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How to Keep a Girl Interested in you


How to Keep a Girl Interested in you

Figuring out how to keep a girl interested may seem difficult if you don’t understand how women operate.  Many men fail to really know why women act the way they do.  And instead of learning how to keep a girl interested and have a great interaction, they end up pushing women out of their lives.

Listen, women go through things and are responsible for their decisions as well.  But this article isn’t going to be about blaming women.  They can act as they want.

When you realize that as a man, if you take responsibility for the way you act, you can actually have a massive influence on the women in your life.  If you do the right things, chances are very high that keeping a woman interested in you won’t be so difficult.

Keeping her interest

There aren’t any guarantees, but women reflect the men they date.  Too many guys will just say “she’s low quality” or “onto the next”.  There are plenty of women in the world, that’s true.  In fact having an abundance mindset and realizing this will actually help you in determining how to keep a girl interested in you.

However, if you have a hard time keeping women interested in you, then you need to ask yourself “Maybe I can do something different to keep women around?”.  You’ll find that yes, you can.  It’s not about being desperate for any woman to stay in your life.  You guys know I’m not about that.  But instead it’s about realizing that figuring out how to keep a girl interested  in you is possible if you just make a few adjustments.

Why do women lose interest?

Women lose interest for a variety of specific reasons.  But if you’ve been seeing her for a few weeks, a few months, or a few years,  it’s generally your behavior.

Look at your behavior, you can narrow it down to acting:

  • Too beta
  • Too alpha

Being too beta kills her interest

Women hate beta males: why girls will never love a weak man

Most guys act too beta, meaning they’re putting her on a pedestal.  Keeping a woman interested in you is close to impossible when you’re always sacrificing your manhood to make her happy.  This is when a man gives all of his non-sexual attention away and he gets little to no sex.  And even outside of sex, he generally just thinks of the woman as so much better than himself.

Being too alpha scares her away

daddy issues

However, on the other hand is men being too alpha.  Wait what, being too alpha is a thing?  Yes, if you’re too alpha you’ll scare women away.  They’ll be attracted to you at first, and you can sleep with them.  They may stick around because you’re good at sex and they love being around you.

However, learning how to keep a girl interested also means you can’t be too alpha.  I know to many of you this will seem controversial or not well thought out.  But when you’re too alpha, you never discuss issues, you do little outside of sex, and you give her as little validation as possible.  Will she be attracted to you?  Yes.  However, she will still leave you because she’ll be too insecure.  She’ll have no stability in the relationship or interactions with you.

This is why guys who go overboard with always being alpha or giving no validation can’t keep women.  They can attract women, but they can’t keep them.  While this is more appealing to guys who suck with women and then start to get some, it’s still not the ideal state.  That if you want to know how to keep a girl interested in you and see her consistently,  whether she’s a girlfriend or just a girl you see.

So how do I keep a girl interested me?

  1. Pursue Her Sexually at first
  2. Start seeing her more regularly
  3. Balance sexual and non-sexual attention

1.Pursue Her Sexually at first

Don’t change up anything here.  Determining how to get a girl interested in you is still the same.  Meet her, get her number, get a date, sleep with her.

If you’re pursuing women sexually and getting results, keep doing that.  It’s not the initial pursuing that’s turning them or causing them to lose interest.  Be confident, have a mindset of abundance, and be about good vibes.  Pursue her sexually at first like you normally would.

2. Start seeing her more regularly

How to Remain Detached from a Woman

The second step is to start seeing her more regularly.  Not all the time.  After all, your purpose comes first.  If you don’t have financial freedom then that needs to be your #1 goal.  But you should start to see her at least once  a week or so.  This isn’t a hard rule.  Some weeks you may not see her, and then over time you can start to see her a little bit more.

Learning how to keep a girl interested after sleeping with her involves actually giving her a little bit more of your attention.  She can still pursue you now, and she should.

But don’t worry too much about how to keep a girl interested between dates or her forgetting about you.  Getting a woman interested is about having a good time when you’re together, and having some healthy space in between.

3. Balance sexual and non-sexual attention

This is where learning how to keep a girl interested gets tricky.  It’s the balance of sexual and n0n-sexual attention.

At first, you pursue her sexually.  But once you two are already having sex and have been seeing each other, you need to back off a bit.

Not totally.  You can still initiate sex.  However, she also needs to initiate sex.

If you always initiate it, then you’ll get her in a habit of never having to.  And then she’ll feel like you only want sex and she’ll start to test you.  She’ll deny you for sex more often or straight up tell you she doesn’t want to have sex.  This confuses guys because when they first met her, it seemed like she always wanted to have sex.

Keep her guessing

How to do foreplay with women

However, knowing how to keep a woman interested sexually and romantically means you need to let her desire you.  You need to keep her guessing a little bit.  Whether you want to keep your girlfriend interested in having sex with you or just a girl you’re dating, you need to let her also pursue sex.  You keep her guessing simply by letting her pursue sex with you sometimes.

This is the most important part in keeping a woman interested in you.  You must let her also pursue sex with you.  Sometimes you do, sometimes she does.  You gotta balance how much time you spend in the bedroom and how much you do other things.

Don’t give her too much of your nonsexual energy, especially when you first meet her.   At the same time, don’t give her too little.  It’s all about balancing.  You both like sex and attention.  However, you like sex more and she likes attention more.  Balance this and you’ll successfully know how to keep a girl interested in you.

Can’t be ruthlessly Alpha all the time, it’s about balance

If you were really 100% alpha, you’d eliminate or try to kill all enemies or people who disrespected you right away.  You’d end up in jail or dead very quickly.

Even Genghis Khan, a ruthless warrior King who conquered the world wouldn’t always attack head on.  Sometimes he’d siege cities in order to make them weaker, for weeks on end.  Then the city would surrender or he’d go in and take over.

Even though he was very alpha and masculine, he still would implement feminine tactics.  This didn’t make him feminine, but he understood aspects of masculine and feminine.  And while he may have just preferred  to be alpha all the time, he understood balance.  Sometimes he would slaughter entire villages, other times he would go in and if they surrendered, he’d let them keep their customs and religious traditions.

I’m not trying to glorify him as your new hero.  But he’s a great example of understanding when to be alpha and when to be beta, or at least be not as masculine.  If he had no tolerance towards anyone, eventually he’d have too many enemies and rebellions.

Be masculine and understand the feminine

take control of your relationship

Essentially, figuring out how to keep a girl interested in you comes down to being masculine but understanding the feminine.  I’m not telling you guys to go overboard and become beta.  Weakness will ruin relationships you have with women.  That’s still the most common reason why most relationships, whether boyfriend / girlfriend, husband / wife, or just fuckbuddies, tend to fail.

However, keeping a woman interested in you also means that she needs some level of validation outside of sex.  You are still masculine and strong.  Yet you’re calm, cool, and collected.  You have emotional awareness of your own feelings so you don’t get too caught up or attached when you don’t need to be.  And yet you understand women, how they want the alpha male but still need some level of security.

If you’re confident, know your value, respect yourself and also treat women decently, then learning how to keep a girl interested in you will happen in no time.


How to Keep Girls Interested, interested

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