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How to Make Girls Chase you: Become a Challenge


How to make girls chase you

How to make girls chase you

Discovering how to make girls chase you seems like a super power when you first learn how to it.  After a while you start to take it for granted.  But if you don’t know how to make girls chase you, or if you don’t have the girls you want chasing you, then determining how to do so can make your dating life a lot more exciting.

“Girls I don’t want chase me”

Do you ever realize that girls you don’t want tend to chase you? I’m talking about just girls that are extremely unattractive. I’m talking about 6’s and 7’s that you are kind of down to fuck but not that enthusiastic about.

Or maybe the occasional 8, 9, or even 10 then you fucked around with / dated but then either got bored of or was turned off by something. Once you’ve been with enough women, a 9 who shows signs of being crazy (which is often the case) will be kicked to the curb. And funny enough she’ll chase you even harder.

Why girls chase you

woman choosing

Knowing how to make women chase you revolves around knowing what they want. People chase what they want. If you chase a beautiful woman it’s because you want to fuck her, sleep with her, date her, and so on. A woman chasing a man could be also to fuck him, date him, marry him, or even just get attention.

While men and women both want sex and affection, we also want other things. As a man, you’re either going to want good sex and that’s it, or good sex and a nurturing, no drama woman. Women on the other hand want sex and attention. Ideally from the same guy. But they’ll sometimes get it from different men.

They’ll get their fair share of sex from a masculine boyfriend, and just enough attention to hold them over but never satisfied. A beta boyfriend won’t get enough sex and he’ll give her too much attention. Which will eventually cause her to cheat or just dump him if she’s more ethical.

For single women, you have women chasing an alpha for sex the beta chasing her for sex.   She gets her attention needs met by the beta and sexual by the alpha. Although in today’s dating scene a woman typically has 2-3 alphas either having sex or lined up for sex and 2-8 betas lined up for attention.

How girls chase

Girls chase you for perceived attention. If you don’t give it to them and they’re attracted to you then they’ll give you sex in order to get the attention.

But once they have you chasing them more than they chase you, they’ll stop chasing your attention.

You can’t get sex/affection by giving a girl no attention forever, because that would be flat out ignoring her. And while that would increase her attraction to you for a while, it wouldn’t give you an opportunity to fuck or lead the relationship.

In order to figure out how to make girls chase you, you need to give them spirts of attention. And then pull back. This will let them know you have some interest, but it won’t be enough for them to feel satisfied. So you can make her chase you to try and fill that void. And by doing so you can either get sex or lead the relationship more effectively. Let’s break it down with the 3 major scenarios you’ll find yourself in. And those are

  • Girls you haven’t slept with yet but want to
  • Girls you see casually
  • Girlfriends

The same concepts apply for each. But in the different scenarios you’ll have to adjust your game accordingly.

Girls you haven’t slept with

I stopped counting... and started getting the women I wanted

This is the one that most of you think of when learning how to make girls chase you.  You want the girls you haven’t boned yet to come after you.  And it makes sense. W hen you can make her chase you, then it’s the game on easy mode.

With women who have high interest, play it cool.

You can show some interest, but don’t match hers.  A girl who texts you back right away or is super into on the date thinks you’re attractive or high value.  Flirt but be cool.  Continue to let her chase you and pursue sex like you normally would.  Some men make the mistake of being all over women who seem all over them.  And then the girl stops chasing him.  I’m sure that’s happened to all of you at some point.

It’s because you put the pussy on the pedestal.  Yes you can want to get laid, but don’t be desperate for it.

Initial chase

With medium and low interest women you’ll need to show effort at first in your approach or on online.  But once you show some effort pull back.  You’ll need to do the initial chase.  But if you pursue too hard then she’ll be stand-offish and will get bored.  Feed her ego just by approaching or saying what’s up.  Pull back your attention by acting not as interested or enthusiastic as you just were at first.  This will increase the chance that she’ll try to chase you to get your attention back.

However, if she has zero interest then she’ll only be relived you’re out of her face.  If that’s the case then move on.  But if she has any interest, then this will help get her to chase your validation.

Pull back

On tinder or online this is easy to do.  Message a girl and then take a day or two to respond.  You can respond faster to a girl who has higher interest if it seems like you might get a quick fuck, but even then you’re better off having the will power to wait.

In person this takes more practice.  But instead of thinking about what words to say, think about the energy you project.  Learning how to make a girl chase you is easy if you can grasp this concept.  Seem engaged with her when you first walk up to her. Give her eye contact and have your player smirk on.

But then pull back.  This looks like you looking away more often, checking your phone, leaning back, and not being as excited about her.  Act as if you thought she was a 10 and now you think she might be a 7 or an 8.  Still attractive, but not quite the same as you thought.  This will make it seem like she lost value in your eyes.  She’ll try to work to get that attention back.

Again, this takes practice to do in real life.  But try it in your conversations.  There needs to be some interest level. I teach you guys to approach women who check you out.  But even with women who check you out, gives you signs of interest, some will have high interest and others will have just medium or even low.

When in doubt, show some initial; interest, then play it cool.  This will grow the chance that she’ll chase your attention.

Girls on your team

sexual strategies

While getting new girls is what most of us think of when figuring out how to make girls chase you, it’s not the only thing.  Girls you’re already seeing also need to chase you.  The reason they give you sex is because they want your attention.

And even if you’re a stud and she fucked you just to get sex, she’ll soon want your attention.  And if you give too much of it she’ll try to put you in the beta category.  It’s the same concept to make girls chase you in casual relationships.  Don’t be all over her after sex.  If she wants to cuddle or anything like that then let her initiate.

Take charge

Take charge and make plans.  Set the date for your next meetings.  I prefer once a week or so for women on my team.  See her consistently for a few weeks and then cancel a fuck date.  This will keep her on her toes and chasing you.  Otherwise she’ll get too accustomed and get bored or get too addicted and want a relationship.

When you first start seeing her you can initiate the texting.  Start to taper off and let her initiate more and more. This will reverse the roles.  It may take some time but eventually you’ll make girls chase you by withdrawing your attention.

Especially if you read my article on how to fuck a girl to get her addicted, then she’ll get addicted to you physically and emotionally. Meaning she’ll start to chase you once you withdraw your attention.

Don’t take away all fo your attention.  And not all at once.  Do it slowly over a few weeks.  And then give her a lot of attention for a day or two.  Then take it away again.  All of this seems like games and that’s because it is.  Women see you casually because they want sex, affection, and your precious attention.  Keep it on a string. Sometimes it gets really close and they feel like they have it.  Then pull it back.

If you’ve taken the red pill then you know it’s not about just getting complacent with your game.  Knowing how to make girls chase you means keeping them on their feet and thinking about you.  Giving some attention and then pulling back will do just that.


Choosing the right girlfriend

You can get your own girlfriend to chase you too.  And you should.  A girlfriend who doesn’t quite have a lock down on you means you’re a high value man.  Your girlfriend be chasing your attention and feel like she’s not quite getting enough.

Once in a while you can take her on a nice date or do something “special” with her.  This will make her feel validated and give her the attention she craves.  But then you need to pull back.  Doing too much of this will let her feel like she’s conquered you.  She’ll get bored and start to take you for granted.

Nice guys finish last.  Even guys who were alpha in the beginning of the relationship become betaized without realizing it until it’s too late.

It’s because the girl chased his attention.  They become an official couple.  Over time he gave more and more of his attention until she got the power in the relationship. And it always goes downhill from there.  She’ll either dominate the relationship and make the guys life hell, cheat, or break up.

The game never ends

That’s why it’s imperative that you learn how to make girls chase you even if you have a girlfriend.

You can do “nice guy” things once in a while.  Then pull back.  Run dread game by going to the gym, upping your style, and getting a fresh haircut.  You should be doing this anyways whether you’re single or have a girlfriend.  Look good as fuck.  Make more money at your job.  Or better yet create a purpose and start a business.

Don’t just ignore your girlfriend or blow her off and then waste your time.  You should actually be busy.  If you live with her then come home later a few times since you were out grinding.  Let her chase your attention.  If you’re able to stay in your masculine energy then she’ll begin to initiate sex with you because she’ll crave you.

Don’t become a simp right after you get some pussy.  Make her work for your attention still.  Then slowly start to give her more.  Then pull back.

Why you want women chasing you

You should want a woman chasing you because it

  • makes the game way easier
  • women want to chase high value man

Women want they guys they need to chase in order to have.  From one-night stands, to casual sex, and even in relationships. You need to learn how to make a woman chase you so you can have fulfilling relationships. Otherwise you’ll always chase them and get little sex, no affection, and bad relationships.

Women want to chase  you.  You need to pursue them, especially at first.  But you can’t chase them.  You pursue in a non desperate way, pull back, and then let them chase you.

How do I get girls to chase me?

I gave some actual examples of how to make her chase you. But the main point is to become a high value man. A man who has high sexual market value has options. This means you’re maxing out your looks, money, and status. Especially your looks and money. Focusing on getting money through your business will bring you enough status. You can also inflate your status by developing a decent social media account.

High value + Indifferent = women chasing you

how to get hot girls consistently: look good and gain status

Combine high value with being indifferent and you’ll have women chasing you.  High value is what attracts women to you.  Being indifferent and masculine is what keeps them chasing your attention.  A seemingly high value man who is affected by everything a woman does lowers his value and turns women off.  Men who chase women too hard, even if they appear to be high smv, show feminine actions.

“Chase”… or initiate at first.  Then pull back.  Be flirty, then cool.

Give some attention.  Like messaging her on a dating app or talking to her in person.  Then pull back.  Respond a day or 2 later if it’s on a dating app.  In person show interest and then pull back your attention and act like you’re unsure.  Each of these are the same idea.  She’ll like the initial attention, but then she’ll be worried you’re losing interest so she’ll try and get it back.

Make yourself a bit of a Challenge she wants to Chase

This is the name of the game with attraction.  Unless her interest is crazy high and you’re just her type, you’ll need to be hot and cold in order to attract women.  The women you like the most are like this with you.  And if you do the same thing, it makes you a challenge.

If you never show any interest, she may have attraction for you, but she’ll give up because you literally won’t ever respond or even talk to her.  If you show too much interest, she’ll feel like she has you in the bag and you’re not a challenge.  Meet in the middle.

Show interest, pull back, and then show some again.  This will keep her on her toes.  Women want to feel like they’re working to be able to get you – whether that’s girls you just met or girlfriends.

Become a high value man and be indifferent to how these women treat or act towards you.  If you can do that, then you’ll already have figure out how to make girls chase you.  You’ll be an oasis on manhood in a desert of thirsty betas.


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