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How to Increase Testosterone Naturally: 6 Actions that Raise your T-Levels


How to Increase Testosterone Naturally

Knowing how to increase testosterone naturally is critical for any man who wants to maximize his energy levels, vitality, strength, and happiness.

Testosterone is the manhood hormone.  With healthy levels of testosterone, you’ll have

  • confidence, drive, and optimism
  • a strong sex drive
  • maximum muscle growth
  • a deep voice
  • greater ability to fight off enemies
  • attract more women

Essentially, a man with healthy, natural levels of testosterone is the best version of himself.  Of course it’s normal for testosterone to decrease as you age.  That’s part of the circle of life, no one can escape decline.  But this should be natural.  Today’s men have on average, have almost 20% less testosterone of men than in the previous generation.   That article I linked was from 2007, and the problem has undoubtedly only gotten worse since then.

With terrible nutrition, porn addictions, and a separation from Nature, men’s natural testosterone levels have continued to plummet.

Lower testosterone levels = weaker men

Which is why so many men feel weaker today.  Besides the societal programming that has made men softer (weaker mental states manifest in the production of testosterone), the programming isn’t just affecting the minds.  It’s also affecting the body.

We can get into a discussion about whether a population of men with lower testosterone is easier to control and if this was done on purpose, or if it’s just the natural process of society.  Likely a bit of both.  As society gets more affluent, things can more convenient, and the conditions that made men tough before are gone.  Therefore conditions arise that make men weaker, which is seen scientifically from the lower testosterone.  The cycle will again change in the future.

But you don’t need to wait for the next generation or 3 to see changes in your own life.  Making a few lifestyle changes can dramatically increase testosterone levels naturally.

1. Sleep

How to have sex dreams

The first thing you need is sleep.  Sleep is essential, you need to get a good nights rest every single night, or as often as possible.  The amount of sleep varies person to person, this can also be affected by your diet and physical fitness.

But you absolutely must be well rested.  Sleep is when your body recovers.  And it’s actually the time you produce testosterone.  That’s why your testosterone levels are naturally highest in the morning.

Morning wood isn’t just from those lustful thoughts.  You might notice often you get morning wood without thinking of anything sexual.  You just wake up with a boner.  And even after you get up, you tend to get unwanted erections in the morning easily.

That’s because your body is working on it’s testosterone production when you’re sleeping.  Get as much needed sleep, whether that’s 7 hours 8 hours, etc.  Figure out the exact optimal sleep schedule for you and get that exact amount every night.

2. Semen Retention

Semen Retention and the Law of Attraction

Learning how to increase testosterone naturally seems difficult for the modern man whose addicted to porn.  But it’s easy for the man who retains his seed.

Of course you should do everything else on this list to increase your testosterone naturally.  However, if you just did semen retention, you’d notice a massive difference.  It’s the game changer.  Men aren’t meant to be releasing their seed every single day.  And especially not to pornography.  Porn weakens your mind, kills your libido, and destroys your testosterone levels.  It zaps your dopamine receptors and makes you a slave to the screen.

Try semen retention out for yourself.  This study shows that not having an orgasm for 3 weeks (aka semen retention for 3 weeks) raised the testosterone levels in men.

Am I saying you can never release again in your life?  No I’m not saying that, you can release through sex with a woman, nothing wrong with that. There is also evidence that healthy sex (not porn) can increase testosterone.  Although this will be way less than a man whose retaining his seed.

However, if you really want to know how to increase testosterone naturally within a week or a month, just retain your seed.  If you just hold onto your seed, you’ll see a massive increase in your testosterone.

In fact, I don’t recommend most men retain for their whole life.  Having your testosterone constantly that high can lead to frustration and rage if you don’t channel it properly.  However, in today’s day and age, most men need to worry about raising their testosterone, not lowering it.

3. Diet

ideal diet - lean meat, veggies, fish

You can naturally raise testosterone just by the way you eat.  The foods that are natural, will put you in a natural healthy state, which is a man with high testosterone.

People like to argue about the best diet.  Don’t get caught up in the arguments, do what works.

What works is no processed sugar.  Cookies, ice cream, candy, all delicious, but terrible for you.  Avoid refined sugars and fast food.  And avoid plants with pesticides and animals from factory farms.

What’s left?  Organic food.  Eat all organic, whole plants, and eat grass fed, local meat.  That’s the closest you get to Nature.  That’s what’s healthiest for humans.  We’re omnivores, and not only that, can survive on a lot of kinds of foods.  We can even survive off of processed, refined, sugar filled foods.  But we won’t thrive.  Our testosterone levels, dental health, mental capabilities, athletic performance, and quality of life suffer when we eat bad food.

Go against the slave food.  Eat all natural, organic foods from ethical sources.  If you’re vegan, then eat all natural plants, no fake beef or processed vegan food.  If you’re a carnivore, then eat meat from local ranchers who treat their animals well.  And if you’re going to eat both plants and meat, then do the same.  If you can grow your own that’s the best, but that’s not the case for most of us.

4. Lifting weights and martial arts


Lifting weights is one of the best ways to increase testosterone naturally.  When you lift heavy, especially compound movements, your body responds by increasing testosterone.

Essentially, lifting makes you more of a man, at least from a purely physical standpoint.  Due to the demands you’re placing on your body to lift weights, your body adapts by increasing your man juice.

Are there weights in Nature?  Well, not the way we view them in the gym.  But there’s a reason your muscles grow as a man when you lift heavy.  If you were in Nature, you’d have to go hunting, kill the beast, and carry it back to camp.  Not to mention all of the lifting required to move stones in your cave, or whatever else life demanded of you.

Lifting weights is a healthy way for us to stimulate our muscles in the modern era.  There’s no excuses not to do it.

However, it doesn’t need to be the main component.  For example, some men prefer to lift 5 x a week.  While others might lift 2-3x a week and do a martial art 3-5x a week.  In that way you still have a muscle shape to you, but you’re focused on performance as well.  And while I don’t have an article to point to on fighting in creasing your testosterone, there’s something about it that brings out the man in you.  When you put yourself in situations where you need to fight, your body ups it’s man power, which is the hormone testosterone.

5. SunLight

man in sunlight - testosterone - vitamin D

You ever just feel better when the sun is out?  That’s because sunlight is essential for your testosterone and overall health.

Believe it or not, sunlight is a great way to boost your manhood.  Knowing how to increase testosterone naturally can be as simple as getting more sun.  Should you do this and do nothing else?  Of course not.  And there may be times of the year like the winter where you can’t get as much.

But make no mistake, sunlight is great to naturally raise testosterone and help you feel great.  Sunlight is how you get most of your vitamin D.

The lighter skin you have, the less time you’ll need in the sun.  The darker you are, the more time you’ll need.

Reduce Stress by doing work you enjoy

Stress is the killer of testosterone.  Having a complete stress free life is unavoidable.  However, we can all greatly reduce our stress.  A few activities already mentioned – eating right, getting proper sleep, and working out – will do wonders.

However, there’s also a few big lifestyle decisions.  Your biggest is your work

Do you get paid well doing something you enjoy?  If so, you probably have low stress levels.  But if you don’t get paid well or you don’t like your job, then you probably have high stress.  This is understandable to have in the beginning stages of your career, but you must counter this asap.

If that means going through extra stress for 6 months or a year to build the side business, then that’s what needed.

The point though is that you should put yourself in a position to do work you enjoy.  No point in doing what you hate, that will kill your testosterone levels and happiness.

6. Meditate

peace of mind - man meditating

Meditating is a simple, but vital practice.  While meditating won’t boost your testosterone directly, it will help you to find your center.  When you meditate consistently, you’re training your mind to be focused, yet calm and detached.  This allows you to see your life clearly.

Most importantly, this carries over to the rest of your day.  Many men get emotional over little things.  They get bothered so easily because they have no self control, which leads to a waste of energy.  Misuse of your energy puts you in a weak state.  And overtime, your testosterone will drop.

Think about men who have no control over their minds.  Men who watch porn, men who react so quickly to everything, men have no control over their lives.

All of these men lack peace of mind.  When you meditate, you gain peace of mind.  When your mind is at peace, your body can use it’s energy to maintain healthy hormone production, especially testosterone.

Increase testosterone naturally

Retain your seed for a few weeks and see what happens.  Live closer to a natural life.  Watching fake sex and stimulating yourself isn’t natural.  Having your balls full and building a life and finding a woman is natural.  Use your life force energy to hunt for what you want.  That’s how human men have used their sexual energy in the past, and that’s how all other animals do it.  Spilling your seed on a napkin does nothing for you.

Get into great shape.  Access nature when possible, especially sunlight, and eat healthy foods.

If you live closer to a natural life, maximize your health, gain control of your mind, then you will naturally raise testosterone.


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