men.  It’s dumb but it’s clear as day to me.

In business and in the street equally.  I get taken much more seriously and people are less defensive and more willing to agree with me.  It’s just something too obvious for me not to notice.

If the world judged me off of my character then there’d be no difference in treatment.  But unfortunately that’s not reality.  People judge us based on how we look.  Should we really care what others think?  Hell no.  At least not on an individual level.

However, if you notice trends with certain looks, then it can be beneficial to look your best for the position that you see to fit.

We live in a world full of people, and most of the things you desire (business success, dating options, a girlfriend, etc.), require the cooperation of others. Even if you’re an entrepreneur, your customers are the ones onboard with you.

Your Looks are Simply a Tool for you to use

Before we dive deeper, I don’t want you guys getting the wrong idea.  Every time looks are brought up, guys get caught up in a debate about how important they are or aren’t.  You’re not defined on your looks alone, but maximizing your appearance only helps you.

Don’t obsess about what others think of you.  Just view at your looks as a way to tool to get what you want.

Think about it like this.

The only reason you wear clothes at all is because you were conditioned since birth.  Should you walk around naked because you don’t care what others think?  No, you live in this society so there are certain boundaries you must abide by.

Should you obsess about the way you look?  No, but you should use every advantage you can in life to reach your destination and more importantly enjoy the journey.  Knowing how to enhance your appearance as a man makes your journey easier and more pleasant.

1. Haircut (and facial hair)

Your haircut plays a massive way in the way you look.  I’ve coached a lot of self proclaimed “ugly” guys who just had terrible haircuts.  A bad haircut can make you look weird, unkept, or just awkward.

While a beard can be great (especially with a shaved head), having unkept beard or hair can kill your appearance.  Let’s look at Brad Pitt below.  Now Brad Pitt still looks decent on the left.  But that’s on;y because he’s Brad Pitt.  And even then, look how much sharper he looks on the right.

ruggedly handsome: brad pitt hair

Am I saying you can’t look like the the guy on the left?  No, you can do whatever you want.  But your appearance will affect how you’re treated by others.  On the example on the left, Brad could have his head and rock the beard for a tough guy look.  However, he looks at his best (society standards) on the right.

Shaved head is better than a bad haircut

If you have a terrible haircut, or if you’re losing hair, then  doing a shaved head or buzz cut is always an option.  Growing that with a beard is a powerful, masculine look that can work well.  I have all of my hair and still do the buzz cut / beard look from time to time.

Shorter on the sides, longer on top works well for many men

There’s tons of different styles that can work depending on your face shape.  In general, shorter on the sides and longer on the top works well with a lot of men.  This is because you get the masculine look with the shaved / short sides, but the pretty boy look with the longer hair on top.

Going pure masculine can work if you’re in a rough environment.  But if you’re in a safe environment, doing a blended look of masculine and pretty boy works a great contrast.  Here’s a few examples.

how to dress well - beard

men's style facial hair

Long hair on type, short on the sides, and some scruff works well for a variety of men.

If you can’t grow a beard or prefer to be clean shaven, that’s fine, you can still look great.

good hair as a man

2. Jawline and neck

You can actually figure out how to enhance your appearance as a man on the raw level as well.

The face.  Yes, your face is largely genetic.  But you can actually increase your jawline to give yourself a more masculine + attractive look.  This isn’t talked about enough in the self development community.

Having good haircut and facial hair can already give your face a massive improvement.  However, you can also workout your jaw and your neck to give yourself a better jawline.

Many men (and women) have bad jawlines.  However, this is a relatively recent phenomenon.  In Weston Price’s book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, he travels across the world and visits indigenous people’s of all races.  The people who ate high quality natural foods had the nutrition in the womb and from a young age to develop healthy jawlines.

Unlike today where most of the food we eat as kids as little nutritional value.  This leads to smaller jaws (basically less “Chad” looking faces).  This is why so many kids today need things like braces or wisdom teeth removed.  Because their jaw didn’t grow to the size it was supposed to.

While you can’t undo your pre-birth nutrition and childhood diet, you can still improve your jaw.

Doing jaw and neck exercises – particularly front neck – will add to your jawline.  Even just a slight improvement will make a big difference in how you look.

Chewing gum is also an option that can help you to increase your jaw and therefore your appearance as a man.  Just make sure not to overdo it and to use sugar free gum.

3. Teeth

how to enhance your appearance as a man - teeth

Brushing your teeth and flossing should be a given.  However, it shouldn’t stop there.  Your teeth, while seemingly a small part of your look, actually have a huge impact.

If you have a smaller / crowded mouth, the jaw exercises will build the muscle and give you more of a “Chad” look.  However, they’re not going to increase the size of your mouth.

Consider braces or invisalign  if you have crooked teeth.

If you have straight teeth naturally or have already had braces / invisaline, then that’s fantastic.  Whitening your teeth is much easier in comparison to having to fix teeth that aren’t straight.  Consider getting whitening strips or other methods for whitening your teeth.

A lot of men don’t want to bother with teeth whitening.  But it’s actually one of the easiest and quickest ways to enhance your appearance as a man.

4. Skin

avoid alcohol for better skin

Great skin is something all of us should have.  Most of good skin actually comes down to avoiding bad things.

You don’t need a bunch of skin products.

But what you do need to do is stop putting toxins in your body.  Things like:

  • Sugar (fruit or honey is fine, processed sugar is bad)
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Sun (depending on how much melanin you have)

If you were to avoid processed sugar, alcohol, and caffeine from here on out, you’d have great skin.  The problem is most guys don’t want to do that.  That’s why most guys won’t be willing to do what you are by enhancing your appearance.

If you’re going to have alcohol and caffeine, let it be in small amounts.

Sun exposure varies.  If you’re white or northern European descent, then too much sun will be harsh on your skin.  However, this is not the same for all men.  This depends a lot on your race.  Plenty of men can spend all day in the sun and it never wears out your skin.  When in doubt, look to the climates of your ancestors and see how much sun they would’ve gotten.

Everybody needs the sun to some degree.  That’s essential for vitamin D production and testosterone.  Just be careful not to spend too much time in it directly if you’re of a lighter complexion.  If you’re darker, then you actually may need to put more effort to get in the sun so you’re getting enough to produce vitamin D.

5. Maximize your body

Delayed gratification - man lifting weights

Maximizing your body should be a no brainer.

  • Lift weights to put on muscle
  • Eat clean to stay lean

You want to have as much muscle as possible while being as lean as possible.  This is obviously the challenge all of us face.  Especially if you’re natural, you generally will have to pick one over the other.  I prefer being lean, as having lower body fat also makes your face dramatically more chiseled.  However, some naturally bigger guys will pull off the bulkier look much better.

Do what’s best for you and what is going to match your body type + overall appearance.

6. Dress (Bonus)

Learning how to enhance your appearance as a man through your dress is the icing on the cake.

Specifics will vary depending your age, culture, and occasion.


Casual look for a man

For example, when I was 18 I generally just wore a white tee, jeans, and vans.  Now my casual look is a nice pair of sneakers, jeans, and a v-neck.  Overall still similar, just more fitting for my age and position in life.

Going out / date night outfit

Going out / date night outfit

If I’m going to dress up more, I’ll switch out the sneakers for dress shoes, dark jeans, and put on a button down shirt.

If you were a white shirt to a corporate job, this can double as a going out outfit.  You can also switch out the white shirt for something more captivating, but it works nonetheless if you’re a man on the move.

Business casual

Business casual appearance as a man

Stepping it up from there I can add on a blazer to make it a business casual outfit.  This is a step up from going out, but can still be used at a happy hour or date after work hours.  You’re a little nicer dressed than the other people out, but not too much.

Business casual is

  • blazer
  • dress shirt or v-neck
  • jeans
  • dress shoes or sneakers

Since I’ve lived in different areas I’ve seen how culture can affect fashion.

In certain places like the west coast of the USA, you’ll see more of the blazer – v-neck – jeans – sneaker combo.  Where as in the east coast you’ll see more of the blazer – dress shirt – jeans – dress shoes.  The jeans are enough to make it casual on the east coast, where as that would be overdressed by west coast standards.

Business formal

applying red pill to business

And one step more is the full on suit.  This can look great for the right occasion.  Even if you just like to dress up a well-fitted suit on a man is like a woman in lingerie.


The best tip with fashion is the fit.  You want clothes that compliment your body, especially if you’re lean and mean.  This will make a massive difference in improving your appearance as a man.

Your “Face” can be dramatically improved

The first 3 focused on your “face”.  Because when we say face, that also includes haircut, jaw, and everything above the neck.  Given you’re not overweight, your face is the main part of your look.  A great body goes a long way, however most of you already know that.

What some people overlook (pun intended) is not the importance of the face, but how much they can do to improve.  Especially as a man, your appearance doesn’t need to be that of a model.  If it is, all the better.

However, you can actually make your face better.  A lot of guys talk about “face genetics” without realizing you can do a lot to improve the appearance of your face.  Getting a solid haircut can do absolute wonders.  Improving your jawline muscles, even by fractions, can make a massive difference as well.  If you have the ability to grow facial hair, this can help out the appearance of your jawline immensely.

Teeth are another huge one.  Having straight, white teeth is a sign of health and if you realize it consciously or not, is extremely attractive.

Leverage your Base and Maximize your Results

Learning how to enhance your appearance as a man can take some work.  The body game is the most straight forward as most of you are familiar with that.  However, enhancing the face is very doable as a man.  You don’t need to look like a pretty boy model.  Trust me, from a guy that has that kind of look, I do even better (respect in business, looks from women) when I aim for a more masculine approach with facial hair.

Don’t worry about what you don’t have or haven’t been blessed with.  Instead, focus on what you do have and what you can work with.  Can’t grow any facial hair?  That’s fine, get perfect teeth, and do jaw exercises consistently, with a slick haircut and a great body.  Can grow facial hair but have receding hairline?  Shave it off and rock a beard.

Enhance your appearance by working with that you have.  Not only will this help you attract women and get more respect from men, but by the mere fact you’re taking care of your grooming, your internal self respect will continue to elevate.


enhance your appearance, looks

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