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How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally – Easy Exercises that work in weeks


How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally

how to last longer in bed naturally

If you want to finally learn how to last longer in bed naturally then you’ve come to the right place.  The majority of the men around the world, except for a small pool of virgins, have sex at some point in their lives.  Whether you’re sexually active or desire to be, knowing how to last longer in bed naturally is key to a great sex life.

Knowing how to last is essential for sexual performance.  Great sexual performance will build massive confidence that carries over to all areas of life.  But when you can’t last long or you become on unnatural remedies like pills to keep going, you sacrifice your self esteem and health.

Many men can’t last long

This study shows that 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation, and most of those men bust between 15 and 60 seconds.

This means that 3 in 10 men can’t even last a minute in bed.

But it’s not much better for the rest.  The average length of sex between a man and a woman is only 7.3 minutes.

And the reason behind that is pretty clear.  Men suffer from premature ejaculation, meaning they can’t last as long as they’d like to.

If you can last for five minutes but that’s your max, doctors may say you technically don’t suffer from PE.

But in a practical sense, you’re ejaculating before you’d like to.  And if you want to learn how to last longer in bed then that’s a fine goal to have.  It’ll beneficial for yourself and for the woman you’re with.

However, don’t be mad at yourself for busting quickly.  It’s very common and you probably weren’t taught how to control yourself sexually.  So the first step is to not make it a big deal.  Yes busting early sucks.  But having the right attitude will make the exercises to last longer in bed much easier.  You’ll have more faith in them and you’ll be more dedicated.  There will be a learning curve and that’s okay.  If you’re consistent, you can last long within a few weeks to a month.

At the same time, you do need to take responsibility.  After all, you’re the one busting a nut faster than you like.

If you want to learn how to last long in bed, then you need to take matters into your own hands and work on your orgasm control.

Why lasting long and orgasm control is important

The majority of men can’t last very long in bed.  That’s a problem.

At least it might be for you.  Why should you care about lasting longer in bed?

If you want to

  • have a satisfying sex life with your partner
  • cure oneitis by knowing you can fuck any girl well
  • be a player and get girls addicted to you
  • be the sexual alpha
  • keep your girlfriend of wife satisfied and greatly reduce chances of them from cheating
  • reach incredible levels of pleasure through mind blowing sex
  • be able to make a girl cum multiple times
  • never worry about busting quickly
  • feel more confident about your abilities in the bedroom

Then learning how to last long in bed will do a lot to improve your sex life.

And that will carry over to your relationships, whether you’re a player or playboy, or a faithful boyfriend / husband.

Like a superpower

How to have sex: Become a sex god

When you first are able to figure out how to last longer in bed naturally, it’s like a superpower.

Gaining the control over your orgasm empowers you in a new way.

Dick control is necessary

Before I did this article, I almost forgot what it was like not to have that.  It didn’t take long to think back to when I was 17 and getting laid for the first time.

Man I busted so quickly.

Even the second time I had sex I didn’t last that long.

After the first few times I was able to last a few minutes, but this was so unsatisfactory for me.  I wanted to be able to just figure out how to last longer in bed naturally the first time I was having sex with a woman.  I didn’t have the dick control that I needed.

Dick control

Many of you and men around the world have experienced the same thing.  Lasting just a few minutes isn’t enough.  What we want is complete dick control.

Without that dick control, you can only last a few minutes.  Which is going to be a let down for you and the woman you’re with.

Every guy has a few times where he busts too quickly.  It’s normal when you’re young and have raging hormones.  But after it happens, you need to do something to the care of the problem.

That’s why I’m going to cover a few methods you can use to master your now dick and finally learn how to last longer in bed naturally, with no pills or medications.

Please read this throughly, and remember that this takes some work.

It won’t happen overnight.  But with consistent effort in applying these methods, you should see results in a few weeks to a month.

Ways to Last Longer in Bed

There are various ways to last longer in bed.  In this article we’ll focus on the practical methods to last longer in bed naturally that you implement now.

Don’t expect them to work tomorrow.  But if you practice these consistently, then you can expect to build your stamina up within a few weeks to a month.

Exercises to last longer in bed

  1. Edging
  2. Reverse Kegels
  3. Kegels

Combine them in your dick control regime and you will gain mastery over your orgasm.

1. Edging

edging graph

Edging a proven way to increase your stamina.

It’s simply masturbating until you’re close to orgasm, and then stopping or slowing down to the point where you’re not going to cum anymore.

Edging isn’t just masturbating once a day to numb your dick.

It’s about trying to go for as long or longer than the sex will be.  You’re training yourself physically and mentally to be able to go for more time.  Similar to the basic graph above, you rise up, or get closer to orgasm, then stop or glow slowly, edging away from orgasm.

Caution with edging

If you have ever suffered form erectile dysfunction or weak erections, I recommend you don’t edge or at least do it lightly.  Many men suffer from PIED – porn induced erectile dysfunction.  However, even if you’re getting rid of a porn a addiction, it’s good to stay away from masturbating as well.  Often times the death grip most guys develop can be too numbing and therefore they have problems with getting an erection in real life.

If that’s you, then ignore edging and just stick to kegels and reverse kegels.  While PE sucks, it’s much better than it’s opposite, erectile dysfunction.  you can still learn to last longer in bed naturally without edging, your progress just might take a few extra weeks.

And if you’re going to edge, then it’s recommended you don’t bust at the end.  This will keep your semen inside of you and will ensure your erections are still solid.

How to edge

It’s best to edge for at least 20 minutes, and ideally 30 minutes to 40 minutes if you have the time.

2-4 times a week will give your dick enough time in-between to rest.

Don’t go too hard

Make sure to use lube or something other than you’re dry ass hand when you’re doing this.

Or if you’re a weird fuck you can spit on your own dick and imagine a girl is blowing you.

Also, go slow at first.

Try to simulate what sex is going to be like.

No need to jack hammer away.

Start slow and build it up like you would during sex.

When you’re going to cum, either stop completely or slow down to the point where you can prevent an orgasm.

Ideally, it’s best to slow down to the point where you prevent the orgasm rather than just stop flat out.

Once you’re done with your session, you can allow yourself to cum.

If you’re trying to harness your sexual energy for massive action, then that’s another story.

But for just lasting longer in bed, it’s best to let yourself cum at the end.

No porn

Don’t watch porn while you edge.

Use your own fantasies.

Porn will get you used to women you won’t see in real life.

And porn is terrible example of how sex really is.

It will encourage you to go hard the whole time you’re edging and isn’t beneficial to your progress.

You’ll enjoy the sex you have in real life without the influence of porn.

2. Reverse kegels

reverse kegels

You’ve might’ve heard of kegels as exercises women do to make themselves tighter.

And I’ll get into them in a second.

But reverse kegels are much more important for men, especially when it comes to lasting longer.  You do reverse kegels and regular kegels by activating the PC muscle, shown above.

Reverse kegel exercises for men are key to gaining control over your orgasm.  And therefore attaining dick control

Remember, don’t spend all your time just doing regular kegels.  Reverse kegels are way more important.

This exercise will be used directly in sex to prevent you from cumming.

How to do a reverse kegel

Doing a reverse kegel involves pushing the muscles out, preventing the energy from leaving your body.

In essence, a strong reverse kegel used during sex prevents an orgasm.

It’s great to use these while you’re going hard after warming her up and making a girl cum.  You do them just before you’re about to cum.

The easiest way to do a reverse kegel to push out like you’re trying to take a shit.

Yea, the muscles you use to poop when it’s not coming out are the same ones you’re going to use to last longer laying the pipe.

Imagine you have to push a shit out.

Now do that when you don’t have to take a shit, and you’re doing a reverse kegel.

How often

Do reverse kegels a few times a day, for 20 to 30 seconds at a time.

Once you practice them enough, you can do them at work, driving, whenever.

You might want to do the first few alone to make sure your face doesn’t get all red like you’re taking a dump.

Alls it takes is a few times a day, everyday.  You can take a day or two off here and there, but you should do these at least 5 times a week.

During sex, you’ll do this same “pushing out” feeling of the reverse kegel to prevent yourself from getting too excited.

3. Kegels

Kegels are the opposite of reverse kegels.  They’re used to help with erection quality and to hold back an orgasm.

Basically they should be used at the very end near the point of no return.  However, make sure you’re not kegeling during sex itself before you’re getting close to busting.  This will actually cause you to get to the point of orgasm way too fast.

Kegels are very important for holding onto your seed, but you shouldn’t actually be kegeling during sex.  That’s what reverse kegels are for.

How to do a kegel

Imagine you’re trying to prevent yourself from taking a piss or a shit.

The “holding in” feeling is a kegel.

How often

Start out with sets of 10 to 15 seconds, then work your way up to longer.

Eventually you can do kegels for 20 to 30 seconds like the reverse kegels.  Doing 100-150 (5-7 sets) once or twice a day will build up solid strength.

Combining edging, reverse kegels, and kegels

The next level to combine edging and reverse kegels to last longer than you’ve ever could before.

What you’ll do is edge like you normally would.  Whenever you get too excited, do a reverse kegel.  And when you get close to busting a nut… you use the power of the kegel.

You “hold on” and block the sex energy from energy from leaving your body.

Doing the kegel before you’re about to cum will prevent the orgasm from happening or cause you to have a dry orgasm.

If you’re not going to edge because you’ve had erectile problems in the past that’s fine.  Just make sure to get your reps in for both reverse and regular kegels.  You’ll still be able to build up the ability to last longer in bed naturally.

Practice and experience

good sex

If you have a girlfriend then sex with her is the perfect time to put your new skills to use.

You’ll likely realize that the reverse kegels while having sex will help to calm you down and add on an extra 10 to 15 minutes, but not totally prevent an orgasm at first.

That’s fine and normal.  Try to hold off getting to the point of no return to least 20 minutes.  If you can do that then you’ve made big progress.  Once you get to the point of no return it’s time to implement regular kegels to have a non-ejaculatory orgasm.  If some cum comes out that’s fine.  Most non-ejaculatory orgasms aren’t semen free.  However, if you do it right your dick will stay hard and you’ll be able to continue to have sex.

Don’t worry if you aren’t able to do this the first time.  Non-ejaculatory orgasms take work to build up to.  Keep on doing your kegels and you will get there.

Continue to have sex a few times a week if that’s available to you along with your exercises.

After applying this to sex for a month or so, you should have very good control of your dick.  If you have no access to sex, then keep on doing the exercises and then implement once you have a woman who wants to engage in intercourse.

Consistent sex partner to practice with

Whether you’re married or you’re dating different women, having consistent sex is the key to mastering this.  After all, learning how to last longer in bed naturally involves actual sex.

It doesn’t take much time to learn how to last long with this method.  But you’ll need to practice it with real girls and not just your hand for you to reach true mastery.  And for the guys who really want to challenge themselves, don’t do edging and just try it with kegels + reverse kegels.  While it will make it more difficult, you can avoid masturbation all together with this method.

Other temporary methods

I just gave you some simple exercises to help you last longer and become a king in bed.

But for whatever reason you don’t want to put in the work?

Well, you have some alternatives.



You should always wear a condom with a new girl or girl you haven’t been fucking for a few months.

Condoms are actually enough for many men to last longer and have more control over their dick.  Couple that with a few drinks, and many men think they know how to last long.

However, if you can’t fuck a girl raw for as long as you’d like, then you still don’t know how to last long yet.

Condoms are still great to use.  But you should be using them to prevent std’s and pregnancy.

They won’t be enough if you suffer from serious premature ejaculation.  That being said, they can be a solid tool to use, combined with your kegel exercises.

Condoms are great for taking the edge off, which can make a difference when you’re still learning how to last long.


Drinking is another method that many, many men rely on.

A couple of drinks can take the edge off, similar to a condom.  And your first dates turning into lays may start with a few drinks.  No harm in that.

But you have to be careful.

Too much drinking can lead to a soft dick.  And you can’t last at all if you can’t get it up.

Avoid alcohol as a crutch

Plus, you don’t want drinking to be a crutch.  If you’re able to go for a long time the first fuck because you were buzzed, but busted in 3 minutes the next time during sober sex, then you won’t be able to get a girl addicted to your dick.

I love alcohol, but it should only be used as an icebreaker.1 or 2 drinks is it.  You don’t want to be paying for 4 or 5 drinks and end up with an expensive date, a whisky dick, and a girl who’s too drunk.

It shouldn’t be used as a real method to learn how to last long in bed.  Because you’re not learning anything or getting better as using it to keep you from orgasming early.

Coffee and Stimulants


Coffee and other stimulants can actually help you last a bit longer during sex.

At an extreme level, cocaine is one of the most powerful stimulants.  Using cocaine can help you last longer in bed if you’re able to maintain an erection, but can also numb you too much.

I also never recommend doing cocaine, in general and especially for sex.  Just using it as an example.

Coffee is definitely not cocaine, but is still a stimulant.  If you suffer from getting a hard erection, then avoiding it would be best.

Effects are minimal

But if you don’t, it might be able to help take the edge off of your orgasm.  However, not to the same level condoms or alcohol would.  The effects are still pretty minimal.

You can play around with other stimulants as well, although I don’t recommend these for sex.  Having too much caffeine can make you anxious and make sex less enjoyable.

I’ll meet women for coffee, but I’ll have one cup or have a tea drink.  So I’m not taking in that much caffeine before a possible first date fuck.

Besides, there are other types drugs you can use to enhance your sex life that are much better.  With a doctor’s prescription of course.

Tips during sex

By now you’ve realized that doing the reverse kegels + edging are the best excursuses you can do to learn how to last long.

But even while you’re working on building up your dick control, there’s a few other things you can do during sex.

Three big things to focus on while learning how to last long:

  1. Foreplay
  2. Starting sex slow
  3. staying in missionary


kissing foreplay

Foreplay is the first step.  Don’t rush this.  There are times for quickies and getting right into it.

But 90% of your fucks should start with heavy foreplay.  Take the time to kiss her neck, then kiss her body, her tits.  Rub the outside of her pants on her pussy.

Don’t just try to stick your dick in right when the panties come off.  Finger her.  Rub her clit with your middle finger or your pointer + middle fingers.

Make her cum this way at least once before fucking.  That way she’ll get off before you even stick your dick inside.

Even if you do bust quickly, she’ll still have gotten to cum at least once and had a good time.  Plus, the fact that she busted will help you to relax.  And you’ll be more likely to last long during sex anyways.

Start slow

start slow with sex

So you’re getting ready to put your dick in her.  Rub the outside of your dick on her clit.

Tease her.

Then put the tip in, then take it out.  Then out your dick in a few inches, then take it out.  She should be grabbing you to try and get you to fuck her by now.

Slowly, put your dick inside of her all the way.

Figuring out how to last long isn’t that hard if you don’t go in fucking full speed right away.

Continue to run her clit while fucking her slowly.  If she’s begging you to go faster, then she’s excited, and you’re doing a good job.  A lot of sex for women is mental.

Go slow and deep.  That, combined with continual clit rubbing should get her to cum over and over again.

If you need to pull out for a second, that’s fine.  Continue to rub her clit to give her stimulation.  The main point is to go slow.  Eventually when you’re close to cumming, practice the reverse kegel you’ve been working on.

Implementing the Reserve kegel

If you’re reverse kegel is successful, you’ll be able to keep thrusting and continue having sex.  This is a HUGE milestone.  And you’re 5 steps farther along in your journey to know how to last long in bed.

Don’t worry if you aren’t able to hold it back.  Pull our your dick to keep lasting or bust if you want.  Keep on working on your kegel exercises outside of sex and try again.  It might take a few times, but you’ll get it soon.

Remember, the reverse kegel is the same feeling like you’re trying to push out a shit.  And a heads up, needing to actually have to shit + having coffee before is a bad idea.  So use the bathroom before sex.

Stay in missionary

Missionary sounds boring.  But it’s all you need to make a girl cum over and over again.

And the best part about missionary is that it gives you control over the tempo that you to go.

Stay in missionary.  You can still play around with this by doing different variations.


  • Regular missionary
  • One of her legs over your shoulder
  • Both of her legs over your shoulders
  • Both of her legs pushed back with your hands so her knees are close to her shoulders
  • Missionary on the side, so you’re laying side by side.  You can have one arm holding up her top leg.

And so on.  There are plenty of ways to make missionary fun.

Doggy style

Some of my best memories are fucking a woman doggy style while pulling on her hair and smacking her ass.  But I already have dick control.

If you don’t have that, then you’re going to bust a nut in under a minute in that position.


  1. Lasting a few minutes without busting
  2. Holding back on an orgasm
  3. Holding back on an orgasm while still thrusting
  4. Being able to hold back on an orgasm multiple times without losing speed
  5. Complete dick control

Here are a few milestones you can check off on your journey to learn how to last long.

Once you’re able to last a few minutes without busting, then try holding back an orgasm with a reverse kegel.  You can pull out for a few seconds if needed.  Just tell the girl she feels so good and you had to take a breather.

Next milestone is holding back an orgasm while still thrusting.  You can slow down, but still want to be having sex.

Holding the orgasm back while still thrusting 

This is the the HUGE milestone I mentioned above.  Once you’ve done this, you’ve successfully proved you know how to last long in bed.  And even if you have to stop thrusting and pull out for a second that’s fine.

The other milestones, like holding back more moments before ejaculation come pretty quickly after.

Soon enough you’ll gain complete dick control.  Meaning you can last as long as you want during sex most of the time.

How to last long – test for full control?

how to last long - doggy style

You know you’ve obtained orgasm control when you can consistently last in doggy style for as long as you want.

I’m not saying do missionary your whole life.  You can make a girl cum over and over again from going deep in doggy.  But if you want to do that, start with missionary.

Build up your dick control.  Practice doing the reverse kegels during sex.  When you get stronger at preventing orgasms, you can try out doggy.  Eventually, you’ll be able to fuck the shit out of her for as long as you want.

But even when you get this powerful, remember to start slow.  I still start off sex slow and sensual to make the girl want it.  There are times for quickies and getting straight into hot, intense sex.

However, most of your sex sessions should start out with foreplay and easing your way into it.  Learn how to last long, then become a sex master, and have the sex life you always wanted.  Every man should have that kind of fun in his life.


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All your content is game changing! So appreciative. Have you got any advice for performance anxiety? Sometimes in the bed room i have fear of either cumming quick or not getting hard ect when i know i should be confident!

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