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How to get a Woman Attached to you Without Trying


How to get a Woman Attached to you Without Trying

So many guys want to know how to get a woman attached to them naturally.

Yet, their goal itself stands in the way of this happening.  In this article we’ll break down exactly what gets a woman attached to you, and how you can keep her attached without trying.

What about retention, monk mode?  Why should I care about getting a woman attached to me?

As many of you know, I’ve been doing a lot more content around the benefits of semen retention, taking time out of the game, going into monk mode, and bettering your life.  And because of this, whenever I go back into doing articles like this, I get a message or two from guys saying “I’m reverting” to content on game.  Aka content on getting women – whether it be sex, relationships, dating etc.

If you have a narrow lense, it can seem inconsistent.  But all of these are aspects of life.  Taking a break from relationships / dating is critical for a man to elevate himself.  Going into monk mode and retaining for long periods of time is without a doubt the best thing a man can do.

However, at a certain point, it’s healthy and normal to get back into the dating game / relationships.

And when you do, you should be better, not worse.  A period of monk mode should carry over.  You should be more confident, more focused, and in a much better position.

In fact, the independence you’re used to in monk mode (long periods of focused retention) is going to help you massively with women and relationships.

Why should I care?

Well, you actually shouldn’t.

If you’re the type of man who thinks this is a dumb article, or pointless, and you maintain that energy, then you’re already good to go.

If you don’t care about women being attached to you – and you maintain that attitude even after meeting a woman – then the women you deal with will become attached to you.  Most guys don’t maintain this, and it’s why they fail.

Women Desire Men who are Masculine

What focusing on your purpose, retaining, and elevating yourself should do, above all, is put you in touch with your manhood.

You should have financial freedom or be much closer to it.  You should be your own boss or be a in a position where you’re not desperate to keep a job.  And you should be able to enjoy time on your own, doing your hobbies, or focused on learning new skills.

A man who enters monk mode understands what I’m talking about.

Monk mode – entering a selfish period where you level up – makes you more masculine.  This is for you and 100% for you, not for anyone else.  It’s so you can learn to be happy on your own and so you can put yourself in a much better position.

However, this also makes you the ideal man for women.  A man who doesn’t need a woman, whose happy and fulfilled all on his own, is exactly the type of man a woman desires.  It’s the type of man that women will chase and get attached to.

“Why are women so backwards?”

I’ll get questions from this all the time from men.  They’ll say something along the lines of “I’m going monk mode, retaining, and not focused on women at all.  Now that I’m just doing me, all of these women are trying to get at me.  Women are backwards.”

Or something to that affect.  And from a man’s point of view, women are seemingly backwards.  However, while frustrating for the average man, women aren’t actually backwards.  This is what they want.  Women want a man whose focused on his own life.  They want a man they have to work for.  Just like men are programmed to be attracted to women with big assesses, boobs, and a thin waist, women want a man whose driven, focused, and happy all on his own.

As men, we can’t help that we want women that are physically attractive.  It’s what we’re attracted to.  Nature made us that way to ensure the highest chances of reproduction happening.  And if we start dating / having sex with a woman we find very attractive, we will become more and more attached to them.  We can counter this by staying focused on our own path, but most men don’t have the discipline to do this.

Women are the same way.  They’re programmed to be attracted to the men who are winners.  Nature made them that way to ensure the highest chances of reproduction happening.

Become Masculine – not Through Tactics but with your Energy

Women desire a man that’s masculine.  A man that’s focused, determined, busy, and is authentic.

You don’t need to treat a woman badly.  You also don’t need to pedestalize her.

What you can do is initially pursue.  But you should naturally get side tracked from doing that because you’re focused on your purpose or living life.  This is the natural cycle.

Once you initially pursue to get her number, get a date, have sex, etc., you’re all good.  After that, you let the woman pick up the slack.  You can put effort in some of course.  However, you really shouldn’t be thinking about it.

As a man – alls you have to do is to be masculine.  You can pursue women you like, but that’s all it is.  Anything that grows out of that afterwards is because the woman is trying to push for commitment out of you.

Where men mess up

Men mess up with women by thinking about women too much.

Whenever I get questions like

  • “Hey me and this girl have been seeing each other a few times, but now she doesn’t initiate”

or something similar, it’s always do to overthinking.

By getting too caught up in a woman, you turn her off.  Because by thinking about her too much, you get attached to her.  Therefore you lose your masculinity.

Instead, you need to be focused on your own life.  If a woman does something to disqualify herself, or you just don’t here from her, you should carry on with your life.

The key to figuring out how to get a woman attached

The key to figuring out how to get a woman attached is stupidly simple.  It’s just to stay masculine.  To stay in your natural state.  To stay focused on your purpose.

Everything in this article is simply to get you back in that state.

This is why I mentioned monk mode and semen retention earlier.  Entering monk mode should shift your focus massively towards your self created purpose, or at least bettering your life.

So much to the point where even after monk mode, you’re still largely doing the same thing.  You’re still waking up early, doing your good work, eating healthy, working out, reading, etc.  However, the only difference is you’re not strictly retaining, and you free up some time for women / dating.

If you just alter your schedule a tad bit to allow for a dating and social life, but not too much, you’ll be perfect.  That’s how you get a woman attached to you.  And that’s where guys mess up.  They open up way too much time, start looking at social media too much, etc.


Just open up a little bit of time in your schedule.  That way you stay the same.  You stay the man women want, the man women desire.

The man she desires will be the man she becomes attached to.  The problem is that most men change.  They do this with every single girl they meet.

The woman will meet a seemingly focused, determined man.  But after having sex 2 or 3 times, he’ll start focusing on the woman.  He opens up too much time.  And he loses focus on his purpose.  Now he starts thinking about her too much.  He’ll fall back more from his own life, and start thinking about how to maintain things with.  Now he’s in a feminine state, and she loses attraction.  The cycle continues with every new woman he meets.

The thing is that with every woman you date, they will always either become more attached to you or less.  Women will naturally become more attached to the man that stays the same as the man she desired.

Putting on a facade

And this is where being a fake will mess you up.  Any guy can delay how long he’s going to text in order to look kore high value.  Or he can act cool, calm, and collected until he has sex with the woman.

But if this is something you’re faking, it will show very soon.  Putting on a facade that you’re cooler or more masculine that you can work for initial desire.  Nevertheless, no man can put on a facade forever.  In fact, most men can’t put it on for more than a few meet ups with any one girl.

This is why guys keep on getting desperate with each attractive woman they end up dating or bedding.  It’s because you’re desperate for women, you’re just acting cool for the first few meet ups.

Maintain your Manhood

When you become a real man, you don’t need to learn how to get a woman attached to you.  Women will naturally get attached to you, because a woman is designed to attach to a man.  A “real man” is simply a man who stays masculine, regardless of the people in his life or situations that occur.

You ever have woman who won’t stop calling you?  Or ever have a woman that you just wanted to see once or casually date push for more?  That’s because you were masculine with those women.  You may not have even been on your purpose or have been that driven in life.  But to those women, it seemed like you were, because you had no desperation towards making something happen with them.

That needs to be your approach with women in general.  If you really focus on your purpose, then this will be your state with women.  And getting a woman attached to you will just be the naturally side affect of you dealing with her.

You must become nonchalant with women in general.  Not that you hate them or have no respect for them.  you can appreciate women in your life.  And you can have a great relationship with a woman who earns that from you.

Don’t make women or a woman a focus of your life

But the key is that it shouldn’t be a main focus for you.  That’s one of the long term benefits of monk mode and retention, even when you’re back in the dating game.  Women are just a distraction from your purpose.  And if one comes along that pushes for commitment and seems like a quality woman, then of course you can have a relationship with her.

That would be the natural scenario, where the woman is attached to you, and pushing for the relationship.  But you’re not even thinking “oh I bet she’s attached to me” or “I wonder how attached this woman is to me”.

The only thought you should have

You shouldn’t spend your time thinking about how to get a woman attached to you.  When you do think about her, if at all, think:

“Is she a good fit for my life?”

I trust by now you’re aware that focusing too much on how to get a woman attached will do the opposite.

What you must do is stay masculine.  Be driven, focused, and happy all on your own, while still finding some time to date.  Just a bit, not too much.  You schedule shouldn’t be that much different than a monk mode, just a little more open.  Stay focused.

Then women will not only desire you, but they’ll be attached to you over time.  Constant and growing desire leads to attachment.  Keep that same energy in relationships you’re in, and your woman will continue to stay attached to you.


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