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How to get Respect from Women


How to get Respect from women

Figuring out how to get respect from women is actually one of the easiest things to learn.  But implementing what’s required takes more confidence than the average man has.  Since most guys are addicted to their sexual release, they’re controlled by their girlfriend or woman through sex.  Quite easily at that.
When you’re a slave to busting a nut or even just to have sex, every woman will have power over you.
And when women have power over you, they don’t respect you.  It’s not the same for a man.  A man can have power over a woman and still respect her.  He can also have power over a woman and not respect her.
But in a sexual / romantic sense, if a woman has power over you, then she will not have any respect for you.

Power in the Relationship

Relationships are about power.  Not forcing anyone to do anything.  Instead being in a position where a woman chooses to give you the power.
The reason a woman really likes you is because you have power (that she’s freely giving to you) over her.  when you lose power in a relationship is when she loses interest.  This is when she starts denying you for sex, texting you less, and generally showing less effort.  Because when she has all the power, she gets turned off.  She wants a man who has the power.  I didn’t make women this way, this is just how they are.
Luckily, this isn’t some complicated process in terms of getting women to respect you.  There are more advanced things you can do to program your woman to be in deep love + emotional attachment to you.
But to just get her to respect you and look at you as the man, the one with the power, is quite easy.  It’s easy because it’s your natural role.  Having the power in a relationship with a woman feels right to you because it’s how Nature designed us to be.  It’s how God created us.
This doesn’t mean you should be cruel to your woman or be unjust.  It doesn’t mean her life is any less than yours.  It’s just that you’re the natural leader.  And she’s the follower.
When you accept that, the rest of this will be much easier.  If you don’t accept that, then you’re not going to have respect from women in a sexual / romantic relationship.  Going 50 / 50 really is just a path for her to dominate in due time.
You must be not only okay with, but be fully willing and capable to be a man.

Respect yourself

When you accept your natural role as the leader with your woman, then getting respect from women happens by default.
Because the only thing you truly need to do is to respect yourself.  As a man respect is everything in life when dealing with others.  As simple as it sounds, or even as corny as it might appear, respecting yourself = respect from women.
This does NOT mean that all women will like you or say nice things about you.  Women like to gossip and say what they will.  Some women will think you’re an asshole.  Let them think what they will.
But when you respect yourself, women will respect you.  It doesn’t matter whether you have a girlfriend, a first date, or whatever the situation happens to be in your dating life.
For those who don’t understand this simple truth, let’s expand.

Self Respect breeds Respect from others

When you respect yourself, others will follow suit.  Especially women.  Women care more about what you think of yourself than what they think of you.  Read that again.  Women care more about what you think of yourself than what they think of you.
Men will give you more respect as well when you have self respect.  However, women even more so.

Respect = Boundaries

When you respect yourself, you thereby default set up boundaries.
If other people break those boundaries or don’t fulfill the role they have in your life, then you leave those situations.
This applies to business partnerships, friendships, women, and any kind of social interaction.
Most of us understand this when it comes to friendships.  If a friend starts to bully you, or insult you, or otherwise break boundaries, you check them on it or just stop being their friend.  A check may be a witty remark back at them, it may be you telling them to stop, or it could even be getting into a fight with them.
However, many men tend to not set up boundaries with work and even less so with women.

Begin respecting yourself by removing those who don’t respect you

If you respected yourself and someone vastly overstepped the boundaries you have, you’d naturally respond by cutting them out of your life all together.
If a girlfriend isn’t respecting you, then you must be willing to walk away.
And if you’re willing to walk away, then you’re going to have the right energy needed for her to respect you.
If she’s not respecting you or fulfilling her duty, whether it be the wya she talks to you, sex, etc., then you need to actually walk away.
If you check a woman, and she doesn’t get in line, then you walk away.  If you “check” her, and she doesn’t change, then you didn’t really check her.  Because it wasn’t back by your willingness to actually walk away from her.  You must actually cut her out of your life.
Once you’ve actually done this with a woman, you’ll know you can do it and therefore you’ll command more respect from her or other women in the future.
Most guys like the phrase “willing to walk away”, but they aren’t actually willing to do it when their woman has constantly disrespected them.

Only Deal with Women who Fit your Criteria 

You must be willing to walk away and not deal with women who don’t respect you.
When you’re able to do this, then you will be in alignment with your true nature as a man.  Only then will you be able to have women that come into your life with respect.  Don’t deal with women who flake on you, girlfriends who constantly deny you sex, or unsatisfying relationships.  Respect yourself, deal with the women who fit your criteria, and you will have an abundance of women to not only date but who also respect you.


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