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How to Maintain Attraction in a Relationship


How to Maintain Attraction in a Relationship

How to Maintain Attraction in a Relationship

Knowing how to maintain attraction in a relationship will keep things alive and make your relationship better.  It’s essential you know how to maintain attraction if you want your woman to

  • remain feminine around you
  • want to have sex and actually be into it
  • nurture and support you while you attack the world
  • reduce the chance of her cheating
  • be happy to have you lead the relationship

If your girl loses attraction for you, then you’re going to be in a situation where she cheats on you, dumps you, or stays but makes your life hell.  All three of those are far from ideal.  If you want to lead the relationship then you need to figure out how to maintain attraction.

Men neglect their game

Most men make the mistake of thinking the game ends when you get into a relationship.  All of those fun times being a player and seeing lots of women is over.  Now you can relax.  You’ve fucked so many women that you don’t need to worry about your current relationship.  She even said she’ll love you forever.

And that’s when you’re headed for a downfall.

The game doesn’t end just because you get into a relationship.  Acting like you can relax leads to a loss of attraction in relationship.  There are so many PUA’s who have mastered getting laid with a drunk 6 and think that’s all game is.  Or that they can talk to 3 girls and keep them all entertained and maybe bone one of them.

But that’s only a small portion of the dating, fucking, and mating game.  Relationships are a whole beast in themselves.  It’s one thing to go out and get laid a few times.  Or some guys dedicate their whole dating life to just getting sex.  They mistakenly think that getting women to give them sex takes a lot of skill.  It doesn’t, that’s low level thinking.  That’s just the beginning.  Women, whether in dating casually or with relationships like girlfriend / wife, have a lot more to offer than just sex.  But it’s up to you to bring that out of them.

Maintaining attraction takes real game, getting laid is easy

But then you need to keep the girl attracted to you.  Even with casual girls, you’re still in an unofficial relationship.  You need to know how to maintain attraction in order for the girls to keep coming back.

And you definitely need to stay on top of your shit when you’re in an actual committed relationship with a girl.  While it’s fun to date women and have relationships,  However, you must accept that as long as you’re having relations with women, you’re going to need to know how to maintain attraction.

Maintaining attraction

maintaining attraction

This article is written for guys who have a girlfriend or wife, but it can still apply to women you see casually.  The ways to maintain attraction are as follows:

  • Keep your body and style on point
  • Focused on your business
  • Say No and Disagree when you want to
  • Learn how to fuck her well
  • Keep her invested
  • Have the power to walk away
  • Selling the dream of bigger and better

Keep your body and style on point

We all know how important are looks to a man.  While women take into consideration a lot more than looks, they’re still extremely important.  And it’s the most objective thing, at least relative to yourself, that you can control.  Which means the first step to maintain attraction is to keep your body + style on point.  This means that you’re

  • lifting weights
  • eating healthy
  • dressing well
  • keeping your hygiene on point

Essentially all of the physical parts of your sexual market value.  When you look good and are an object of sex, she’ll look to you for sex.

And this works for another reason as well.  We all know women have more options for sex than men.  That’s why the threat of a break up or even the thought of it can seem harmful to a guy who hasn’t been in the dating game for some time.

Look good as a mofo

Things change when you know you look good.  You know that you can go out and get other women.  It might take some time sure.  If you’re rusty then it might even take a month or two to build your pipeline up of women.  But you know that you’ll be able to get more women.

What you don’t want is a loss of attraction due to your looks.  Especially because this is within your control.  I get asked often how important is physical attraction for a woman?  And while it’s not always the number 1 thing like it is for men, it’s still critical for maintaining attraction.

The confidence you get from this will not actually help you when you break up.  It will also help you to maintain attraction in the relationship itself.  Because you know you’ll have options you can still have an abundance mindset to some degree.

Focus on your business

how to be successful in business

Your business needs to be your #1 priority.  Because your business is the real life manifestation of your purpose.  It’s when you combine something you love to do, something you’re good at, something you can provide value with to make money.

If you out your business as the #1 thing in your life then everything else will follow.  You’ll have the financial freedom to live where you want.  You can work from anywhere.  And you can make as much money as you choose.  That’s why I advise all of you guys to build your wealth from a young age by starting your own business.

Focusing on your business will not only bring you fulfillment and happiness.  It will keep your money and status high.  Which will help to maintain attraction in a relationship.  Your girlfriend or wife wants a man who has ambitions to rise up in life.

And putting your energy into your business will keep you busy.  It’s a way to stay grounded and in your masculine frame in the relationship.

Say No and Disagree when you want to

Speaking of masculinity, a man needs to know when to say no.  You can’t be a yes man and be a masculine man.

And an essential part of knowing how to maintain attraction is a relationship is staying masculine.

Most guys get into relationships, especially in their 20’s, due to decent looks or  confidence, or the girl thought they were masculine.  It doesn’t mean you were necessarily a badass hunter or the essence of a man.  But there was clear contrast between your masculine energy and her feminine energy.  You know there’s a lot of contrast when lots of flirting and sexual tension is created.

What happens though is that over time, most men in relationships start to get oneitis.  From there it goes downhill.  They aren’t able to say to no when they disagree with something their girlfriend said or did.

She can see this quite clearly.  The girl will then begin to lose attraction for her man.  You can avoid this route by maintaining your masculinity and saying no when you disagree.

Learn how to fuck her well

how to have sex - make her cum before fucking

A great sex life can not be underplayed.  While it’s not everything in a relationship, it can keep a girl attracted to you.  Thankfully it doesn’t take years to know how to fuck her well.  Maybe it takes a few years to become a master and really get some of the smaller things down.  But if you read my article and then focus on putting the things into practice, you’ll be able to get her addicted to you with your cock.

This is powerful for knowing how to maintain attraction.

You ever wonder why women stay with bad boys for years before finally moving on.  Especially with the girls you know that had a boyfriend that was “no good”.  Well, he was good at something.  Fucking her brains out.  And if you get good at that then you too can maintain attraction with girlfriends or women you see consistently, even after long periods of seeing them.

Keep her invested

In order to know how to maintain attraction in a relationship, you need to keep the girl invested.  Good sex well will certainly help.  But you need to also get her to put effort into the relationship.

Start off with simple things like making you breakfast or dinner.  But don’t just say “hey, make me breakfast”.  Be direct and say what you want.  “Hey babe, I’d like some eggs and bacon for breakfast”.  You’re being more specific.  Which makes her job of pleasing you much easier.  And it’s also more polite and humane.   You still have love for your woman.

If you’re dating a feminine women and carry yourself like a man, she’ll look for ways to do things for you anyways.

Which means you’ll be able to maintain attraction much easier.

Have the power to walk away

leading in a relationship, don draper walking away

You always need to be able to walk away from a relationship.  Because that means you’re not putting the pussy on a pedestal.  As a man you have values and certain things you live by.  You also have standards for a relationship.  When your girlfriend is breaking those standards, the terms you set forth, and not changing after you check her, then you can leave the relationship.

The fact that you can walk away is actually one of the best ways to keep her attracted to you.  Women want men who are strong.  Men who don’t need them.  And this isn’t just with one night stands or casual things.

Your girlfriend doesn’t want you to be desperate for her.  She wants you to be the strong man whose willing to walk away if she messes up or becomes unreasonable.

And if you’re in a relationship for long enough then it’s likely you’ll need to walk away at some point.  This will instill into your girlfriend that you won’t tolerate bullshit.

Whoever has the ability to walk away has the power.  And only one person in a relationship can have the power.  If you have the power, then you can still be attracted to your girlfriend.  But if she has the power, then you won’t be able to maintain attraction.  She’ll lose interest.

Selling the dream of bigger and better

Pimps sell dreams to hoes about all the money they’re going to make and how their life will be different.  CEO’s sell dreams to employees about where the company is going and how it’s the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel.

And you must sell the dream to your girlfriend.  Sell her the dream of your future together.  Of how successful you’re going to be with her by your side.  Sell the dream of where you’re going to live.  How you two are going to travel here or there.  Whatever goals you have, make them part of the pitch.

Don’t lie to her, the Dream will come True if she stays in your Life 

You don’t need to lie.  Just take what you want to do and then use story telling to plant the seed in her head.

Most men have dreams about their future.  But they down play it.  “I want to have a house and go on a vacation” is lame.  “We’re going to have a beautiful home in California, and we’re going to travel across the sea to Sydney and take a picture with a kangaroo”.  The difference between these two statements is the first is only about you and short.  The second is about the two of you.  And it paints a much more vivid picture.

One of the best ways to know how to maintain attraction in a relationship is to constantly sell the dream.  This is a much higher level of game that you won’t find from the standard pick up artist or online coach.  But at Rebellious Development, we’re about more than just getting ass.  It’s about using higher level concepts and becoming a powerful man.

Again, selling a dream shouldn’t by lying.  But instead planting seeds for the future.  In fact, if you plant the right seeds, your woman will help make your dreams come true.

And a powerful man is able to keep his women not just attracted to him, but obsessed with his life and being.

The game isn’t over just because you have a girlfriend

cold approach vs high value game

The game never ends.  Life is a game and it’s over when you shut your eyes for the last time.  The dating game is the same way.  Just because you have a girlfriend doesn’t mean it will just last forever.  Relationships are more fickle than ever now.

If you want your girlfriend to be obsessed with you and to maintain attraction towards you, then you need to be on top of your game.  Doing all of the things to know how to maintain attraction will not only keep her into you, but will deepen your understanding of women and the concept of value.


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