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How to know if a girl likes you: 12 Signs (#1 is most important)


How to know if a girl likes you

How to know if a girl likes you

As a man and player in life, you need to learn how to know if a girl likes you.  You don’t have time to approach millions of women to get laid or get a girlfriend.  Yes, dating is still a numbers game.  But you don’t need to waste time on women who aren’t into what you offer.

Instead, you can figure out how to know if a girl likes you.  And then if she likes you, you can pursue her.  It’s much easier to go after women who like you.  They make it easy to text them. They’re on time for dates and they want to fuck on the first date.  And they’re excited to see you.  The interactions and connection you build are so much better.

Know which women are choosing you

As guys, we always want the hottest girls.  However, if you go after the girls who are into you, then you’ll get in the flow.  As you build your smv, you’ll have more and more beautiful women who show you choosing signals.

When a women is giving you choosing signals, she’s letting you know she’s into you.  This can be from the moment you first meet her to on the first date, back at your place, and even within a relationship.

Learning how to know if a girl likes you will save you time, energy, money, effort, and will make your dating life a whole lot easier.  There are tons of signs a girl likes you.  But in this post, we’ll cover a few main ones that will help you out in 90% of the situations you’ll come across.

12 signs a girl likes you

Before approaching her / just met

1. Eye contact

2. Moving in your direction

Talking to her

3. Twirling hair

4. Looking at your lips

5. Finding a reason to touch you

6. laughing at everything you say

7. Exposing her neck

Back at your place

8. She came back to your place

9. sits on your bed / asks where your bedroom is

10. Assumes you’ve been with a lot of women

Online and over text

11. Frequency of texts

12. Willing to meet up

Before approaching her / just met

woman choosing

This is the probably what most of you want to learn when figuring out how to know if a girl likes you.  Before approaching her or when the two of you just meet is when you can determine if she has any interest in you.  Just like a pimp deals with women that already have interest in him.  A player deals with women that already have interest in him.

You can raise or ruin her interest as you begin talking to her and get to know each other.  But women will have a natural inclination towards you or against you when they first meet.  You can build it with a girl who has none, like if she later finds out you have high status, money, etc.

However, most women will already know if they like you or not at first glance.  You can grow this by flirting with them and then sleeping with them, having amazing sex, and being a high value man in their life.

But before all of that, you need to determine how to know if a girl likes you in the first place.

Eye contact

And the best way to determine that is with eye contact.  Women who like you will look at you.

Say that 3 times fast.


Now say it again.

Women who like you will look at you.  You’ll figure out how to know if a girl likes you if you can notice when girls look at you.

  • Most will hold eye contact and then look down or to the side
  • And then they’ll check you out again
  • Some who are more bold will hold it with you for longer.

Either way, if she likes you, she’ll look at you.  It’s that simple.

  • Shy/feminine girls will check you out for a short amount of time, but they’ll do so more than once.
  • A more aggressive woman will hold it with you for longer.

Eyes don’t lie

bartender, status at bar

But eye contact, and the eyes in general, are the biggest sign a girl likes you.  It’s the biggest sign by far, besides actually sleeping with you.  And it will usually be accompanied with all the other signs she likes you.

Eye contact doesn’t mean staring.  Most girls won’t stare at you after you catch them checking you out.  It’s socially weird to do that.  They’ll look away, or may hold it for a few seconds.

If you’re new to this and have limited social skills then it might take you a little bit to figure out if a girl is looking at you or just in your direction.  However, humans are very advanced with our eye contact.  We can generally tell if someone is looking at us or something that’s not us.

You should usually be able to tell if a girl is checking you out.  Anyone with a fair amount of experience with women will definitely be able to tell.  If you’re a virgin or have low experience, and you think the girl at the bar or club was checking you out the other night but you’re not sure, your gut will be right most of the time.

Next time you go out, be on the lookout for girls giving you eye contact.

It sounds simple, yet so many average guys don’t do this.  They approach whoever they want, get rejected, and then the girl who might’ve liked them saw him get rejected and changes her mind.  You’re better off approaching the girl you checked you out and look like you’re pre-selected whoever you are.

Moving in your direction

nightlife club, being in the market

If you’re in a club, and a women is bumping into you or making herself closer to you, then she likes you.

With a small amount of awareness, you should be able to tell the difference in this versus her just using the bathroom.  You’ll usually find her checking you out, possibly looking away, and then making her way towards you.  Most women won’t approach you directly.  But she’ll make herself available to you.

If you realize a woman is doing this and you don’t make a move, you’re just being stupid.  Unless you’re not into her, you should start talking to her right away.  If she’s a girl you’d like to talk to at all then make your move.

You probably already felt her looking at you.  If she’s bold enough to come near you so you’ll talk to her and you think she’s cute then you should definitely approach her.  This is a huge sign she likes you.  And it’s your last chance before she deems you weak or uninterested and moves on.

Talking to her in person

Now you can figure out how to tell if a girl likes you in person by watching for eye contact, along with her moving towards you.  Just remember that many girls won’t move towards you because they’re waiting for you to make the first move.

But what about a girl who you’re already talking to?  It’s just as important to know the signs a girl like you during conversation.  Nobody wants to waste their time talking to someone who’s not interested.

You should generally be able to tell / feel if a girl is into you.  Nevertheless, there are a few signs that can help you.

Twirling hair

knowing if girl likes you, playing with hair

Twirling her hair, or excessively playing with it is a big sign she likes you.  This may seem cliche or overdone in movies, but there’s a reason why.  And that’s because a lot of women do this when they’re around a guy they like.

Looking at your lips

Besides eye contact, women will also look at your lips.  They do this because they’re thinking about kissing you.  This one stands out once you realize it, but many men don’t think to look for this.

She doesn’t necessarily have to look at your lips.  If she’s looking at other parts of your body from time to time, like your abs, lower body, arms, etc., then she also might be imaging you naked or fucking her.

Finding a reason to touch you

get laid on the first date - going right for sex

Anything more than what’s cordial can be a sign she’s into you.  Some women are every touchy with guys they like.  And others are subtle.  However, there are many ways she can touch you.

  • Touching your shoulder or doing a light push is one of the most common signs that a girl is attracted to you.
  • Touching your leg / knee is a big one.  She’s likely to do this if you’re on a first date at a bar and she’s into you.
  • You can feel confident in asking her back to your place when she does this.

Some sexually aggressive women might even grab your arm or abs.  I’ve had women do this to me and ask if I work out.  I have nice abs, and I work out my arms but I’m no bodybuilder.  Still, it’s their way of showing they find you attractive.  All of the those girls have been very down to fuck.  Not saying it’s a guarantee, but it’s a high indicator given you don’t mess up.

If you touch her, like her hand /shoulder / leg, and she touches you back, this is also a strong sign she likes you.  Plenty of women who are more submissive / shy will use touch but wait for you to break that barrier first.

Laughing at everything you say

Everyone knows this one, and yet it’s true.  It won’t apply to every women, but it will apply to a lot of them.  Determining how to know if a girl likes you can be easy if you notice her laughing at every thing you say.

I say sarcastic and flirty things all the time.  I’m not particularly funny, but if she’s laughing a lot, then I know she’s into me.  Many times this laughing will be accompanied by light touch as well.  Nonetheless, on it’s own it’s a good sign that she likes you.  Especially if you’re not the funniest guy in the world.

Exposing her neck/chest

Now this is much more subtle that the other signs that a girl is attracted to you.  It’s something I didn’t notice until I was already well into being a player.  And not all women will do this, so don’t take it with the same importance as laughing, touching, or eye contact.

But many times a women will expose her neck or even chest towards you.  This doesn’t mean she’s going to flash her tits or put her neck in your face.

What it does mean is that she’ll face her body towards you.  It’s already a good thing if she’s facing you.  And it’s even better if her chest and neck seems like they’re leaning towards you.

If she’s doing this, then she’s very into you.  She’s probably imaging your bodies naked together.


All of the above are not just signs see’s into you, but she’s flirting with you.  Don’t leave her hanging, flirt back with her to build the sexual tensions.

Back at your place

have your own place

Now let’s say you have a girl at your place and you’re wondering if you should make a move.  Here’s a few additional signs.

She came back to your place

It should be easy to figure out how to know if a girl likes you if she came home with you.

Unless you’re in a group or there’s some weird emergency, just the fact that she’s back at your place is one of the biggest signs that a girl is attracted to you.

There’s not other reason to be at your place with a girl you have’t fucked before other than sex.  Yes you can have excuses like using the bathroom, having a drink, watching a movie, and so on.  We all know these are just things to say.  Assuming she willingly came back to your place, she’s probably very interested.  You should make a move.

A man with a player mindset will instinctively know that a woman who came home with him wants to get with him.

If you fail to at least try, then you’re ignorant or just a dumbass.  Realize that the girl came back to your place willingly then she wants to sleep with you.  You might get last minute resistance but you can push past this if you’re able to turn a woman on.

  • Just to be clear, everything has to be consensual.  If she came back and won’t fuck then let things be.
  • Chances are in your favor that she’s down, but have common sense and use seduction, never force.

Sits on your bed / asks where your bedroom is

If she has to do this, that’s just sad.  I always invite the girls just to sit on my bed and then proceed to hook up.

But if a girl has to sit on your bed or ask where the bedroom is, then she wants you.  You don’t need  figure out how to know if a girl likes you at this point.  She already does and she’s having to basically convince you to fuck her.

Assumes you’ve been with a lot of women

how to have a threesome

Before sex, or after, many women will jokingly ask if you’ve been with a lot of women.

  • They may ask it directly like that, or make a comment like “I bet you’ve had a lot of women on this bed, huh?”  You don’t need to give a serious answer.
  • I usually say something like “I can neither confirm nor deny that” or “I don’t kiss and tell” or whatever.  Something that doesn’t give an answer.  This is a light shit test to see if you maintain frame.  By not giving an answer, you pass this shit test and turn her on more with mystery.

Women who think you’ve been with a lot of women think that because they find you attractive.  Since they like you, they assume other girls have been into you too.

Whether you’ve been with a lot of women or not doesn’t matter.  I remember when I had only fucked 2 women, the 3rd women I ever fucked said this to me.  My response was “not too many” with a smile on my face.  I was trying to give the impression I’d been with more women than I had been with at the time.

Ever since then, women will still ask me this.  Now that I’ve really fucked a lot of women, I just smile and say one of the phrases above.  Doesn’t really matter what you say, but the point is that this is an easy way to figure out how to know if a girl likes you.

Telling her your number is 2 will be a turn off, and she might freak out when you say 102 if you’ve been around the block.  If you’re above 50+ then you’re ahead of 95% of men.

Of course you should already be able to tell since she is on your bed and is about to have sex with you.  But girls who ask this tend to be even more into you, as they’re assuming you’re an especially high value male.

Online and over text 

texting - starting a conversation with a girl

Knowing how to tell if a girl likes you comes easy in person once you start paying attention.  She’ll give you eye contact, face in your direction, and make an effort to talk to you.  However, it can be harder to know how to tell if a girl likes you over text or an online dating apps.

In general, women who

  1. respond quickly
  2. give you their number without asking
  3. answer in full sentences and ask questions back
  4. show excitement to meet up

are women who like you.  If a girl is texting you or responding to you at all she has some level of interest.  But a women who responds hours later every time or gives shorter responses isn’t a high interest girl.  This doesn’t mean you can’t sleep with her.  It just means that you need to respond slower and don’t show any desperateness.

  • A girl who’s texting back fast and wants to meet up has high interest.  She’ll try and find a date in the near future to meet you.
  • The girls who have medium / low interest take more patience.

The key with them is to not be pushy.  Be slow to respond sometimes.  And don’t overcompensate for their lack of effort by putting in more effort.  This will scare them away.  Instead play it cool.  Wait for them to build up enough interest to want to meet up with you.

Know the basics of how to start conversations with women on text + online so you make sure that you don’t lower her interest.

How to know if a girl likes you

Once you start putting yourself around more women it’s easy to figure out how to know if a girl likes you.  The girls who like you will open themselves up to you.  Women who have medium interest can like you more if you don’t act needy and maintain a strong frame.  And women who have low interest aren’t going to be into you or really engage with you.

It’s more of a matter of identifying if she has

  • high interest / really likes you – then go for a close (date/getting her back to your place)
  • medium interest / kind of likes you – flirt with her more, play it cool
  • low interest – not looking at you / doesn’t respond, ignore her and move on

Just apply the strategy to her level of interest to maximize the use of your time and energy.

Deal with women who like you

knowing if girl likes you - girls staring at man

Raise your sexual market value as high as possible, which will increase the pool of women who like you.

Then learn how to know if a girl likes you by referring back to this guide.  But you’ll able to tell with enough practice in the game and with dating multiple women.

Go after women who have high interest.  This will ensure you’re getting women easily and you’ll actually enjoy yourself.  Then you can work on women with medium interest to add more to the roster and improve your game.

  • Don’t chase women who don’t have any interest in you.
  • You’ll waste your time and miss out on girls who already like you.

Instead, learn how to know if a girl likes you.  Get into the flow of the game.

What to do when she shows signs she likes you?

What to do when a girl likes you?  Meet up with her for a first date or straight to your place for sex.

  • You can respond quicker to girls who have high interest and play it cool with women who have medium interest.
  • Forget the girls who have no / low interest until they show signs she’s into you by being more responsive, willing to meet up, and showing more enthusiasm.

Then you’ll enjoy your dating life a lot more than you are with just chasing the girls who don’t like you and never will.

Because once you learn how to know if a girl likes you and get into the flow, then you’ll have an abundance mindset.  Hotter girls will pick up on this and you’ll be able to upgrade the quality of women you see.


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