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How to Level up FAST: The Secret to Making Progress Quickly


How to Level up FAST

Knowing how to level up fast can save you a massive amount of time on your journey to the top.  You’ll still need dedication + consistency, but you don’t necessarily need to take as long as you might think to reach your goal.

Most people overestimate what they can do in 1 year, but underestimate what they can do in 10.

This is why there’s so much burnout in entrepreneurship or any kind of demanding endeavor.

However, it doesn’t necessarily need to take 10 years to reach your goal.  It may take you 10 years to become rich.  But you can achieve financial freedom in a few years if you do the right things.

Slow progress works, but isn’t necessary

You don’t need to level up fast if you don’t want to.  Most people don’t really level up much at all in life, and that’s fine if they want to stay where they are.  Others want to level up, but have limiting beliefs that it must take 20 years to get to where they want to be.

If you want to be a billionaire, then yes it may take that much time.

But if you just want to make massive change in your life, if you want to level up compared to where you are now, then this can be done relatively quickly.

Massive change within a year or 2 years

1 year, 2 years, or 3 years are all relatively short amounts of time.  But you can level up in this time period.

Especially if you’re focused totally on whatever it is you’re doing.  The reason most guys level up slowly is because they’re not all in.  They’re learning a skill, but they also have a girlfriend.  They’re working out, but then they also want to go drink with the boys.

If you want to have a balanced life, then that’s totally fine.  That just means that the level up or progress you make will be more gradual.  Nothing wrong with that.  It just might take you 5 or 7 years to finally get that business off the ground, or to get that ideal body, or to have the lifestyle you want.

If you went full monk mode, retained your seed, and stayed laser focused, you could level up massively within a year, or 2 years, or 3 years.  It’s not that you’ll have everything within 2 years or so.  Instead it’s that you’ve made massive change.  2 years of monk mode can grinding on your business can allow you to quit your job and do it full time.  Now you’ve leveled up relatively quickly and can now have a more balanced life.

Monk mode and semen retention will give you the energy and time needed to make massive change.  However, they’ll also present you with the answer to this next question.  Which is truly key to learning how to level up fast.

What are you avoiding?

Massive progress comes when you do what you’re avoiding to do.  What got you here won’t get you here.  Meaning the things you’ve done to get you to this point aren’t enough to get you to the next level.  At least not if you want to level up fast.

Often times the thing you’re avoiding is the thing you need to do.

I avoided doing sales because I hated calling people and talking to people.  I hated having to suck up to people I didn’t like and not be in a position of power.  Throughout my time in college, I worked part time doing sales, and dreaded having to do that full time upon graduating.

However, I had already built up skills and a client base.  If I continued to do sales full time, I knew I’d be making six figures early on.  I was avoiding doing sales, but then accepted that continuing with it was the right thing to do at that time.

I made great money, stacked my cash, and put myself in a position to not only have a freedom fund, but to invest in myself and my business.

However, this didn’t just apply to this part of my journey.  It applied again.


I avoided doing YouTube because I got by on just doing the blog.  I built an audience organically through years of blogging, and didn’t need to make videos of myself.  And although I didn’t need to do that next step to survive, I did need to in order to thrive.

With my experience in sales, feedback from coaching calls, and my naturally powerful voice, I knew I was much better on audio / video than blogging.  Even though I still blog, writing was never my strong suit.  People read the blog not because of the elegance in the words but for the raw information.

In order to level up and grow my business, I had to do what I wasn’t doing before.  That doesn’t mean throw away the foundation.  I didn’t stop blogging or doing coaching calls.  That’s the bread and butter.  I still continue to do that to this day.

But what got me there didn’t get me here.  Meaning if I wanted to figure out how to level up fast then I needed to do something I wasn’t doing before.  For me that was making YouTube videos.

So I decided to invest the extra time + energy into my good work.  If this is my purpose, and I’m always telling guys to get on their purpose, then I need to be doing the same thing.  Just blogging was fine in the beginning.  That was my sole focus for growing the audience.  And that laser focus was essential for my initial level up.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t enough for the next level.  In order to be more engaging with my current audience, and reach a broader audience, I had to do what I was avoiding doing.

Not just more of the same

I had to put in not just more work, but different work.

Working hard is great.  However, it’s not necessary that you work like a slave for 40 years to achieve decent levels of success.  You can work like a slave for a few years and get to the same place must faster.

But in order to level up you need to be doing the right kind of work.  You need to be working not just hard, but smart.

I knew that if I did a video for every blog (and extra videos on their own), that would have a snowball effect.  And it did.  for the blogs that do well, I get way more traffic on the videos.  And for the videos that do well, I get way more traffic on the blog.

It’s a synergistic effect.

If you want to level up fast in your business or an area of life, you need to do something that’s going to be a game changer.  And that is usually the something you know you need to do but have been avoiding.

What resource that’s available to you have you not leveraged?

God, or the universe, has provided you with the resources to get to where you desire to go.

That could be your time, your attention, your money, or a combination of all three.  If you have no money but just time, then that’s the resource you have.  You must stop wasting time and use every spare minute towards your goal.

Maybe you’ve built up savings or have money.  In that case, you may not need to dedicate more time.  Instead you need to invest more money into your business or whatever it is you’re looking to level up in.

It’s not just about working harder.  Many rich men don’t work the crazy hours they used to, because they have money to invest.

Whatever it is for you, whatever resources you have available, you must invest them properly if you want to make massive change.  You can invest a little time and a little money and make a little bit of progress each year.  Or you can go all in, level up fast, and put yourself in the position you want to be in sooner rather than later.


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Love it. Will be starting to read the blogs as well as the videos, both reading and listening will help engrain the info more.

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