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How to Get Rid Negative Thoughts


How to Get Rid Negative Thoughts

Figuring out how to get rid of negative thoughts would make your life unquestionably better.  In fact, if you had 0 negative thoughts, life would be nothing but pleasant.  However, we look around and see lot of situations that we deem as negative.  And then we suck this information up.

It replays it in our minds.

Like a soundtrack on repeat.

Negative Thoughts cause the most suffering in the world

Negative thoughts are what cause the most suffering in the world.  Yes there is physical pain and that is real suffering.  But easily 90% of the suffering people have, and that you have, is because you’re bombarded with negative thoughts all day long.

There’s all different types of negative thoughts.  Literally millions of combinations depending on the person and what they’re focused on.  Common ones I get from guys in this community are:

  • What if I can’t pay my bills?
  • She probably doesn’t like me.
  • Can I even retain for much longer?
  • What’s the point of retaining anyways?
  • When can I get out of this stupid job?
  • Why is she acting like that?
  • Why does she never text me first?
  • If I don’t keep her she’ll find someone better.
  • I’m not good enough to get this done.
  • I’m unhappy.
  • Why can’t I ever win.
  • Things are difficult.
  • I just don’t understand why this happened.
  • It’s not fair that this is happening to me

What if this happens?  What if that happens?  Why is this happening?

All types of negative thoughts may emerge.  Maybe some of the above resonated with you.  Or maybe you have different negative thoughts all together.  But regardless, negative thoughts are like a plague to our mind.

The Brain is a Tool that most don’t use

Whatever we focus on, the mind will draw to us.  Good or bad.  That’s the reality of life.  The brain we have is extremely powerful.  However, it can be used to enhance our life or it can be used to destroy our life.

Many animals have better lives than humans.  Not objectively, but in their own experience, there’s not so many negative thoughts always bringing them down.

An animal may have to hunt just to eat.  Or it may have to run away from being hunted and avoid death everyday of its life.  It may get to breed or it may never find a mate.  It could enjoy a sunny day in the field or it could be on it’s last leg as the pack leaves it behind.

While animals may suffer more physical pain, they don’t have the capacity to make things worse in their minds.  They’re forced, due to their brain capacity, to do what they can in the moment and that’s it.

Humans, with our incredible brains, should have better lives.  Our standard of living is better.  The quality of our lives objectively are certainly more ideal.  We experience much less physical pain.  However, because of the power of out brains, we are always surrounded by a million ideas and thoughts.  The memory from the past and the imagination for the future can cause great pain to us if we don’t use our brains wisely.

The brain is a wonderful tool.  But if you don’t use it wisely, then you’ll suffer because of it.

The Mind attracts what we focus on

Whatever we focus on, we attract.  That’s what the law of attraction is.  It’s our intention.  Since we have such powerful, well-developed brains, we’re able to focus on many things.  We’re able to have much greater intention than any other creature.

Even the smartest animals like a monkey, dolphin, or elephant, only have so much intention.  They can recognize their family and their kind.  They can communicate.  But they don’t have the ability to focus to the degree a human can.  They have memory, but not to the degree we do.  If they could, then their memory would allow them to develop an advanced language and innovate like humans have.

Our minds are not perfect though.  With great power comes great responsibility.  Our brains are like radio stations.  And they pick up signals that we focus on.  They attract what we’re in tune with.  Not necessarily with what we want.  What we’re in tune with.  If we’re in tune with what we want, then we use our minds wisely.  But when we’re in tune with what we don’t want, like when we focus on negative thoughts, then we’re misusing our minds.

Getting rid of negative thoughts

A bit of an intro, but understanding the mind is important.  Negative thoughts are the source of our suffering, both in the present moment and in the future.  They cause us to suffer now when they consume us.  And by focusing on he negative thoughts, we manifest similar situations in our own lives.

You don’t need to completely destroy negative thoughts all together.  That would be a difficult task that might even be counter productive.  Instead, minimizing them is the simplest and most effective strategy.

You do this by:

  1. Recognizing negative thoughts
  2. Letting go any resistance to them
  3. Filling your mind with positive thoughts

1. Recognizing negative thoughts

This can actually be more difficult to do, at least at first.  Realizing you’re indulging in a negative thought takes a certain level of awareness.  Most people think they are their thoughts.  That’s how focused they are on the thought, that they identify with the thought.

What you want to do is disassociate with the negative thoughts.  When you can catch yourself thinking “Why is this happening… wait a minute that’s just a thought” then you’re on the right track.  The “wait a minute that’s just a thought” is also just a thought, but that’s fine.  When you begin to disassociate with negative thoughts, you’ll be able to take a big step back.

Meditation helps out massively in this.

2. Letting go any resistance to them

The next step is letting go resistance to them.  Don’t panic whenever you realize you have negative thoughts.  Just let it be.  You need not believe the negative thought.  Just let it be.  By letting it be, you give up resistance to it, and therefore it has no power over you.

Thinking of your ex all the time?  All good, let any of those “negative thoughts” just be there.  You relapsed the other day?  All good.  If you’re feeling or thinking about a failure or short coming, just let it be.

3. Filling your mind with positive thoughts

The last and easiest step is to fill your mind with positive thoughts.  You don’t necessarily need to do the first 2 in order to do this.  But if you can do the first 2, you will be so calm, cool, and collected that life will become a breeze.

Anyways, this last step is simple.  Your brain can’t simultaneously entertain negative thoughts and positive thoughts at the same time.

So simply repeat a positive affirmation or positive thought.  It can be specific like “I am building an incredible business” or general like “things are always working out for me”.  Whatever is more powerful or useful to you.

Negative Thoughts can be Defeated

Negative thoughts ruin peoples lives.  If you let them dominate your attention then your life will be miserable.  The good news is that they’re incredibly easy to overcome.  Recognize them, don’t be attached to them, and then replace with a positive thought instead.  You don’t need to get rid of negative thoughts completely.  As long as you don’t give them much focus, they will pass.  Redirect your focus on the thoughts + feelings you want, and those will become the dominant forces in your life.


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