How to get a Deeper Voice: 2 methods to Lower your voice

How to get a Deeper Voice

Figuring out how to get a deeper voice can be challenging for many men who don’t have the deep voice they associate with masculinity.  And admittedly, as someone with a deep voice, it’s something I’ve taken for granted.  While my voice sounds somewhat deep to me, it sounds much deeper when I hear it recorded like on any of my videos.

I’m not going to come out and tell you guys that you can make your voice a lot deeper than it naturally is.  You can’t.  You can make a bit deeper, and you can definitely give it more of a “vibrational” feel.  However, you’re not going to sound like Morgan Freeman if you don’t already have a deep voice.

Why deepen your voice?

Why do you even want to have a deep voice?  Well, it gets you more respect from men.  And women like men with deep voices.  Having a deep voice, like being muscular, having a nice jaw, or being tall, is an attractive thing on a man.

So if you can learn how to get a deeper voice, then you’ll get a little more respect from men and will be a little more attractive to women.

I’ve always thought women liked me because of my looks or attitude.  And while that’s largely true, I’ve had many women tell me they liked me because of my voice, or that my voice soothed them or turned them on.  Even guys in school gave me more respect, and older clients I had in sales thought I was more of a man because of my voice.

After getting feedback from coaching calls recommending I get into podcasting, I decided to add the YouTube channel to RD in addition to the articles like this.

Deep voices are a masculine thing.  If you don’t have a deep voice, then don’t worry about it.  However,

A deep voice won’t really be some massive change in your life.  However, it’s definitely better to have a deeper voice than a higher, more feminine voice.  So if you want to know how to have a deeper voice, then let’s get to it.

Lowering your voice

Lowering your voice can be done in 2 ways.

  1. Semen retention
  2. Talking slower

1. Semen retention

Semen Retention and the Law of Attraction

I talk about semen retention often because it’s so useful in having more energy in your life.  Semen retention has tons of benefits.  Many of which have to do with having more energy, more vitality, better health, and aspects that keep you manly.  One of those happens to be a lower voice.

Semen retention won’t give you a dramatically deeper voice.  Let’s be clear on that.  However, semen retention will make your voice vibrate.  It won’t be crazy deeper, but it will be a little more.  You’ll have more power when you talk.

The right word here is use is full.  When you practice semen retention, your voice will be more full.  It will be deeper to an extent.  But what it really does is give you a fuller, more vibrational voice.  Again, this isn’t going to make you sound exactly like Morgan Freeman.  But the difference is significant.  Even with me, my voice is deep no matter what.  But when I’m retaining my seed, my voice is even deeper.  And it’s more full.  Just like my balls are more full, my voice becomes more full.

Releasing your seed make your voice less full

And when I talk to other men in real life, I can generally tell if they also have been doing semen retention or not.  Generally 99% of men  are busting during sex (or porn, which is the bulk), and therefore have weak voices.  Not necessarily high pitched voices, but definitely not powerful masculine voices.  When I meet another man who has a full, powerful voice, it’s a rare occurrence and therefore memorable.

I can notice my own voice start to get deeper when I retain my seed for at least a week, and by the time I get to 3 or 4 weeks it’s definitely noticeable.  I’m not doing semen retention all the time, I generally do it for a month or two at a time in spurts throughout the year.  However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve made it more of the regular practice to increase my energy.

While I do semen retention for the increased energy to use to grow my business, the deepening of my voice was an accidental benefit.

And it makes sense.  When you constantly release your balls, you’re depriving yourself of your masculine energy.  When you retain this energy, you become more masculine.  And a deep voice is one of these manifestations.

2. Talking slower

how to be a smooth talker

Talking slower is the second way to lower your voice.  When you talk slower, you naturally speak from your stomach or even better, from your balls.  Of course the literal sound comes from your diaphragm.  However, the energy comes from deeper within your body when you slow down.

People in general tend to talk fast, especially if they get nervous talking in public, talking to a woman, or if they’re excited.  Whether you’re nervous or you’re actually really excited to tell someone something, either way you’ll talk faster and from a higher pitch.

This isn’t always a bad thing.  When I’m passionate about a topic or question on the podcast, I’ll talk fast as well.  In fact I try to talk a little faster anyways because I get feedback that some people can’t understand my regular voice.

However, if you want to have a deeper voice, talking slower is the way to go.  Even when I listen to myself recorded, the parts I talk faster are always less slick than the times I wasn’t as passionate and more calm.

So use this as you see fit.  If you’re with your girlfriend, a woman you’re dating, or your male friends, you’re going to be seen as more masculine if you have a deeper voice.  And slowing down your speech will make this possible.  If you don’t talk as much as is, this should be easier for you to do.  For those of you who like to talk more, then this will be more challenging.

Switching up your style of speech takes some time to adapt to

Learning how to get a deeper voice isn’t the end all be all.  If you don’t want to change your style of speaking, then you can ignore this and continue as is.

Some guys refuse to ever change up their style or personality because they think “it’s not who they are”.  If that’s your approach then that’s fine.

But just realize you’re “who you are” or you have the personality you have because you made decisions years ago to act like that.  You made the decision to become that.  And if you want to have a deeper voice, and ultimately have a more powerful presence with people, talk a little bit slower.  And even say less.

Saying less, and not needing to say it so fast, will make the words you do say more important.  Changing the way you communicate isn’t easy and you’ll go through a rough period where you seem weird.  But after a while, it’ll become more normal and you’ll be more smooth.

Saying less 

Talking slower will deepen your voice, and saying less will make your words seem more important.  Both will translate to greater respect for what you say, because you’re not rushing to say things and you’re not over communicating.  While saying less doesn’t technically lower your voice, it gives the perception of a deeper voice.  And when you say less, you also tend to talk slower.  People who have a lot to say speak quickly because they feel like they need to say everything they want before anyone else can interrupt.

Practice saying less.

Here’s how you practice.  Take a piece of long content like this blog.  After you read an article, sum up the words in a sentence or two.  This way you’ll be able to practice making things more concise.  Then when you’re with people in real life, you can communicate your ideas more effectively.

For example, with this article you could summarize it “Have a deeper, fuller voice by retaining your seed and slowing down when speaking”.

Of course this leads to over simplification of complex topics.  But when you’re with people in person, especially in groups, less is more.  With people 1 on 1 you can say more because you don’t need to manage a whole group.  however, less is still more even in these situations.

Is  there a time or place or talking a lot?  Yes, when you take your ability to converse to a higher level, talking a lot can be effective.  Politicians, preachers, and other public speakers all talk a lot and many build a following doing that.  However, that’s not for the average guy trying to learn how to get a deeper voice or appear more masculine.

Get a deep voice by retaining your seed and slowing down

Retain your seed and slow down.  That’s the formula.  You’re not going to get a super deep voice if you don’t naturally have one.  I have a naturally deep voice, and I could lie to you guys and sell you a product or program to get a deeper voice.  But that’d be bullshit.

But the good news is that your voice isn’t exactly like your height or something you can’t control at all.  You can learn how to get a deeper voice, and a more full voice, by retaining your seed.  Combine that with slowing down with your speech, and choosing you words wisely, and you will have a stronger, deeper voice compared to what you previously had.

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