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How to find your passion and make money with it

How to find your passion and make money with it

How to find your passion and make money with it

Figuring out how to find your passion and make money with it is one of the best investments you can make.  Knowing how to find your passion means you find something you love to do.

And if you can make money with it then you’ll love your life.  Because your work is your life.  When you hate your job and want to quit it then you’re just working for money.  You’re not going to love what you do and you’ll just be trying to survive.  But if you learn how to find your passion and turn that into your full time job then you’ll find fulfillment and ultimately make more money.

What if you don’t have a passion?

You need to experiment until you find something you love. Your passion is something that you can do for hours and lose track of the time.  It’s not something where you are watching the clock and waiting for it to be over with.

You can be passionate about multiple things, a few things, or one thing.  But knowing how to find your passion begins with experimenting.  It’s vitally important that you find something you love to do if you want to have a fulfilling life.

Smart experimentation

How to Make 6-figures - man looking at computer

Experimenting with many things may be required so you learn how to find your passion.  But you don’t need to waste time by endlessly experimenting.  Instead, experiment based on your natural tendencies.  Everyone has tendencies by default.

Are you a physical person? Meaning you’re always outdoors or playing sports?

Maybe you’re an artist and love painting, music, design, and other types of art forms?  You might be an engineer at heart and like to solve problems.

Just look at what you do in your free time.  Besides chasing girls and going out, what do you actually like to do?  What were you drawn to as a kid?  If you do some thinking then you’ll find out what you’re passionate about.  You might know exactly what it is.  Or you might just figure out what your natural tendencies are.

For example, if you’re a physical person your passion could be

If you’re a problem solver your passion could be

  • Computer programming
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering

If you’re an artist, your passion could be

  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Video production
  • Video game design

These are just a few ideas for these type of personalities.  You may have other natural tendencies or have a combination of many.  But once you realize what your tendencies are than you can figure out how to find your passion by experimenting with things that align with you.

Make a business and provide value to others with your passion

If you really want to live for yourself, help the most people possible, have a chance to get rich, and have real fulfillment in your life, you need to be an entrepreneur.

Start your own business around your passion.  It may be straight forward or take out of the box thinking depending on what you’re passionate about.

Personal trainer example

Delayed gratification - man lifting weights

For example, if you love lifting weights and fitness, then you could become a personal trainer.  You then could open up your own gym, and have a team of trainers.  Or you could become well known and charge a premium in your area.

You could also venture into creating an online business for yourself and getting clients online.  Or you could move into marketing and helping big brand gyms with their websites, getting new customers, and so on.  The opportunities are near endless.

But what if you’re not the best?

Let’s say you love football.  But it’s not realistic for you to make the NFL.  You can still take your passion, football, and start a business around it.

You could create a product, like apparel for football, or create a new piece of training equipment that helps football players in a new way.  Maybe it helps their reflex time or something else that would be advantageous.

Or you could start a media company.  You can provide an alternative to the big sports websites and brands.  You can give your coverage of the different teams.  Maybe you advise people who to bet on or get involved in affiliate marketing for gambling / fantasy sports.  Or maybe you train income kids (i.e. target rich parents) at providing elite training to kids. There’s tons of parents who want their kids to be the next NFL star.  Or take your pick of another sport.

If you put in the effort to determine how to find your passion, you can usually figure put a way to make money with it and start a business.

Money or passion?

stacking cash

Should you choose money or your passion?  If you read a lot of my articles, you’ll see me tell you to build your wealth and make financial freedom your #1 priority.  And that’s true.  But you also need to do something you love.

It’s not money over passion.  It’s know how to find your passion and then figure out how to help people and make money off it it.  When you do that you have a purpose.

Your purpose is what motivates you to make the world better and also better your own life.  Getting rich is nice and it should be the goal.  You should chase money over status or power.  But money alone isn’t enough.  You need to have passion.

So don’t think about it as money or passion.  Use your passion to make money.  Now, if your passion doesn’t make you money but you have a job, don’t quit just yet.  You’re not in the position to.  But keep grinding on the side.

When to start your business?

how to be successful in business

The best time to start your business is now.  Master your time management skills and start working on it after your regular job + the weekends.  If you spend 40-50 hours at your regular job, you should put a bare minimum of 20-40 hours a week on your side business.  Which is the combination of your passion + monetization of it.

You can quit your full time job once you’ve grown it to a point where you can live off it well.  It takes some effort to determine how to find your passion through experimentation.  But the return on investment will be a life time of joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction.  Don’t wait to get started on making the best decision you’ll ever make in your life.  Experiment with things that you’re naturally drawn to.  Get good at those things or that thing.  Then figure out a way to bring value to other people and make money off of what you love.  The best way to build wealth is to work your ass off at something you love and not even chase the money in the short term.  Grind and try to be the best you can be.  Then once you’ve built a foundation, you can monetize your passion.  People will be happy to pay you for the service or product you provide them that will bring value to their lives.  You’ll be happy because you’ll not only be making great money, but you’ll be doing something you love and something you believe in.


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