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How to get High Quality Women in your Life


How to get High Quality Women in your Life

Figuring out how to get high quality women in your life will determine the level of satisfaction you have in your dating life.  If you’re able to date the women you want, then you can have great women you see or a solid girlfriend / wife.  Failing to do so will lead to low quality women in your life.  This will degrade your satisfaction of your romantic life, and will surely negatively affect other areas as well.

If you can avoid what most men do, and then just do 1 thing, you can et high quality women in your life.

Defining High Quality Woman

This depends on what you want specifically, but most of us want similar things and therefore have the same ideas are what a high quality woman is.

To me, a high quality woman is not only beautiful and someone I have physical attraction towards, but she also is feminine, pleasant to be around, nurturing, empathetic, kind, and modest.  A high quality woman is one who shows her agreement to me in the path that I choose.

Why Men can’t get High Quality Women

Dealing with the Silent treatment in Relationships

Why do many men have trouble getting a high quality woman?  Sure, not every girl is a quality girl.  But there are still plenty of women out there that would be great additions to your life.  The problem is that most men suffer from all of the following:

  1. No standards – not defining what a high quality woman is
  2. Too desperate for sex
  3. No Confidence – no belief in  their ability to get better women
  4. No value – Lack of self improvement on themselves to make themselves the prize
  5. Little ability to maintain relationships
  6. Scarcity mindset – getting too attached to woman who invest nothing

1. No standards

If you don’t have standards for what high quality woman is, how can you expect to get one?  Some men think if a girl is decent looking and will go on a date with them a few times that she must be a good woman.  Others simply have no intuition.  They can’t tell if a woman is a high quality woman or not until months later when they’ve already invested tons of time.

And some men simply don’t care about the women they choose to spend time with.  They have no standards or extremely low standards.  And therefore they end up wasting tons of time with women of no value.

2. Too desperate for sex

she said she needs space

Men are the pursuers of sex.  Women do the choosing, but we are the ones responsible for initiating and making something happen.  A woman may give you eye contact or like a photo, but you need to approach her and make plans or DM her and ask to hang out.

The problem is that many men are so desperate for sex that they do way more than just pursue.  They chase, and they chase hard.  They never let the girls breathe.  And this leads to things like messaging 10 girls on a Friday night to see if one of them will respond and be down to hang out.  Or it leads to the guy chugging a few extra drinks to make the girl he’s talking to look better.

Being desperate for sex will absolutely kill your game.  It makes you needy and prevents you from welcoming high quality women into your life.  It causes you to deal with low quality women and to mess things up with the high quality girls that do show up here and then.

3. No Confidence – no belief in  their ability to get better women

biggest problems men struggle with

Confidence is the key to doing well with women, succeeding in business, feeling good in the moment, and getting what you want out of life.  When you have a lack of confidence, you can’t get high quality women.  You get the frequency at which you put out.  When you vibrate at a high frequency – aka you have a lot of confidence + self-esteem, then you’re able to get high quality women.

The problem is most guys have very little confidence with women.  They’re either too thirsty and desperate, or they’re too shy and afraid of rejection.  Both of these are just weakness in the extroverted and introverted forms.  Instead, you need to be confident.  Cool, calm, collected, and sure of yourself.  You need to know that you get high quality women, without being dependent on any particular woman.

4. No value – Lack of self improvement on themselves to make themselves the prize

victim mentality

In order to get high quality women, you need to be a high quality man.  High quality girls want the guy that is on his game.  A guy keeps in great shape,  whose ambitious, whose rising up in life.  They want a man with his shit together.

When you work on yourself, you become the man on the outside that women want.  And more importantly, yo develop the character that they feel drawn to and stick around for.

This is why self development is so important.  When you work on yourself and stay focused on your purpose, good things happen.  Slacking off on your purpose leads to no improvement on your manhood, no progress, and causes you to radiate at a lower vibration.

In short, if you want high quality women, you need to become valuable.  What do you bring to the table?  If it’s nothing, then you need to change that.  You can’t expect to want high quality girls if unless you also have something that’s valuable.

5. Little ability to maintain relationships

The ability to lead + maintain relationships is vital for any man.  Especially for those men with girlfriends or wives, but even those who are players or date more women.  Getting laid isn easy.  If you workout, have decent hygiene, have your shit together, and live in or near a city, getting laid is like going to the grocery store.

The problem with modern dating is that guys make such a big deal about getting laid and think that’s a high level of game.  Then when they actually want to see a woman or  women for longer, they can’t keep them around.  They lose power in relationships, get oneitis, and then the girl leaves them or dominates them.

If you want to get high quality women and maintain them, you must know how to manage relationships.

6. Scarcity mindset

How to break up with a girl

The scarcity mindset is the opposite of abundance.  When you believe you have an abundance, whether it be women, money, or anything else, your belief will be manifested in the world.  But when you think you have nothing, then nothing is what you get.

Even if you don’t believe this metaphysically, think about it logically.  If you think there are a lack of high quality women, then when you do come across one, you will look for reasons why she’s terrible, or you will act desperate and mess things up.

It becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  But when you think there are tons of high quality women who want you, and then you begin to experience this, you start to believe it.  You first must realize what your thoughts produce.   Monitor your thoughts throughout the day more closely.  What you think will determine your behavior, and this will eventually determine the outcomes in your life.  If you want high quality women you must destroy your scarcity mindset.

Can she become a high quality woman?

A woman can become higher quality in me eyes if she invests more into my life and as she brings more to the table.  But there are naturally women who are already willing to invest in me from early on into meeting them.

Even from the first conversations or meeting up for the first time, you can tell how much a woman likes you.  The more she likes you, the more she invests in you.  And the more she invests in you, the more she continues to build an attachment to you.

Given that she’s also beautiful and has the other qualities I mentioned, she will be one I consider a high quality woman.  No woman is perfect.  They’re not all models or without imperfections.

How to get high quality woman

Get Respect By Becoming a Dangerous Man - scarface

If you want high qualify women in your life, refuse to deal with low quality women.  That’s the key to dating high quality women.  If you avoid everything in the list above that I warn you about, then you will be refusing to deal with low quality women.  And you will allow high quality women to enter your world.

Hold firm.  Don’t go after lower quality women when you’re lonely, bored, or feeling like you want sex or affection.  Then the universe will see you’re serious.  The universe tests to see if you’re just talking or if you’re willing to step into alignment to that which you want to be.  Show yourself and the universe that you’re serious.  Then high quality will walk into your life.


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