November 9

How to Have More Energy: Massively Boost your Vitality

How to have more energy

How to have more energy- thor

Determining how to have more energy will enhance your life on so many levels.  I’m not sure how many views this will get, but this will be one of my most important articles ever.

Having more energy will help you to

  • feel better physically, mentally, spiritually
  • have a chance at being happy
  • avoid depression (which is a severe lack of energy)
  • be able to chase after your goals
  • become rich
  • achieve success
  • live with less regrets
  • destroy your laziness

and make the most of of your life.  When you learn how to have more energy you’re able to have a totally different experience of life.  In today’s era, we’re bogged down with poor diets, bad environments where we sit all day at school/work, lack ambition, have little passion, and never chase after our dreams.

It makes sense why as a whole, modern society has little energy.  Things are efficient in the system.  But it takes its tole on the individuals that make up the human race.  You must learn how to have more energy if you want to have a more fulfilling life.

I’ll break down how to have more energy on the physical level, mental level, and spiritual level.  These are all interconnected, and the more energy you can have on each one, the more energy you’ll have overall.

How to have more energy on the physical level

Knowing how to have more energy on physical level can improve how you feel today.  And you’ll notice an even bigger impact if you stay consistent with these rules throughout the next 30 days.  Do these things to have a lot more energy:

  • Intermittent fasting
  • What you eat (less heavy carbs more meat/fat)
  • Waking up early
  • Working out in the morning
  • Hot shower, ending with cold shower
  • Sleep
  • Semen Retention

Intermittent fasting

intermittent fasting guide

Intermittent fasting is when you limit the time window in which you.  So instead of eating when you wake up, midday, and evening, you’d eat in a smaller time window.  I recommend waiting until at least noon, if not 1pm, before you eat.

Then you can eat up until 6 or 7pm.  I follow this 1pm-7pm the majority of the time, and might have a cheat day where I eat later one day of the week.

This has proven to be one of the best ways I’ve gotten a lot more energy.  I used to eat breakfast everyday and never correlated that to being tired in the morning.  But when I tried skipping breakfast, I realized that I had way more energy.  I’m also hungry and this gives me a drive to get things done.

You don’t even have to eat less, especially if you’re already in shape, just wait until lunch to eat.  This has helped me feel so much better in the morning.

What you eat (less heavy carbs more meat/fat)

The next thing is to watch what you eat.  The reason why we eat food is to give us energy.  The kind of food you eat is so important to your health and your energy levels.  On the physical level, you literally become what you eat.

If you eat heavily processed or unhealthy foods, your  body is going to have a tough time digesting it and you’re going to feel terrible.  Cut out unhealthy foods, and even heavy carbs like bread + pasta, and watch how much more energy you have.

I eat mainly grass-fed meat and veggies/fruits.  This helps me to feel amazing and not feel bogged down during the day, especially combined with intermittent fasting.  This will help you with weight loss if that’s your goal.  But for me, I’m naturally a thin guy and already had abs.  However, I saw massive energy boosts from eating well and not stuffing myself with heavy carbs.

I’ll still have some carbs in my last meal of the day ever few days, because otherwise I tend to lose too much weight.  But the important thing is to limit how often you have heavy carbs or at least wait until the later hours to eat them.

Waking up early

You’ll figure out how to have more energy quickly if you start waking up early.  There’s something about getting up with the sun that is natural and energies your body.  Get up at 6 or 7am and start your day off strong.

If you sleep in everyday that you’ll feel lethargic and tired.  Get up early and attack the day.  Once you hop out of bed you’ll feel better for doing it.

Working out in the morning

workout in the morning

Working out in the morning after you get up will give you a nice energy boost that also lasts throughout the day.  You’ll be burning calories early on, get your workout out of the way, and you’ll just feel good.

Whether you lift weights, run, or do martial arts like bjj or boxing, getting a morning workout is ideal for maximizing your energy.  If you can’t do this due to your work schedule or you have a martial arts class that’s in the evening then that’s okay.  This isn’t as essential as intermittent fasting or your diet.  However, it’s an added bonus that will definitely help in giving you more energy.

So if you can make it the gym early on, you’ll always be happy you did so later in the day.

Hot shower, ending with cold shower

cold shower makes you feel like a man

Take a hot shower for 10 to 15 minutes, and end it with a cold shower.  Hot showers are relaxing and help you to feel good.  Cold showers will wake up you and boost your energy levels.  Plus cold showers are great for your skin.

You don’t need to get hyperthermia by taking a cold shower for a long time.  Doing a cold shower the whole time is great for developing your willpower and resistance to harsh conditions.  Mentally, they’ll make you tougher.  But even just ending the hot shower with 10-20 seconds of a cold shower will give you the same energy and health benefits.

I always hate turning on the cold, but once I turn it off I feel amazing and thank myself for doing it.


You need to get enough sleep to have lots of energy.  Sleep varies, but between 6-8 is good for most people.  7 is perfect for me, and what works for you may be 6, 7, 8, etc.  I have an uncle who gets grumpy if he gets more than 5, and some people need 8.5 hours.

But whatever the ideal amount of sleep is, aim to get it every night.

Semen Retention

benefits of nofap, elon musk

Semen retention is one of the most powerful things you can do.  It’s simply the act of not releasing your seed.  You can still have sex if you want, just no ejaculating.  In most cases semen retention is coupled with nofap where you’re not masturbating, but that’s also up to you.

Some guys do monk mode where they take time off from women all together.

However long term when you’re seeing women and having sex, you can still practice semen retention and holding in your seed.

This will give you so much more energy it’s insane.  Especially if you’re masturbating / having sex a few times a week or everyday.  If you’re ejaculating 3-4 times a week, or more, you’re wasting so much energy.  It’s insane.  Of course it feels good to bust.

But when you don’t release that  energy, you have way more energy.  Like day to day, you have just so much more energy and vitality.  I generally need 7-8 hours of sleep to preform at my best.  But when I’m preserving my seed, I can be productive on 6 or even 5 hours hours a sleep.  Getting enough sleep and eating eight is still important.

The point is that you  have way more physical energy when you hold in your semen.  You keep that raw drive that fuels the male animals of the world.  When you look back at how much you used to ejaculate after taking up semen retention, it will seem obvious why you used to be so tired and now you feel alive.

How to have more energy on the mental level

After physical, the next area is your mental energy.  Increasing your physical energy will help your mental.  But it’s good to have strategies to increase your energy here as well.  And you can do exactly that just by:

  • Getting work done early in the day
  • Schedule and time management
  • Focusing on doing 3 critical tasks for the work day

Getting work done early in the day

ways to invest in yourself, start a business

Your most productive window is from when you wake up until you eat your first meal.  This is when you need to get the most important work of the day done.

If you do this, then you’ll feel more accomplished and you’ll have more mental energy.  You’ll benefit from the momentum effect.  Which means that the success you have from getting small things done will create momentum for future success.  This is true in both the long term of life and the short term of each day.

Start by getting your workout in, taking a shower, and then grinding at work or ideally on your purpose.

It’s easy to get stuff done early on in the day and then continue to be a producer for the rest of the day.  It’s much more difficult to get going if you’ve wasted your morning.

Schedule and time management

time for side business

You need master time management.  And you need to have a schedule that you stick to.  If you can create a schedule and stick to it, then you’ll create the energy to get things done.

Without a schedule, you have no idea with what you’re doing with your time.  You’ll not only waste time, but you’ll become bored.  And being bored destroys your energy.  Instead, learn how to have more energy by managing your time with a set schedule.

Focusing on doing 3 critical tasks for the work day

A useful tip is to simply have 3 critical tasks to accomplish each day, not including your normal morning workout routine.  You can choose 2 that are work related, 1 purpose related.  Or if you already have your purpose as your full time job then 3 things you need to get done on your business today.

Things like

  • cold emailing prospects
  • setting up an ad on Facebook
  • talking 4 prospects about moving forward on a deal
  • completing a program
  • writing a blog post

And so on.  But the point is to have 3 critical tasks that you try to get done.  If you get them all done then you can do other tasks.  With focus on specific objectives, you’ll be surprised at how much more energy you’ll have.

How to have more energy on a spiritual level

This isn’t about religion or what you believe, that doesn’t matter to me.  But this is about how to have more energy on a spiritual or metaphysical level is crucial.  If you don’t believe in any metaphysical things, you should still see that this makes sense to your energy levels.

Doing what you love

power in a relationship, focus on purpose

You need to be doing something you enjoy.  Find something you love to do and do it.  This might be a hobby or skill that you’re still working on.  But you need to have things in life that excite you.  Ideally you create a purpose for yourself that’s also a business.

Otherwise you won’t have any energy.  Learning how to have more energy requires that you have things that make you feel good.  If you love to play a sport, then you’re naturally energized when you’re doing it.  If you love to race cars or paint then you’ll have tons of energy when doing those things.  Find something you love and do it.

Taking risks and live dangerously

If you never take risks then you’ll look back at life with regret.  And you’ll suffer now.  You’ll have no energy to do anything because you’re playing it safe not doing what you’re supposed to be doing.

In this aspect I’m talking about your career/purpose.  If you hate your job or what you do, then you hate your life.

You need to take risks and live dangerously.  This doesn’t mean take unnecessary risks.  You shouldn’t quit your job when you have no back up plan and will be on the streets in a month.

But you should make a plan to escape wage slavery and quit that job.

Start that business on the side.  Grind and put the hours in so you can do something you love to do instead of have a boss run your life.  Then when you quit you’ll still have money and the bank and won’t be homeless.  You’ll realize that starting a business can be less risky than working for a company if you do it right.

That being said, it’ll still feel risky and dangerous.  You’ll be going against what the majority of society tells you to do. You’ll be working for yourself, not sticking to the middle class script.  You’re giving your chance to get rich and not ever worry about money.

And doing what you always wanted to do feels dangerous, risky, and rebellious.  Yet you’ll feel so alive, and it’s actually the best thing you can do.

Surrounding yourself with positive people

surround yourself with the right people

When you surround yourself with happy, positive people, you’ll start to feel more happy and positive.

Figuring out how to have more energy can be simple if you absorb good energy from good people.  They say you’re the average of the 5 people closest to you.  Whether that’s exactly true or not, the point is valuable.

Surround yourself with drive, happen, ambition people who have goals in their life.  And if your circle is negative, then cut them off.  It’s better to have no people than negative ones.  Take time to focus on your purpose and doing what you’re meant to do.  You’ll get rid of the energy drainers.  Sooner or later, positive energy enhancers will show up in your life.

Positive affirmations about where you’re going in life

mcgregor visualization

Creating positive affirmations is highly beneficial to one’s life and is underrated.  The point of positive affirmations isn’t that they magically make your life better.  But they train you to think positively, which then changes your perception and your actions.

If there’s one thing you could do today to help you improve across your life and give you more energy, it’d be to create positive affirmations and day them everyday.  Affirmations like

  • I am a winner
  • I am going to get a lot done today
  • I am focused on my purpose and accomplishing great things
  • I’m in amazing shape and will only get more fit
  • I feel amazing
  • I am healthy and am blessed for my great health
  • I’m building up my wealth and am on my way to be rich
  • I love providing value to other people
  • I am a high quality man
  • I have tons of women who want to be with me
  • I love my life and what the future holds

You can steal these, add your own, or just other ones.  But if you say these with meaning and you say them often, it’s impossible not to feel better.  In fact, you won’t just feel better, you’ll feel energized on another level.

Don’t worry if you don’t believe yourself right away.  Saying these everyday will start to add up.  After 30 days of saying them you’ll feel a lot better and have more energy.  After 90 days of saying them you’ll have a ton more energy and you’ll be a different person.

Biggest energy mistakes people make

The biggest mistakes to increasing energy levels I see specifically are when people

  • Downplay their diet
  • Lack a purpose
  • Have inconsistent sleep cycles

Downplay their diet

Food is literally the energy you’re giving to yourself.  To downplay what you eat or when you eat as insignificant is a mistake.  You need to eat well, at the very least for the majority of the day.  If you’re going to cheat, have a cheat day or at least wait until the evening.

Lack a purpose

A purpose combines something you

  • love
  • are good it
  • can make money with

You give yourself a purpose on this planet.  It’s the thing that drives you.  When you can make money at something you love to do and you’re good at it, you’re living your best life.  A man with a purpose is unstoppable.

You’ll have more energy than you know what to do with when you follow your purpose.  But when you have no purpose, you have no energy.  You need to be able to get excited about something to have energy.

For example, think of the hottest girl you ever slept with.  You probably had lots of energy on the date or when she came back to your place, even if you played it cool and calm.  That’s because you had something to look forward to, which was sex.

Your purpose it like that.  You need to have something to look forward to doing and something that will bring you to life.  A purpose gives you insane energy.  It’s like it makes you a magnet for energy across the globe and it’s all coming to you at once.

But with no purpose, you’re bound to feel tired, lazy, and overall low energy.

Inconsistent sleep cycles

Inconsistent sleep cycles

Many people have one sleep cycle during the week and have a new sleep cycle on the weekends.  They are constantly shifting their sleep cycle twice a week because of this.  This is a difficult way to live and is going to result in less energy.

If you want to know how to have more energy then you need a consistent sleep cycle.  It’s better to lose an hour of sleep on the weekend you went out (for example, go to sleep at 1am, wake up at 7am), then go to sleep at 2am, wake up at 10am, and then be not tired enough to go to sleep at 12am before Monday.  Then Sunday night you’re in bed but not falling asleep until 2am and have to wake up at 6 or 7am.

This will mess up your energy levels and by the time you adjust you’re onto the next cycle.

Make sure you get up at 6 or 7am everyday.  If you normally get up at 6am then you can get up at 7am on the weekends after a night out.  But don’t sleep in until 10 or 11am.

If you can have a consistent sleep schedule then you’ll feel much better.  And you’ll have a lot more energy.

Understanding energy

Pump and dump: stop hitting and quitting every girl you sleep with 

There’s 4 primary states you can have, and they all depend on your energy levels and whether you’re positive or negative in the moment.  When you have

  1. High energy and are positive, you feel love, happiness, and want to do good.
  2. High energy and are negative, you feel anger.
  3. Low energy and are positive, you feel calm and content.
  4. Low energy and are negative, you feel depressed and sad.

You might be in one of these states primarily or go back and forth a lot.  Most people fluctuate but have one or two states they spend most of their time in.

#1 is the best, followed by #3, #2, and then #4 being the worst.  #2, high energy and negative, can be used to give you lots of motivation and ability to grind through tough times.  Anger is a powerful tool and use useful to me for starting me own business.  I was angry at myself for not putting in the work already and having financial freedom.  And I was at myself that I wasn’t in control of income that would grant me independence.  Compared to most people I had a great boss and worked for a great company.  However I also wanted to have my own business so would never be dependent on another man for my well being.

I used that in a controlled way to help achieve success in business.

I still use it once in a while to propel myself into action, but I’ve found #1 to give me the most happiness while still being able to get a lot done.  That’s the ideal state to be in.  And then #3, being calm and content, after a long days work.

Increase your energy

The point of this article is to give you the tools to learn how to have more energy.  You’ll feel better with more energy and you’ll get more done.

Every successful man needs energy to get what he wants.  As human beings, we’re beacons for absorbing energy and giving it back.  In fact, all life is like this.  Not even on just the metaphysical level, but the basic physical level as well.

If you want to accomplish great things, live a full life, and feel powerful, then you need to know how to have more energy.  And it’s in your control to do so.  With some alternations in what you eat, your habits, and your surrounding, your energy levels will rise.  You’ll surprise yourself at how different you are when you have the energy to do more and live greater.


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