January 14

How to have a Mysterious Personality without being Creepy


How to have a Mysterious Personality: Mystery vs Creepy

how to have a mysterious personality

If you want to know how to have a mysterious personality then you’re not alone.  Men around the world want to be the cool, mysterious guy that women love.  And it’s true that women love a mysterious man.  a man they can wonder about boning them on rooftops, in the back of the car, or go on an adventure with.

However, the majority of men who think they’re mysterious are really just creepy.

Mysterious men and creepy men both aren’t extroverted talkative people.  But the one difference is that women are interested in the mysterious man.  And they find the creepy man to just be annoying.

High sexual market value + talk less

The key to knowing how to have a mysterious personality is to have a high sexual market value + talk less.  That’s it.

  • If women think you’re attractive but know little about you, you’re a mystery
  • If women think you’re unattractive but know little abut you, you’re a creep

This means that women think you’re attractive and want to fuck you.  Then you when you don’t give them much attention, they find you mysterious.  Whether it’s your looks, status, money, or a combination of all three.

You have something they desire.

But when women think you have no value and you don’t say much, you’re just a creep.  The socially awkward dude who’s just sitting in a corner picking his nose isn’t a mysterious stud, he’s a loser.

You can’t be mysterious if you aren’t desirable.  This means you need to improve your looks, money, or status if you’re not in the top 10% of men.

Why talking less is important

player with women, confident

The talking less part is also vital.  Let’s say you’re talking with a woman.  She finds you somewhat attractive.  Knowing how to have a mysterious personality can help raise her attraction more.  And this can help you to get laid.

But being creepy will turn her off.

The key to being mysterious to get her to talk more.  Don’t completely avoid questions.  But limit what you say about your life, make jokes or be short, and turn it around on her.  When a woman is talking to you and giving you her life story, she’s becoming more invested.

She’ll feel that you’re charismatic because she’s able to tell you about herself.  She’ll feel that you know her.  And since she won’t hear as much about you, she’ll think you’re a mystery.  Women love a mysterious man.

A creepy man will be much different.  He won’t ask her questions.  And out of a nervous reaction, he’ll probably talk too much about his life.  Women don’t want to hear about your favorite video game, lifting workout, or details about your favorite podcast.

They want to feel good in conversation with them.

Mysterious men say communicate more with less

man and woman flirting, touch

A man with high sexual market value who doesn’t say much – but when he does, it means something – is mysterious.  He also uses non verbal communication very well.

Especially with women, you need to focus on being shorter.  This comes down to texting them, meeting them in person, at a bar, on the phone, at your place, and so on.  You need to know how to talk to girls.  But knowing how to actually talk tot hem just really means getting them to talk.

Girls love to talk.  And the man who lets them talk, and who’s also desirable, will be deemed mysterious.

What not to do

  • Not say anything
  • avoid direct questions about your life
  • have no life

Not say anything or avoiding questions

Learning how to have a mysterious personality doesn’t mean you become a robot.  You still have to talk to girls and communicate.  And you still need to answer questions.  When a girl has interest in you, she’s going to ask questions back.

You can give some information about yourself, what you like to do, and your hobbies.

A creepy guy will not say anything, or ramble on and say too much.

Have no life

Having no life, meaning no career, no hobbies, and no social life, will make you a boring, creepy person.  Mysterious men are busy.  They’re always going places, doing things, and living full lives.  How can you be mysterious if you have nothing to do?  You can’t.  A man who doesn’t do anything is just a bored loser.

What to do

knowing if girl likes you - girls staring at man

  • dress well and always look good
  • say less and let them talk
  • be unavailable

Dress well and always look good

Dress well and look good.  This will help to attract women.  Girls love good looking guys just like we like good looking girls.  And our style can also boost us up.  Have decent style.  Imagine you’re a bad boy.  You’d probably wear jeans, maybe a v-neck or a nice jacket, nice shoes, and so on.

Maybe you’re a badass business man who’s wearing suits and is always on the good.

No matter what, you need to look good whether you’re casual or professional.  Part of being see as mysterious is being unknown but in a “who’s that hot guy” type of unknown.

Say less and let them talk

This goes back to the other point around talking.  You still need to talk.  But you should give brief answers, maybe a joke or flirty comment, and ask the question back.  Or ask another relevant question.  Get women to talk.  You should still be part of the conversation, and you should lead it with your questions, but get her to do more of the work.

Two goals are accomplished.

  1. First, she will become more invested in you and like you because you let her talk.
  2. Second, she will think you’re more mysterious because you know more about her than she does about you.

A good rule of thumb is let her talk 70 to 80% of the time.  The 20 or 30% of the time you’re sharing a little bit about you, asking her questions, and guiding the conversation.

Be unavailable

woman choosing

Once you meet a woman, you need to become unavailable if you want to know how to have a mysterious personality.  Which means you can’t always hang out, text back right away, or spend time with her.  This will help you to create an aura of mystery about what you’re always doing.

She’ll assume you’re hanging out with other girls or doing something that’s better than hanging out with her.  Which in turn will raise her attraction towards you and add to your mysterious persona.

If you want to be mysterious, then being mysterious shouldn’t be the main goal

At the end of the day, pursuing how to have a mysterious personality shouldn’t be your main goal.  You shouldn’t try to think of yourself as this character who’s in the shadows or in the dark.

Instead, a mysterious guy is a cool, attractive man, who’s busy.  Create a purpose and make it your main priority.  Learn how to be a player so you have tons of women in your life.  Then you won’t be able to give each one a ton of attention.  And be default, more women will see you as the mysterious man they want to lock down.


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