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How to Make your Voice DEEPER: 5 easy steps any Man can follow


How to Make your Voice DEEPER: 5 easy steps

Figuring out how to make your voice deeper is a prevalent question among men.  Voice is largely determined by genetics, at least to a degree.

However, it’s not as set in stone as something like height.  While you could hang from a pull up bar, stretch for 3 years, and maybe get 1/4 inch, the effort is hardly worth the minimum results.  That’s why it’s best to just accept the height you have and keep pushing.

It’s not the same story with your voice.

In fact, you can make your voice deeper, or reach it’s natural depth, by following a few simple steps.  In fact, you’ll learn that a few bad habits or imbalances you might have are actually weakening your voice.

Why get a deeper voice?

Having a deeper voice is more masculine.  Like many things on Rebellious Development, improving yourself in this area will have carry over to everything else.

You’ll get more respect from men and you’ll turn more women on.  In a world full of people, increasing your respect is a massively beneficial move.  It’s not about caring what individual people think.  Rather it’s about influencing people in general in a way that’s aligned with your objective.  This is similar to improving your body language.  It just helps you socially so much that you should incorporate it.

While this sounds manipulative, this is what all communication is between everyone and every living thing.  From every human interaction, to animal interaction, to even plant interaction.  Everything is trying to communicate a message in order to illicit a response from something or someone else.

It’s just not considered “manipulation” as long as the person or thing you’re communicating with also benefits and isn’t tricked into doing something bad for them.

By learning how to make your voice deeper you carry yourself in a more powerful way, and you also make the experience for others better.

A man with a deep voice exudes manhood, trust, comfort, smoothness, intelligence, protection, charisma, and power.

How to make your voice deeper in 5 steps

1. semen retention
2. slow down
3. talk high and then slow down
4. humming
5. neck exercises

1. Get a Deeper Voice with Semen retention

Semen Retention: Channel your Sexual Energy Throughout your Body - goku chakras

The first thing you need to do is to retain your seed.  With just this alone, you’ll notice improvements in your voice depth within a few weeks.  You can either retain long term (many months+) or short term (relaxed retention, a few weeks at a time).  Similar to other benefits of semen retention, you’ll notice more power the longer you retain.  But if you’re a sexually active man, then even just doing relaxed retention will still help.

It’s not that semen retention will make your voice dramatically deeper, although it might seem that way.  What retention will do is give your deep voice more substance.  A man who retains his seed creates a vibration or echo with the voice.  That’s the best way to describe it.  When you retain for longer periods of time, and record your voice, and compare it to when you just busted a nut, the difference is night and day.

Part of the reason men want to learn how to get a deeper voice is because of the perceived power and respect.  No doubt, getting a deeper voice will give you more personal power and respect from men + women.  Retention will do that.  Of course semen retention has tons of other benefits, like improving your ability to speak and convey an idea.  But even on just the speech aspect, making your voice deeper or at least more powerful will be achieved when you retain.

2. Slow down to deepen your voice

This is probably the easiest one to do on the list.  When you slow down, your voice gets deeper.  You’re speaking from a deeper place in your diaphragm.  When you speak slower, you’re using your natural depth.

Many men, especially in our modern era, have little to no confidence.  Because of this, they feel rushed to have to say everything in a short amount of time.  They want to feel heard.  And in doing so, in speaking so fast, their voice is higher than normal, let alone their full depth.

It might see awkward at first.  People may say you sound different or “why are you talking like that?”  Ignore them.  Practice speaking slower and you’ll realize how much deeper your voice will get.

Take pauses.  Taking pauses won’t directly make your voice deeper like slowing down, but it will draw people in.  None of us our perfect with this.  For example, I still say “uhhhs” and have filler words.  However, the more you can take these out, not only the more confident you’ll seem, but the slower you’ll talk.  A man whose not afraid to pause will naturally feel comfortable slowing down, in turn deepening his voice.

3. Talk fast, then slow down to emphasis a Deep Voice

how to be a smooth talker

Make sure you master step 2 before doing this.  It’s important you’re able to slow down, or have slower speech, first as a base.  That’s the direct technique to learn how to make your voice deeper.

Once you nail that, incorporate this tonality exercise into your speech.

Talk high and then low.  Or another way of saying this is talk faster and then slow down towards the end of your sentence.  This contrast between a faster, higher voice and a slower, deeper voice is extremely captivating.  And even though you’re raising your voice at first, people tend to focus only on the deep part.

Contrast here is everything.  This will make you a more captivating speaker and will give the illusion of your deep voice.  Even if you have a deep voice already when speaking slow, mixing in higher pitched and then ending on slow will really make it stand out.

You can hear me do this in the above video.  It’s best to do it a few times in a row, be neutral for a bit, and then do it again a few times in a row.

4. Humming to Reach your Full Depth

Humming is a great way to learn how to make your voice deeper.  Again, you can hear me do this in the above video.

Humming makes it dramatically easier to feel your full range.  On your first try you should be able to hum high to low.  When hum low and feel that base, that’s you engaging the true depths of what your voice is capable of.  It may sound annoying, but humming and from high to low, and ending in that low spot, just a few times a day makes a big difference.  It allows you to really get a deep voice and sound like you’re speaking from your balls.

5. Neck exercises help to make your voice deeper

neck exercises anthony joshua

Last but not least for making your voice deeper are neck exercises.  Especially the front neck.  Our back necks are generally very strong.  These are used all time when we look down at our phones.  However, our front neck is severely under appreciated and weaker in comparison.

By doing simple neck exercises to stretch + strengthen the front neck, you’ll be able to obtain a deep voice much easier.

You’ll also get the bonus of increasing your jawline.  Even though your neck is technically your jaw, a stronger front neck adds a lot to your overall jawline and gives you a masculine look.  Doing a few jaw exercises as well can give you a chiseled and slick looking jaw as well.

Getting a Deep Voice is Possible with consistency

Like everything else on RD that’s for self improvement, it takes consistency.   Thankfully the steps included here will add barely any extra time.  Retaining your seed is no extra time (actually saves you time).  Slowing down can be done in normal conversation.  Humming + neck exercises may take you 5 minutes in a day, tops.

While we all have different ranges, all of you can learn how to make your voice deeper to reach its full depth.  Just be a little more conscious in the way you communicate, and incorporate the other practices (retention, neck, and humming) into your lifestyle.


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