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How to get Motivated: Achieve great things by energizing yourself

How to get Motivated

How to get Motivated

If you can’t figure out how to get motivated then you’re not going to be able to get anything worthwhile done.

While short term motivation is great, you need this over time and persistence to achieve true success.  That being said, dedication is built over time.  You need to learn how to get motivated so you can have that energy and drive.

Pick a goal to be motivated about

The first step in figuring out how to get motivated is to pick a goal to get motivated about.  Many people get into slumps and want motivation to get their life back on track.  They know generally what they need to do.  But they fail to make specific goals.

It’s hard to be motivated when there’s not something precise in mind.  That’s why picking a goal is crucial.  It can be a goal do to with finances, like starting a business, or in your dating life.

For this example we’ll use starting a business.  Your goal is to start a business and have enough income to live off of within a year.  That may be 40k, or even 90k, depending where you live, single or with a family, and so on.

Figure out what motivates you

ability to travel

The next step in how to get motivated is figuring out what motivates you.  For example, driving a porsche in LA is motivating to me.  Or better yet have financial freedom and being able to travel or live where I want.  But it might not mean anything to you.

Decide on one positive thing you want to move towards, and one negative thing you want to avoid.

One positive thing

sports car - porsche

The positive thing can be that fancy sports car.  Or it can be that huge house.

Or, it can simply be the fact that you won’t have to stress about money.  You won’t have to look at the bank account when you go on a vacation.  Shopping at whole foods for grass-fed beef isn’t an expense that you have to worry about, versus that old meat from walmart.

Thing of a positive motivation that you resonate with.  You can print out a picture of this reward, or something that reminds you of it, and put it on a wall.  This will remind you of what you can achieve.

One negative thing

Reasons for Leaving a Job

Now a big secret to learn how to get motivated is to also think of a bad thing you want to avoid.  You don’t have to print a picture of this.

But painful things can also cause us to act.  In fact, some of my biggest motivators for having men own business were more powerful than the positive ones.

Being broke, homeless, and worrying about bills is a powerful motivator.  Or having a boss who controls your life and being a wage slave is another huge motivator.  The thought of having to do that my whole life got me to act on my business just as much as the rewards did.  Being able to quit a job you hate and make money on your own should be motivational as fuck for you.

If it’s with dating, imagine a life where you’re a loser incel and never get to meet the women you want.

You don’t need to focus on the negative one for too long.  Just remind yourself that’s not what you want and say “fuck that” to having that become your reality.

Make habits that breed success

The next step to learn how to get motivated is to create habits that breed success.  It’s impossible to feel motivated if you have bad habits.  Your habits are your life.  And if you control your daily habits, then you’ll become a producer in life.

Habits that breed success:

  1. getting up early
  2. working out in the morning
  3. hot shower, ending as a cold shower
  4. intermittent fasting
  5. remind yourself of your goals at beginning of day
  6. working on your purpose all day

Especially starting your day off right.  If you start your day off right by getting up early, working out, and then avoid eating until at least noon, you’re going to have tons of energy.  This energy will translate into motivation.  You’ll be able to use that on your purpose.  If you have a wage slave job, this extra energy will help motivate you to do well so you can get out of that position.

And you’ll be a living example of the momentum effect.

Motivation is a feeling you get when you’re all pumped up to get stuff done.  Figuring out how to get motivated is all about combining energy and focus.  If you can start your day off right with habits that breed success, you just need to use that energy on the right focused activities at work, and the motivation is there.

Positive self talk – remind yourself how far you’ve come

positive self talk

It’s common to feel like you’ve lost motivation after you’ve gotten some success towards a goal, but haven’t quite reached it.

You may feel comfortable where you’re at, or feel the extra work isn’t worth it.  Or worse, feel like you can’t do it.  This is normal, and happens to almost everyone from time to time.  The main thing is not stop what you’re doing.  Don’t wait the daily habits that have brought you success.

Instead, how to get motivated from this stage requires you to add in another step.  This will only take a few minutes of your day.  You can do this in your head while you’re doing your morning workout, or in the mirror after your shower.

Treat yourself well

And that’s positive talk.  Most of us have a negative voice that’s always telling us what we can’t do.  We don’t do enough positive self talk.  I’ve tried this on myself and found it’s a huge help when getting that extra edge in how to get motivated on a goal I’ve already made progress on.

The positive self talk is to remind yourself how far you come.  Remind yourself of the business you’ve built.  You’ve built a $50,000 business?  That’s incredible.  You’ve lost 20 pounds?  Fuck yea.  You’ve gotten more numbers and dates in the past month than the rest of the year?  Congrats!

Remind yourself how far you’ve come.  And especially given the timeframe in what you’ve done it in.  Remind yourself it’s not enough, and you have so much more potential to do even more.  But you’re proud of what you’ve done and you’re going to build on it.

Learning how to get motivated can be easy if you actually try and motivate yourself with your own past success.

Inner circle

lebron james - play to win

You have a goal to be motivated about, a reward to chase, a pain to avoid, habits, and positive self talk.  You have all of the necessary things needed for consistent motivation.

However, if you want an easy hack for how to get motivated, just look at your inner circle.  You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.  These people are your inner circle.

If you have no friends, then you can still motivate yourself and be on your own.  In fact, it’s better no have no circle then to have a negative circle.  Having friends who wake up late and have no real goals in life isn’t going to get you anywhere.  It’s impossible to learn how to get motivated if you’re friends are encouraging you to waste time with them.

But if you have an inner circle of winners, then you’ll become a winner be default.  You’ll want o fit in with your friends.  The good habits and positive energy will rub off on you.  You won’t have to learn how to get motivated because it will be second nature.

If you can find or develop an inner circle of driven, positive winners, then your motivation for success will increase 10x.

Purpose and passion

man figuring out purpose

There are days where I have less motivation than others.  But even on those days, my motivation levels are still higher than what they were when I worked in an office.  That’s because I’m doing what I love.

I created a purpose off of something I’m passionate about and I’m working towards that everyday.  If you have a purpose that uses something you’re good at and something you love, then motivation is easy.  I don’t need a manual for how to get motivated when I’m doing my life’s work.

For those of you that have no motivation, ask yourself if you’ve created a purpose for yourself.  You probably haven’t.  It’s impossible to have motivation for the long term of you have no purpose.

That’s why it’s important you create a purpose that involves something you love.  If you don’t know what you love to do, try out a bunch of things.  Combining your purpose and passion will energize your soul in a way that nothing else will.

No one can tell you what your purpose is.  It’s something you create and follow for yourself.  It will give you meaning, bring you money + fulfillment, and will allow you to bring value to others.

What to avoid

On your path to achievement, you have to watch out for things that will destroy your motivation.

Motivation killers are things like

  • Lazy friends
  • Bad relationships
  • Poor diet
  • Negative environment


shit test 101

We just talked about your inner circle and friends.  Something else you need to watch out for is other bad relationships. Relationships with women can be good, neutral, or bad for your motivation levels.  However, they’re rarely neutral and usually good or bad.

A relationship can be your girlfriend, wife, or just women you see casually.  If they add value to your life and don’t kill your motivation levels then that’s great.  But if there’s a woman in your life that brings you down or causes a lot of drama, you need to cut her out of your life.

I can give you all the advice in the world for how to get motivated and get things done.  But if you have a woman who adds a lot of drama or who kills your motivation, all of that goes out the door.  The biggest things I see that hold men back from high levels of motivation are toxic relationships with women.  Usually a girlfriend or wife.

That being said, that isn’t always the case.  Sometimes your significant other can be a big motivation in your life.  Just a big one to watch out for.

Poor diet, health

Your diet and your health is a huge part of your life.  Most people eat what they want, when they want, and don’t realize how it effects them.  That fat sandwich you had at lunch that causes you to be half asleep afternoon is killing you energy. And it’s hard to stay motivated when you’re that tired.

Changing your diet to maximize your energy levels will have you feel better and will make staying motivated so much easier.  I recommend intermittent fasting, which is basically only eating during a set window during the day.  Like from noon to 6pm or 7pm.  This way you have tons of energy in the morning.

And when you do eat, you’re eating limited heavy carbs (bread, pasta, pizza, etc.).  Eating lean meat + fruits and veggies will have you feeling much better.  I do eat heavy carbs every other day to maintain weight (naturally thin), but I wait until dinner time when I’ve gotten a lot of work done.

Doing this maintains my energy levels which makes motivation that much easier.  If you have no motivation because you’re physically tired or stuffed with food, it’s much more difficult to get yourself pumped up.

Negative Environment

boss yelling at employee

The more negative environment you have, the harder motivation will be.  The more positive environment you have the better you’ll feel, and the easier it will be to be motivated.

The environment is everything.  It’s the people in your life, the office you work, the city you live in, the weather.  Everything that makes up your surroundings.

Now, if you’re in a negative environment you can’t control like a wage slave job and a city you hate, then you have to stick that out for a while.  At least until you’ve built up enough income on the side to quit your job and get your freedom.  In meantime, you can use your hate for your environment to muscle through and get stuff done.

Hate can be a very powerful motivator.  So if you’re in an environment you can’t get out of for the moment use it to your advantage.  Better to sue your hate and anger to deter your life then be depressed.

That being said, the end goal is to be happy.  It’s easier to be happy and be motivated, and it’s a much better life experience.  If you can change factors in your environment like where you live, your work, or the people, then do that.  But if you can’t, then use your hate for your situation as a way to get out of it.

Motivation = energy + focus

Motivation = energy + focus, working Elon Musk

Motivation is energy combined with focus.  You can’t be motivated with no energy.  And you can’t be motivated if you have no focus.  It takes both energy and focus for true motivation.

But if you can master these two using the process I’ve given you, then you can accomplish great things in this world.  It’s important to learn how to get motivated so you can begin working towards your goals.

From there, you need to keep your habits, remind yourself of what you’ve done, and always be looking towards to the future.  Because with the future in mind, you can keep your energy and focus levels high.

As you get more done, you won’t even feel that you’re motivated.  You’ll just feel productive and happy to do what you love everyday.  You won’t realize that you’re super motivated all the time until you reflect on your daily life.  Grind now, and watch as you become a consistently motivated man.


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