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How to get your shit together

How to get your shit together

How to get your shit together

Learning how to get your shit together is exactly what is sounds like.  It’s when you actually get your life together.  You have your shit together when you have your money in line, have your own place, car, have a fit body, and dress well.  Basically having your shit together is when you are a man whose grown the fuck up.

Why you need to get your shit together

Some of the younger guys on here don’t have their shit together and it’s understandable.  If you’re 18, you’re probably just trying to figure out how you’re going to make money, where you’re going to live, and what direction you want to take your life.

If you’re in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s, then you definitely need to have your shit together.  All of you who are advanced in the game of life already have this in line.  But many of you aren’t.  I can tell by some of the questions I get like

  • “where do I bring back a girl if I don’t have my own place?”
  • “is $2000 enough money saved up to quit a job?”
  • “how do I get girls when I’m not in good shape?”

And things like this.  Questions like this shows me that the guys asking them don’t have their together.  They’re not at a place where they can manage multiple women like a player, make 6-figures with their own business, lead a relationship, or get the most of out life.

They haven’t gotten the basics down.  Figuring out how to get your shit together takes care of that.  It gives you a foundation in life to where you can then build off of.  When you have a few core areas in your life nailed down,. everything becomes way easier.  Don’t try to skip to learning how to fuck a girl like a sex god when you have no place to bring her back.  Don’t quit your job when you barely have any savings and no side business.

If you haven’t gotten your shit together, that needs to be your first priority.  Then you can have the luxury of even dealing with those other situations.

Get your shit together for

benefits of starting an online business

  • yourself, so you can have a high quality life
  • your dating life, so you can get laid more or get relationships with the girls you want
  • your kids or future kids, if you ever planning on having kids, then you need to be able to take care of them.  Even if you don’t, it’s still nice to be able to help out your parents or other people in need

Getting your shit together will help you to have a better quality life.  You’ll actually be able to have a much better standard of living and won’t be stressed about paying the rent every month.  You can even travel to places when you want to explore the world, eat at a nice cafe in your city, or take up hobbies that you find interesting.

Getting your shit together will help your dating life a ton.  Girls want to be able to come back to your place.  They don’t want to deal with parents or roommates.  Especially if you’re a grown ass man.  They want to be able to come back and have fun with you.  This is the same for one-night stands, fuckbuddies, or girlfriends.  Women want to fuck with the winners, but at the very least, with a guy who has his shit together.

If you ever have kids or want to take care of your family, having your shit together will make that possible.  There’s nothing more satisfying then being able to care of your parents, kids, or other family members when they need it.  You feel like a true man.  Besides the actual feeling, you want the best access to healthcare and lifestyle that you can provide to your family, or future family.  Having your shit together makes that possible.

Getting your shit together

So how do you get your shit together?  You need to nail down a few foundational areas.


build wealth - start a business

Money is the epitome of getting your shit together.  With money, most of these others are possible.  And without it, you’re a struggling motherfucker.  Being broke and having no plan to get money is the definition of a man without his shit together.  You need to get your money up.

Ideally you become rich.  But that’s not needed to have your shit together. You simply need to have enough money to cover your bills and then some.  Enough to where you can be stacking some cash for a rainy day.  You can either do this through:

  • own business
  • high paying job

Having your own business isn’t for everyone.  At least in the general public.  But for readers of Rebellious Development, it’s going to be the default option.  Because as men who are alphas or aspiring alphas, we need to have our own money.  This maximizes the amount of money we can make in the long term, gives us freedom of not having a boss, and gives us complete control of our lives.

However, you don’t have to quit a job and start a business.  I wouldn’t recommend that.  If you have a job, use that to make money right now.  And then  start a side business.  That way you can have 2 sources of income and begin to build real wealth.  Then when you want to quit your job you’ll have money in the bank and money coming in.

But either way, if you get our of debt and have money – whether through a job, your own business, or both – then financially you have your shit together.  Which is the bulk of it.

Own place

A man needs to have his own place.  This is a key part of having your shit together.  Whether you’re 22, 32, 42, or 52, you need to be living on your own.  No roommates.  Obviously if you have kids they can live with you.  And if you’re in your 50’s or 60’s and have your parents living with you that’s commendable.

But no single man should be living with his parents or share a room.  You need to have your own motherfucking place.

Which means you need to have your own apartment or house.

Living with parents is the lowest level.  Roommates are better than parents, but still shitty.  Live on your own.  That way you have control over how your live, your place, and can actually bring girls back.

Car or transportation

A man who has shit together needs to be able to get around on his own.  Which means a car for the majority of men.  You need to have your own car.  How are you going to be functioning getting around town if you don’t have a car?

There are exceptions to this.  If you live in a city where you don’t need a car like New York City or San Francisco, then having a car doesn’t make sense.  Those cities are so dense that a car generally will hold you back unless you live in the suburbs.  Or if you’re a traveler and having a car doesn’t make sense.

But the majority of you are in towns or smaller / less dense cities where you need a car to get around.  If you live in a city that requires you to have a car, and you’re struggling to get by without one, then you don’t have your shit together.  Should you go in debt for a sports car?  No, ideally you buy a car cash or at least get an affordable payment.  Although you guys know I don’t want you in debt at all unless that’s a legit part of your financial strategy.

If you don’t live in an ultra dense city and you’re not traveling, then you need to have a car.


workout in the morning

Getting your shit together is mainly about getting your money right.  Once you get your money right, you can not be a wage slave.  You can get your own place and get a car.

However, your fitness is also part of getting your shit together.  I want you guys to be well rounded men.  You should be hitting the gym regularly and keeping your body in shape.  This will help you to look good and maximize your sex appeal.  And it’s also good for your overall health and ability to do shit.  If you have your money right but you’re out of shape, then you only have your shit together financially.  You still need to get your body together and be presentable.  If you take it to the next level and get the ideal body type women want, your dating life will benefit greatly.

Foundation for success

Getting your shit together is about setting the foundation for your success and well being.  Getting your money right, having your own place, car, and being in shape are all basic things.  But having all of these together already sets you apart from the bottom 80% of men.

You’ll have a much better life than if you didn’t have one of these in order.  By getting your shit together, you give yourself the base needed to go out and elevate yourself in bigger ways.  But before you focus on becoming ultra wealthy, getting the hottest girls, or even just getting laid, you need to handle the basics and get your motherfucking shit together.


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