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How to get Better with Girls: Get into the Flow of the Game


How to get Better with Girls: Get into the Flow

how to get better with girls: flow

Finding out how to get better with girls is something that every man whose coming up in the game wants to know how to do.  And while we all have different potentials, there’s millions of girls around the world that would be attracted to each of us if they met us.

And that sounds nice.  But how are you actually going to know how to get better with girls in your own reality?

You need to build some value in yourself.  And then you need to get into the game.  You need to build momentum and then you can into the flow.

Getting better at anything

Building flow is how you get good at anything.  But with women it can happen much quicker if you already have decent smv.

Let’s backtrack a second though.  Forget about learning how to get better with girls specifically for a second.  How do you get better at anything?  It’s not complicated.  Getting good at something requires you to:

  • learn the basics
  • master the basics
  • put consistent effort in
  • build momentum to achieve flow in the game

Whether you’re trying to know how to get better with girls, learn a martial art, or learn how to do web development, start with the basics.  The basics are going to be the foundation for which everything else will come.  In boxing there’s basics like your jab, straight, hooks, and uppercuts.  With jiu-jitsu there’s the basic positions like guard, half guard, mount, and side-control.  In salsa there’s the basic step, cross-body lead, single hand turn, and double hand turn.

Build a foundation

being cool on date

Then you master the basics.  This will ensure everything else you do will come almost effortlessly.  Mastering the basics will build the foundation in anything you do.

And then you need to put consistent effort.  Hitting the martial arts gym a few times a week, dancing lessons and socially, talking to girls, getting numbers, getting better at sex, and leading.  These are all things that improve when you put the effort and just show up.

After a certain stage you’ll build momentum and get into the flow of the game.  You don’t need to be a master or be doing this for years to get into the flow.  Achieving the flow in anything can happen in a few months when you show up and start becoming noticeably better.

For dancing it took me over a year to get into the flow.  But for bjj it took me 4 or 5 months.  And the beautiful thing is the flow doesn’t have to stop.  It stops when you stop it.  For example, you get out of the dating pool to date one woman or go monk mode and focus on your business.  Or in a sport when you get injured.

But once you build flow, you can stay in it until you take yourself out.

Getting better with girls

less is more, man smiling texting

When it comes to learning how to get better with girls, the same thing applies.  You first need to master the basics.

Raise your value

Which starts with raising your sexual market value.  This is almost like a prerequisite before even getting into the game if you want quality women.  You should always be trying to increase your looks, money, and status.  However, you should be able to almost max out the looks part within 6 months to a year, given you’re not that out of shape or already are fit.

Learn the basics

And while you’re working on your purpose and making more money, you need work on the basics.

These are things like:

Begin practicing all of these by getting into the game.  You’re not going to figure out how to get better with girls if you don’t actually go out and do it.  You can read the articles above.  And then go out in the world and practice it.  Knowing how to get good at getting girls in general takes practice.

Getting into the arena in the dating world means you go out more to clubs/bars/latin dancing, talking to girls in real life, do online dating on the side, and build a social life.  When you do these things you’ll give yourself opportunities to begin to master the basics listed above.  You’ve already learned them mentally, but it takes real life application to master.

And then you need to continue to do this in order to learn how to get better with girls.  It might be hard at first, especially since a true beginner won’t have any consistent pussy.  So you need to continue to meet girls.

Lower standards if need be to get into the flow

You need to start fucking girls even if you temporarily lower your standards.  It’s about getting into the flow state.  This might seem like it goes against some my advice of raising your value and going after attractive women.  You still should be raising your value and go after the hot ones.

But if you’re not getting any pussy, then you will likely need to lower your standards a little bit to get back into the flow of the game.  Because even a stud can turn a girl off if he starts acting too desperate for sex or needy in general.  And when you really want pussy you’ll become more desperate.

You may need to fuck a 6, even if you can pull 7s and 8s, in order to into the flow of the game.  Once you start getting some pussy you’ll validate to yourself that you can actually get girls.  And more importantly, you’re energy you’re putting into the universe is that of a sexual player.  Which the universe will in return give you more opportunities to get pussy.   That’s how it works.  You still need to show up.  But as long as you’re trying to learn how to get better with girls and let yourself get into the flow of the game, you’ll be able to get more and more attractive women.

Of course if you can fuck 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s right away then no need to lower your standards.  But most guys who are beginners or who are getting back into dating after a relationship will need to get into the flow in order get a head start.

Personal story about using flow to get better with girls

nightlife club, being in the market

When I was a younger man, I was talking to a girl I knew was a 10.  Looking back at it she was really attractive, but probably 9 is more realistic.  But I thought she was a 10.  She had a boyfriend but showed signs she was still interested in me.  And while I should’ve left it alone like I would do now, I was young and didn’t care about that.  So I pursued her.  She should flirt with me over text and send me nudes.  But when I went over to fuck, she flaked on me.  I had no other options and was acting desperate.

Then I got pissed at myself for letting this girl bother me.  So I went out with my friends more.  And soon enough there was a girl that wanted to bone me.  She was fuckable, in shape, thin, but didn’t have the body like the other girl.  She was a 6, 6.5 if I want to give myself an ego boost.  But I fucked her anyway.  And I had a good time.

This not only prevented me from hitting up the 9 – the first girl – but also put me into the flow.

Getting into the game

A week after I fucked the 6, the 9 hit me up.  It had been a month since she flaked on me.  She hit me up apologizing and wanted to fuck.  I didn’t want to feel like a fool, but I still wanted to fuck her.  However I didn’t expect it to happen.  So I acted like a boss and told her she was going to need to make it up to me.  The not-giving-a-fuck energy I had turned her on.  I went over a few days later, picked her up in my car.  She sucked my dick and then I fucked her.  In the middle of the day.  her boyfriend, who was messaging me on Facebook talking shit the months prior, drove to the scene but it was too late.  I had already fucked his girl and was on my way out.

Looking back at it, I feel bad for the guy.  He had a super hot girlfriend but she was a cheater and a slut to be.

But even with her being promiscuous, I still wouldn’t have fucked if I hadn’t gotten into the flow of the game.  I’m not saying fucking a 6 will ensure the next girl is a 9.  However, it’s better than not having sex at all.  Learning how to get better with girls is possible with practice of the basics.  And also just getting out there and getting into the flow.  If you  can start to get a rhythm then you’re going to get really good with women.

Create the dating life you want

player with women, confident

You can learn how to get better with girls.  It just requires some effort like everything else.  You can raise your smv and then get into the game.  It’s about building a flow.

You’re not going to fuck 9’s and 10’s right away.  Start with a 5 or 6, then get some rest 7’s and 8’s.  You need to build your confidence up the point where you feel like a boss, have slick game, and have a complete abundance mindset.  No need to fake it.  Learn how to get better with girls by building it from the ground up and getting into the flow of the game.


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