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How to Make a Girl Like you + Keep her Into you


How to Make a Girl Like you + Keep her Addicted

how to make a girl like you

Learning how to make a girl like you will help you get more out of your sex + love life with women.  Whether you want to want tons of women into you or just one particular girl, you need to know how to build attraction.

Why you should make girls like you more

Knowing how to make a girl like you will help you

Or even show help you get a girlfriend.  Because many of you just want to make a girl like you because you want to know how do you get a girlfriend and you’re lonely.  Well… whether you want to learn how to get a gf or date multiple women, you need to know how to make women like you.

When you really grasp how to make a girl like you then your relationships will start to improve.  If you can’t get any women to like you, then you will have no sex, no feminine women in your life, and loneliness.  It’s lonely for a man in this world.  And especially for a man with a pimp mentality who doesn’t have time for bullshit.  But having women in your life can improve this and make your life enjoyable when you’re recharging from working on your purpose.

It’s not that hard to get women interested and learn how to make a girl like you more.  The first step is to  determine her level of interest.

Levels of interest

women low interest texting

  • Girls with little to no interest
  • Girls with some interest
  • Girls with lots of interest

Out of all these groups, we’re going to focus most on the “some interest” group.  Knowing how to make a girl like you requires that you’re aware of her interest level.

  • Girls with no to little interest aren’t going to like you and aren’t worth your time.
  • Unless they find out you’re a millionaire or they see you become super successful over time, their interest is likely never to rise.

And the girls with lots of interest already like you.  You need to make sure you don’t blow it with them, but things will already be easy with them.

So that leaves you with the girls with some interest.  These are the girls that you can raise their interest with and get them to like you more.  We’re going to start from the first dates and meeting her in person, to getting sex, and then learning how to make a girl like you further as you start to see each other more often.

On first dates and when talking to her in person

sexual strategies

Meeting a girl on a first date or the first real interaction you have is absolutely critical.  This is the first impression and will set the tone for what she thinks of you.  You can give her the impression you’re a cool, confident man on his purpose, or a weak needy beta who she should’ve avoided.


The first thing to do is pursue.  Not chase or cold approach every girl you see.  But pursue women with some interest in you.

Women will give you eye contact or another choosing signal so you know she likes you.  This gives you an opening to go up to a girl at a bar, coffee shop, nightclub, or anywhere.  But as the man, you’ll have to pursue 90% of the time.  There are some women who will come up and pursue you from the very beginning, but these women already have super high interest in you.

Girls who have some interest will give you an opening in person through eye contact.  Women on tinder will match with you, respond to your message, and so on.

Pursue her and set up time to meet up.  Once on the date you need to make sure you

  1. Let her do most of the talking
  2. Don’t over compensate by trying to impress her
  3. Invite her back to your place at the end (regardless of whether or not she comes back)

Doing just these three things will give you the greatest chance of this girl liking you and raising her interest.  The vast majority of guys try to impress women, talk too much, and don’t invite her back to their place.  But by doing these three things, you already know how to get a girl to like you on the first real meeting.


Women love to talk.  If you can get a girl to talk a lot then you know how to make a girl like you.  Because the more she’s talking, the more she’s invested in the conversation.

How to avoid being a “nice guy”

nice guy

Don’t worry about becoming a “nice guy” or her talking buddy.  That only happens to guys to let her talk but never pursue her.  You’ll let her talk about herself and her life, but at the end of the date you’ll go for sex.  Even if you don’t feel like fucking, if you find her attractive and want her to be into you, you need to at least push for her to come back to your place.

If she doesn’t want to that’s fine, but she’ll know that you’re not going to settle for being a friend or a captain save a hoe. And chances are if you let her talk the whole time and flirt with her that she just might come back to your apartment.

Don’t try to impress her

Being a try hard will never impress a woman.  It’s not because it’s perceived as arrogance, but rather that you’re compensating for something.  Women want a man who’s masculine and who doesn’t need her validation.

In fact, an easy way to get a girl to like you more is to show that you don’t care about her validation.

If she finds out you make a lot of money or have a bmw then that might increase her attraction to you.  But if you go out of your way to tell her then it just seems like you’re seeing her validation.  And if she thinks you need her validation then she will lose attraction to you.

Instead, be relaxed and just be flirty with her on this meeting.  Let her talk, make jokes or be playful, and ask her to come back to your place at the end.

Communicating over text – less is more

how to text a girl, man texting

When you’re communicating over text, less is always more.

Know how to start the conversation right whether it’s a girl you met in person or from an online dating app.  Then get the date set up.  And after the date, use texting as a tool to raise a girls interest.

The most important fundamental is to keep it to a minimum, especially before you have sex for the first time.  Texting too much will cause her to lose interest and get bored of you.

Knowing how to make a girl like you over text involves keeping it short and to the point.

Once you’ve slept with her a few times then you can start to text more with her more often.  But even then, a few texts a day at most.  You can respond within 10 minutes or so to her text once, but then don’t respond for a few hours.

There are ways you can use dirty talk over text to get a girl excited and turned on.  But this is best used for girls you’ve been seeing for a while.  When you’re still learning how to make a girl like you, specifically a girl you’ve recently met, keep the texting short and about meeting up.

Go for sex and make it amazing

I’ve mentioned going for sex in this article a few times already.  And that’s because it’s important.  It let’s a girl know that you won’t be friend zoned.  And more importantly it shows that you go after what you want, which is a turn on in her eyes.

Whether you get laid on the first date or the second, you need to go for sex.  In today’s era, having sex isn’t enough to get her to like you.  She’s not a virgin and won’t be attached to you just because you got a few strokes in.

She already likes you enough to have sex with her, but this doesn’t mean she’s really into you quite yet.

Get her addicted to you

speaking to her soul - becoming a sex god

You need to master your bedroom skills and give her the best sex she’s ever had.  Or close to it.  You need to make her cum over and cover again.

If you can do this then you can get her addicted to you.  Great sex is a requirement to get a girl to really like you.  But while lots of women have sex, most if it isn’t that good.  You’ll stand out a lot by coming through in bedroom.

Giving her amazing sex isn’t the only thing you need to do, but this can make up for some of your weakness in other areas.  This will get her physically addicted to you in the short run and emotionally addicted to you not too long after.

Sex isn’t just physical for women.  When she lets you inside of her, and you make her orgasm, you’re opening up her emotions and getting into her head.  Knowing how to make a girl like you is simply getting you on her mind.  And if you give her amazing sex then she’ll start to fall for you rather quickly.

Get her to do things for you

Woman serving man good - how to make a girl like you

You’re doing well at this point.  You’ve already gotten the girl to like you, at least to some degree.  She liked you enough to have sex with you and she’ll like you more and more as you give her dope dick consistently.  But if you really want to know how to make a girl like you, then get her to do things for you.  Start by getting her to get you a glass of water.  Then get a massage from her.

From there you can up it to getting her to cook for you, buy your groceries, do your dishes, your laundry, and so on.  Doing these types of things will get her more invested in you.  And the more invested in you she is, the more she’ll like you.

This is an important thing that many men skip because they’re capable of doing many of these things themselves.  But the point isn’t that you can’t do your dishes or cook.  Instead it’s to get her more invested in you.

Emotional rollercoaster

Women want to feel all of their emotions.  In fact they need to feel their emotions.  That’s why you can’t always be nice or try to please her.  Sure, when you first go out you’re trying ti make things drama free and have fun.

But after seeing her for a few months, you need to let her feel other emotions.  This isn’t just for guys with girlfriends.  Players also need to make sure the women they see get to experience different kinds of emotions.

Stand up for yourself and stand your ground

You do this by standing up for yourself, passing her shit tests, not being needy, and not avoiding controversy.  Many men will avoid controversy with their girl because they don’t want the drama.  But this will make you seem weak in her eyes.  She wants you to stand up to her and not take her shit when she’s out of place.

This will put her on an emotional rollercoaster because she can’t control you.  But then she’ll like you afterwards even more because how you were a man.

Pull back

boss up and be a man

You need to pull back if you want to learn how to make a girl like you more than all of the other guys.

Especially if she’s a beautiful woman that has lots of male attention.  If you see her once a week, cancel your weekly meet up once in a while.  Take longer to respond to texts for a while.  Let her wonder what you’re doing.

Don’t ghost her if she’s providing you with consistent sex and affection.  But pull back some of your attention.  This will cause her to chase you and will get her to like you way more than she was before.

Be a leader with her

Anytime you’re seeing a woman more than once you have some type of relationship with her.  Whether she’s just a girl in your rotation, a girl you’re casually seeing, or your girlfriend.  And in your relationship you’ll either be the leader or the follower.

She’ll try to lead the relationship if you don’t take control.  But ironically this will cause her to resent you and like you less.  If you take control and lead the relationship then she’ll continue to like you and her feeling for you will grow.

Be decisive.  Have her do things on your schedule.  Make the plans for when you hang out and what you do.  This will let her know you’re a real man and she’ll be obsessed with you for it.

Make things easy for yourself

value - ceo - businessman

With each women you’re getting her to like you or like you less.  There’s never any neutral.

Make things easy for yourself by following your purpose, building high sexual market value, giving her great sex, and leading the relationship.

With a high smv, you’ll have more girls who already like you from the beginning.  And this will cause the current girls you see to like you even more.

It’s not difficult to get a woman into you.  Some will like you more than others naturally.  But if you follow the steps here you can build attraction in women who have some interest in you and get them to fall in love with you. The more you can get girls to like you, the more fun you’ll have in your relationships.  Be the alpha male they want to enjoy and reap the benefits of taking charge.


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