How to Feel More Masculine: 4 ways to Feel like a Man

How to Feel More Masculine: 4 ways to Feel like a Man

Many men are in dire need to know how to feel more masculine.  Whether they had no father, a weak father, or they’ve never had to overcome adversity in their life, they have a yearning to feel like a man.

Every male wants to feel like a man.  It’s our natural destination.  Nature intended for us to fight to survive and make it to adulthood.  Making it to adulthood in it of itself throughout most of history would be more than enough to make you a man.  It didn’t take sleeping with tons of women or looking a certain way.  Hell, there may have only been 2 or 3 women in your tribe of your own age.  Or maybe you’d have to go out and find a woman at that.

But men today, both the select few players, and the majority of internet porn jerkers, have a lack of masculinity.

Many men simply don’t feel like men.  With the convenience of modern society, which I’m happy to have in my own life, we’ve all become softer.  That’s why you need to overcome some kind of adversity, some kind of challenge, in order to feel like a man.  Every other animal must do this, and human beings must do it as well.

If you want to learn how to feel more masculine, all you need to do is look at what you should be doing according to Nature.  What does God want you to do?  What has the universe, Nature, the cosmos, endowed with a man to do in the world.

Was it to touch his penis and eat popcorn?  Or was it to do challenging, but rewarding activities to result in satisfaction or real pleasure, not fake pleasure.

Things a man should NOT Do

Should a man

  • be weak
  • feel like others can physically hurt him
  • have another man in charge of him at “work”
  • eat food that’s unnatural to him
  • watch others in the reproductive act while he wishes he was doing that
  • watch other grown men workout while he drinks fake carbs and poison?

No a man shouldn’t do this things.  If you’re doing these things to yourself, you’re just making it that much easier for guys like myself and other RD readers to stand out as masculine men.  While I’m enjoying my life, my purpose is to help men develop themselves and their balls back as well.  Which is why I urge you not to shun your desire to learn how to feel more masculine.

Do what Nature intended

If you do masculine things, then you’ll feel like a man.  It’s that simple.  You don’t need to vote for a certain politician or mentally masturbate over conspiracy theories to feel like a man.  While this site is called Rebellious Development, the point isn’t just to do the opposite of the mainstream, although that’s often what we’ll do.  It’s to Rebel against bad programming you’ve been given.  If I helped enough men and more men became masculine, maybe I’ll rename this blog to “Regular Development”.  The end goal is to get guys to embrace their masculinity without needing to put others down or become complainers because society isn’t the way we want it to be.

However, we also must accept the reality.  The reality is that the forces at be have been trying to weaken men.  Instead of complaining about them, we can simply counter act this by becoming strong men, who have financial freedom, live life on our terms, and contribute to the world in a positive way.

If you do that, then you’ll feel like a man.  If you just stop doing the things that go against Nature, then you’ll not only learn how to feel more masculine, you’ll actually be more masculine.  Here are 4 things every man can and should be doing in order to feel like the man Nature intended them to be:

  1. Lift weights / workout
  2. Eat the right food
  3. Retain your seed
  4. Direction in Life – Create a purpose for yourself

1. Lift weights / workout

Delayed gratification - man lifting weights

Lift weights or some kind of consistent physical exercise is an absolute must.  Lifting weights puts on more muscle and will help you to feel like a man.  Not just because of the muscle you add, but because of the increase in testosterone as well.

But whether you like to lift weights or not, you need some kind of physical workout.  While lifting weights isn’t exactly what you’d find in Nature, it still stimulates your muscles and gets you to use your body.  Besides making you more attractive to women, it boosts your confidence, and will deter people form wanting to fight you.  Even people who are bigger and stronger will try to pick on the weakest link.  A fit man is a disciplined man.

If you don’t want to lift, or prefer other activities, that’s fine as well.  Push-ups, pull-ups, and body weight exercises won’t give you the same size but you’ll have functional strength.  Martial arts where you actually go against a resisting opponent like bjj, wrestling, muay thai, boxing, judo, etc. are an incredible way to get your workout in as well.  Dancing is a favorite of mine, as it combines physical and art aspects into one.  However, I always pair it with lifting weights or a martial art to ensure I’m getting enough exercise to keep me sharp.

Whatever you want to do is fine.  Some of you like lifting, others like boxing, others like boxing + running, and so on.  Many of us will switch it up throughout our lives.  But working out is essential to feel like a man.  After all, what makes a man different than a woman is the physical.  There are mental aspects as well, like responsibility and discipline, but the physical difference is what actually makes us different.

2. Eat the right food

healthy food

If you want to know how to feel more masculine, then you need to eat the right foods.  This goes for women as well, who should be eating the same foods as men as we’re all human beings.  I’ve had guys argue about this, but look at it.  If you were hunting, you’d feed the tribe with the same meat.  If you have pets, you feed the animals the same food regardless of gender.

Whether you want to feel more masculine if you’re a man, or more feminine if you’re a woman, this will happen if you’re healthy.  And you’re healthy when you eat the right food.

I’ll do another article going into detail on carnivore diet, keto diet, vegetarian, and vegan, as all can be solid options depending on your goals.  As humans, we’re omnivores and can thrive on different types of diets.  A carnivore diet is going to be best if you’re a professional fighter or you’re a firefighter.  A vegan diet or strict  vegetarian is going to be best if you’re walking a spiritual path.

Eat foods found in Nature

However, the point is to eat all Natural foods.  If you eat meat, eat meat only from local ranchers who treat their animals right, who slaughter them humanely, and who had good lives.  Visit the ranch if you can to ensure this.  If you eat vegan, only eat organic vegetables, fruits, and nuts.  Get a healthy amount of fat and don’t rely just on carbs.

For any diet, avoid at all costs – bread, pasta, rice, and artificial sweets.  While these things tastes great, they’re slave food.  This is food that is cheap and should only be used if you’re in a famine or survival situation.  Carbs from veggies or fruits are great.  Carbs from bread, pasta, pizza, rice, etc. are the devil.  Out of these, brown rice is the least bad, so if you’re going to eat one, then have this.

And avoid factory farmed meat along with in-organic fruit.  Avoid tofu and soy products.

Are you going to have to spend a lot more money to eat well?  Yes.  It’s expensive.  If you’re broke as hell, then you need to get your money up. Are you going to spend more time cooking meals?  Yes.

Health is wealth.  Food is the fuel that you take and makes the physical vehicle you go through life with.  It’s vital.

It’s so much easier to feel like a man, to feel masculine, when you don’t poison yourself with cardboard foods.

3. Retain your seed

Semen Retention and the Law of Attraction

You should do all of these things.  But if you do none of them, doing just this one will help you to feel like a man within a few weeks.  Semen retention.  Retain your seed.  By keeping your semen in you, you have the life energy that will show you how to feel more masculine without you doing anything else.

By retaining your seed, you’ll feel like a man.  That’s because on a physical level, your balls are actually more full.  You have more testosterone and ball juice.  On a spiritual level, you feel closer to God because you have the energy that God has given you to use to create.

Can you ever bust a nut?

Are their times when you can release your seed?  Yes, when you make babies you can release your seed.  You can also release it if you have a  wife or girlfriend, as the orgasm will help you to bond with her.  However, if you’re single with no women or you see multiple women, it’s best to retain your seed.  This way you keep your powerful energy in you.

By retaining your seed, you’ll start to look at life as you did when you were a kid and never beat off or had sex.  With hope, with excitement, with endless possibility.  This is what Nature intended you to have.  In the past, this powerful Spirit of Life was the thing that drove you to hunt, protect your tribe, and find a woman to have kids with.

In the Bible, spreading your seed meant that you got to have kids and grow your lineage.  Because the seed of man was used in it’s intended way.

Even if you just withhold your seed for 3-4 week periods at a time, you’ll see a massive difference and you’ll feel like a man.  Generally when guys do this they want to extend their semen retention to longer periods.

4. Direction in Life – Create a purpose for yourself

power in a relationship, focus on purpose

A man needs to have a direction in life.  If he doesn’t, he’s lost.  Throughout most of history, survival was enough to worry about.  But in today’s society, survival has been taken care of.  In order to not feel lost and nihilistic, we must develop a purpose.  We must decide on a direction and head down that path.  It’s more important that you have a direction rather than mentally masturbate on the best direction possible.  The best direction is the one you feel is one you can commit to for the rest of your life and find joyful, and useful to society or at least people around you in some capacity.

Knowing how to feel more masculine isn’t even a concern when you’re devoting yourself to good work.

Do manly things to feel more masculine

If you want to learn how to feel more masculine, you simply need to do manly things.  Do the things Nature intended for you to do.  Get consistent physical exercise, eat natural food, retain your seed and only use it for reproduction or pair bonding (never with hoo-ups, retain the seed, and never watch porn), and create a purpose for your life.

If you do the things Nature intended for a man to do, you’ll feel like a man, and you’ll live a life that is in accordance with the way that you were meant to.

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The George man
The George man
5 days ago

I like the fact you went back to text why were you creating videos mister rebel. The powers that be thr power elite create weak men easy to dominate through consumerism materialism and idealism secret is gnosis know thyself like drake and only do what need not want

2 days ago

What about oats and sweet potatoes?

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