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How to get Girls – 3 easy ways to have more women in your life


How to get girls

How to get girls

Why learn how to get girls?

If you want

  • a girlfriend
  • sex with more women
  • more feminine energy in your life in general

While there’s more to life then learning how to get girls, it can be frustrating to see other men get women while you’re on the sidelines.

I’ve written specific articles on

This article is more general.  You might be a virgin or maybe you’ve been with / dated a few girls in your life.  I’m going to teach you how to get girls in general so you’re able to take a bird’s view of the game and improve with women.

1. Become attractive to girls

value - ceo - businessman

These first step to learn how to get girls is to become attractive to them.

You won’t be attractive to every girl.  And on an individual level, you should never care if specific girls are into you or not.  But any man with common sense will realize that increasing your attractiveness, or sexual market value (smv), will help you to get more girls.

You become more attractive to girls by

  • develop a hot body – lift weights and eat healthy
  • have a good style – clothes, haircut, shoes
  • focusing on your purpose – makes you richer and keeps you busy
  • working on your charisma and conversation game
  • confidence – comes form experience with women

2. Talk and meet girls

nightlife club, being in the market

Figuring out how to get girls is difficult if you’re not meeting girls.  Putting yourself out there to talk to girls and meet more of them will make this that much easier.  You’d be surprised at the amount of guys who complain to me they’re not getting any girls.  I ask how often do they meet and talk to girls, and the answer is not enough.

I’m not saying be a PUA and run “day game” by waiting your time cold approaching women.  Fuck that.  You’re a producer.  You’re focused on building your wealth.  Entrepreneurs don’t have time to waste their productive day hours.

But what you do is

  • go out salsa dancing on the weekends
  • party with friends at nightclubs / bars
  • have online profiles like tinder

This way you’re constantly meeting and talking to new girls.  It’s impossible to learn how to get girls if you don’t have any girls in your life.

Grind on your business during the day and focus on success.  But reward yourself at night with talking to girls online and going out on the weekends.

3. Go where you’re wanted

central location in city

Location is a big part of how to get girls.  If you’re in a location that’s favorable for you, you’ll get more girls.  If you’re in a location that’s bad for you, you’ll get less girls.

Simple logic.

Ideally, you should live downtown or in the trendy spot of a decent to big city.  There are some places that are good for the majority of guys.  For example, in the US

  • New York City
  • Las Vegas
  • Atlanta
  • Chicago
  • Houston

Avoid cities like

  • San Francisco
  • DC
  • Seattle
  • Middle of nowhere country or suburb

And so on are generally good for most guys.  The ratio’s are good and there’s enough girls that want to fuck you.  With New York City probably being the best place in the US for just getting girls.

Other countries

But even other countries may be good for you.

Northern Europe may be better for you if you have darker skin since you’ll be more exotic.  Southeast Asia will probably be better for you if you’re white or aren’t asian since you’ll be exotic.  And so on.

If you live in the middle of nowhere, just moving to a big city in your region will do improve your ability to get more women.  Since trying to learn how to get girls is impossible if there aren’t any girls around.  Go where there are girls, and even better, where your value is higher.

Women like winners – Focus on your purpose

how to be a man - have purpose

The last way to learn how to get girls is to focus on your purpose.  In the long-term, focusing on your purpose will get you access to more women.  And higher quality women at that.

Short-term, you’ll actually get less women.  This is because you’ll sacrifice time going out to chase pussy to your purpose.  And your purpose should be your business or another professional endeavor.

Dropping women to focus on your purpose means some sacrifice now for pleasure later.  But it’s definitely worth it.  I advise  most men to get a lifetime notch count of 15-20 women.  From there, take time away from women to focus on your purpose.  Then you’ll be able to coast and enjoy your purpose will enjoying the extra pussy being thrown at you.


It’s like a snowball.  Momentum starts off slow.  You might question if it’s worth it.  But a few years down the line, you’ll wished you had gotten more laser-focused on your purpose earlier.

Women love winners.  Focusing on what your life purpose will turn you into a winner.  You won’t even worry about figuring out how to get girls because you’ll be so satisfied where your life is at.  And your dating options will be abundant.


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3 years ago

This is one of the realest, simplest article I’ve seen. You are amazing. No BS. No random intro. Concise and comprehensive. Saves my time. Loved it! Thanks!

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