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How to have Sex Appeal as a man


How to have Sex Appeal as a Man

Having sex appeal as a man means that women find you sexually attractive.  There’s just something about you that turns them on.  When you have sex appeal as a man, you’ll find yourself being the sexual object instead of just the woman.

Knowing how to appeal to a girl will be done if you learn how to become more sexually appealing.  And you do that by working on your sex appeal, aka how women perceive you as a potential sexual partner.

The more sex appeal you have, the more dating options you’ll have.

Of course as a man, you still need to pursue at first.  At least a little bit.  But what sex appeal does is make you the guy that turns women on.  When you develop sex appeal, more women will show interest in you.  This is what I mean when I say a woman chooses you.  She gives you those “I want you” eyes.  Then she’ll look down or away.  And she’ll usually take another glance at two.

That’s when you approach and be the man.

What’s it like to be a man with sex appeal?

Sex appeal doesn’t mean you’re a good looking weak man who doesn’t do anything.  But it also makes you the object of desire vs just the woman being the one whose desired.   A man with sex appeal will be able to casually approach girls who give him eye contact, chat her up, get the digits, and then get something going.

A man with sex appeal is just that – he’s sexually appealing to women.  Not every woman of course.  Some women will always find you attractive, while others will never have interest in you.  But you can develop your sex appeal as a man.

For men with girlfriends or wives, sex appeal will still benefit you.  Especially if you grow it within a few months to a year, it will catch your girl off guard.  She’ll start to be around you more and will be more into you.  You’ll also become less desperate or dependent on her because other women in real life will send you choosing signals.

A tied down man doesn’t need to cheat or approach other women.  But just the confidence it will give you will be noticed by your woman, who will then be more submissive and want to be with you ore.

Sex appeal is about becoming more sexy to more women.  Simple as that.  And there’s a few ways to  work on it.


how to dress well - beard

The first way, and most obvious way to learn how to be attractive to girls, it to work on your looks.  As men we like a good looking girl.  Plain and simple.  While women evaluate more than just looks, a good looking man can turn them on just the same.  Women will look past, at least temporally, other bad traits in a man if he really turns her on.

When you work on your looks to the best degree you can, you’re going to have more women who want to get at you.  Which means you can either date more women or date higher quality women.


Lift weights and eat clean.  There’s  no magic to getting a killer body.  If you do 3 full body workouts a week, do some cardio or a martial art, and eat well, you’re going to have a great body.  Rock solid abs, nice arms, a masculine chest, broad shoulders… these are all things women go crazy for.

They’ll imagine your body and how strong you are.  You might just be getting a coffee and while you’re in line, a woman sitting down with her latte will be fantasizing about you.  If you don’t take a look around you might be oblivious to this.  If you have some awareness, you’ll feel her checking you out.

This is common for men who have great bodies.

It’s not rocket science on how to get one.  Regardless of the face genetics you were given, every single man can achieve an incredible body.  Get to them gym and make it happen.


Style comes down to the way you dress, your facial hair, regular hair, the way you smell, and general hygiene.  It’s a given that you should shower everyday and wear deodorant.  Go the extra mile and wear a nice cologne.  A great way to learn how to appear more attractive besides just your raw looks is appealing to the senses.  The sense of smell is arguably the most powerful scent, or at least the one to stand out.  You’ll realize that you will know how to appeal to a girl or may girls by having a nice smell to you.

Dress well – whether that’s casual with a v-neck and jeans that show off your body, or a little nicer with a shirt, pants, and shoes that look professional, fashionable, and still give hints of your masculine stature.  If you have tattoos, show them off when appropriate.

Have a fresh haircut twice a month and either shave or style your facial hair in a way that goes with your image.

When you have a great body, good style, and you’re not butt-ugly in the face, you’ll already be a man with lots of physical sex appeal.


dirty talking to a girl

So we got the most obvious part of a man’s sex appeal out of the way.  Don’t skip that, as your looks will increase the way you feel about yourself and will carry over to your other areas.

But the way you look, while extremely important, isn’t the end all be all.  It’s the bait that reels women in.  You still need to have conversation game.  Learn how to talk to girls.  Basic conversation isn’r rocket science.  From there learn how to flirt and have a sexual energy.

Which isn’t talking for days and being annoying or telling made up stories.  It’s about the energy you have and your voice.  You need to know how to be chill yet keep women engaged with questions.  But having sex appeal when you talk is about the way you talk.

Energy you have when you talk

With the right energy, you’ll have women going crazy over you when you two are conversing.  Energy doesn’t mean being loud.  The kind of energy you need is “cool”, “powerful”,”sexy”,”relaxed”,”confident”.   You’re masculine and powerful, yet calm and almost too cool for her, but not too stand-off ish.

It’s hard to describe it in exact words which is why I had all those descriptions.  But once you start to get the energy, you’ll know what I mean.


Your voice will come about when you have the right type of energy.  The deeper the voice the better.  I’m blessed with a deep voice.  Women often comment about it how it makes them feel relaxed and turned on.

While most of your voice is genetic, you can talk deeper by slowing down and talking from your balls.  When you talk fast, you speak from your mouth and your throat.  When you slow down, you’ll speak from your chest, your stomach, and finally your balls.  Practice speaking like this and you’ll eventually talk with a deeper, sexy tone than you currently do.  This will add tons of sex appeal to yourself when you’re talking with a woman.


the rock - bald

The last thing you need is confidence.  All of the other aspects of sex appeal like your looks, conversation, and the way you carry yourself will improve your confidence.

And with massive confidence and looking presentable, you will get tons of women.  That’s what it really comes down to.

Confidence is everything and yet nothing.

Because most men aren’t going to have confidence for no reason.  That’s why you do the self improvement.  So you raise your external value and you feel internally that you now deserve the hottest and best women.

But you can’t do the external things and get results solely on that.  You also need the confidence.  Believe it or not, there are some good looking men who are insecure as fuck and have no confidence.  Girls think they’re cute at first but are soon weirded out and these guys get no action.  There are also average dudes who are confident as hell.  They might need to talk to more women than a good looking guy, but they still get hot women when they put in the effort.

Combine the two by becoming good looking and confident and you’ll kill it in the game.

That’s because confidence is sexy to women.  The more confident you are, the more swagger you have in the way you carry yourself.  You’ll carry yourself like a strong, confident, and happy man.  You’re ready to attack the world.  Yet you’re smooth and cool.

When you get to this point, and you also given have decent hygiene, you will have massive sex appeal to women.

Sex appeal is knowing how to attract girls

If you want to learn how to attract girls then you need to develop sex appeal.  Don’t worry about how to make a girl want you on a girl per girl basis.  Don’t worry about what things to say to attract a woman.

Instead, you want to make yourself into a sexy man.  you do that by getting a killer body, being focused on your purpose, and be confident as fuck.  Lifting weights, eating right, and wearing fitted clothes is the first step in learning how to attract a woman physically.  And you should definitely be doing that.  I stress lifting and getting into killer shape for a reason.

But you energy needs to match your look.  It’s not what you say when you talk to girls, but how you say it.  It’s the way you carry yourself.  And it’s much easier to carry yourself like a cool, cold motherfucker when you get your body on point.

Sex appeal is in the eyes of the beholder.  So not every woman will find you attractive.  But that’s fine.  Because when you get your body on point, you’re cool with how you present yourself, you’ll know how to attract a girl without talking.  Again, not every girl.  But the girls who do like you will check you out and give you a certain look.

Become a sexy motherfucker

Having sex appeal as a man is about becoming a sexy man.  That sounds corny on paper because we usually associate women with the word sexy.  But a man can be like that too and still be masculine.

Get your body right, your convo tight, be seen with other women, and grow your confidence.  You can become the man that many women fantasize about.  Just become that man.


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